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    Default What are you watching in Spring 2008?

    So, here comes the Spring 2008 preview. Quite a number of good and interesting shows this season, mostly action and adventure, by the looks of it. Notables include Code GEASS, Macross, xxxHolic and Golgo 13. There are also some decent shoujo series coming out, including Special A, Vampire Knight, and Itazura na Kiss. And there's one or two weird comedies as well, such as Kamen no Maid Guy and Kyouran Kazoku Nikki.

    Not to mention that Gonzo is actually going to officially stream their subtitled version on Youtube, Crunchyroll and BOST TV on the same day as the Japanese release. (See ANN article) I'm extremely interested to see how that turns out. May even watch the two series purely for the fact that I'm actually watching licensed anime streamed to my screen, for once.

    So, what are you planning to watch this Spring?

    Manga Genre Focus: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life. Primarily shounen, then seinen and shoujo.
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    my highest priority anime is CODE GEASS R2!but i am goig to watch a lot off this season(finally got a new exteral hdd) so here the others that i'll watch with some comments

    blassreiter(looks kinda like karas with motorcycles)
    golgo 13(always was intrested in the manga but never gotten to it)
    soul eater(always liked the manga and kid is one of my favorite characters ever!)
    vampire knight(i did read a volume of this a while ago and it wasn't so bad)
    KITE: liberator(i have absolutely no idea was it's about,but it's classified under seinen!)
    real drive(masamune shirow+director of le chevalier d'eon)
    zettai karai children(haven't read the manga or anything,i'm just givig this a few eps a go)
    to-LOVE-ru(it's done by XEBEC so the chaces are high it might suck,but i'm not that prejudice to complain before i watched it)
    amuri in star ocean(yui makino!end of reasoning XD)

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    TWO WORDS Soul Eater .............^.^
    there are some really good stuff there ...i don't know yet wat to choose ...
    btw disapointed ..NO Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann season 2... i don't know but i think the story is unfinished yet .

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    ^It's going to be a movie, master of not checking all threads in advance.

    Nothing really jumped out to me here except the kazoku thing with the lion and jallyfish thing. I think I'm going to give quite a few of them a go, but as I said, it's a bit early to say.

    Though I'm definitely going to steer clear of Code Geass.

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    There are a lot of interesting things coming out this season. In rough order of anticipation I'll be watching:
    Soul Eater - Very stylish
    Kaiba - Directed by Yuasa (kemonozume, mindgame)
    Code Geass season 2 - the first season was hugely entertaining
    Nijuu Mensou No Musume - produced by Bones, the scenario sounds good, but I'm worried it might turn out like Noir
    Golgo 13 - Manly badass
    Macross Frontier - the pilot episode was cool
    Lupin the 3rd: Red Vs. Green - It's Lupin.
    True Messiah Legend Fist of the North Star: Legend of Kenshiro - It's Fist Of The North Star
    And that other Bones show That I know next to nothing about and I suspect is infact coming out this summer.

    Edit: Kyoaran Kazoku Nikki raised in to 'watch' list in light of 4 minute promo YouTube - Kyouran Kazoku Nikki PV

    Things I'd like to give a try if I have time:
    Masked Maid Guy, Library War, To-Love-Ru
    That second list is actually pretty redundant since I probably won't have time to watch everything from my first.

    Here's some out of date info from ADTRW.
    Spring season lineup

    03/07 St. Seiya The Hades Chapter - Elysion Episode 1 - superheroes
    03/14 Bus Gamer - Not an anime about buses; it's supposed to be about business (a fit of Engrish, it would seem). Then again it's apparently not really about business either, it's more like a fighting tournament with corporate secrets as prizes. Based on a short manga that apparently has some sort of cult status.
    03/21 Kite Liberator - OVA, sequel to the (apparently very bloody) 1998 OVA "Kite" (it has been released in the US but only in a censored version). Apparently it's about a high school girl who goes around killing people with her alternate "angel of death" personality.

    03/24 Ikuze! Gen-san - Seems kinda like a mix of Super Mario and Bob the Builder.
    03/25 Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Next Season vol. 2
    03/25 .hack//G.U. Trilogy - Even more of this? This one is a CG movie, it seems.
    03/26 To Heart 2 Another Days - OVA. I don't think anyone except possibly Moogy actually watches this.
    03/28 School Days: Magical Heart Kokoro-chan - Magical girl spinoff OVA of that Nice Boat show, starring Kokoro Katsura (Kotonoha's little sister) as the magical girl.
    03/31 Chi's Sweet Home - About a cat

    04/02 Yu-Gi-Ou 5D's - ...
    04/02 Lupin III Green vs. Red - OVA about everyone's favorite thief.

    04/03 Allison to Lilia (Allison and Lilia) - Madhouse makes an anime adaption of that guy's who wrote Kino's Journey other novel/manga. This one is about a female air force pilot in a fantasy world with 1930's technology and two cultures that have been at war for hundreds of years.
    04/03 Kyou Kara Maou! Season 3 - MrVacBob says: "gay".

    04/05 Kanokon - Romantic comedy fanservice harem show (read: smut). Guy transfers to new school, meets fox-girl and wolf-girl (voiced by Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto respectively, what a waste of talent. not because of the furries but because of the horribly generic lovecomedy format).

    04/06 Nabari no Ou (The King of Nabari) - High school student gets pulled into a fantasy world full of ninjas with hidden powers.
    04/06 Internet Ghost PIPOPA - (apparently some gay Second Life thing)
    04/06 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Another season of chess, mechas, Pizza Hut, mind control and badass characters. If you haven't watched the first season yet, you really should. (R2 is not a typo for S2, by the way.)

    04/07 Soul Eater - Shounen-ish action show involving shinigami/death gods/death spirits (seems like a hugely popular ingredient lately) and (allegedly) a rather twisted sense of humour.
    04/07 Monochrome Factor - Based on a manga (licensed by Tokyopop) about some guy who becomes a "shadow creature" and gains various powers in order to maintain the balance of, uh, something. Some of the staff, including the director, also worked on the (in)famous shounen-ai show Loveless. Given the manga's pretty boy character designs, I'm not sure what conclusions we should draw from that.
    04/07 Vampire Knight - Shoujo high school vampire show with the female protagonist being a "guardian" dedicated to upholding the balance between the vampires and the normal humans. Prone to lots of angsty forbidden romance. Based on the manga with the same name (licensed by Viz).

    04/08 Uchi no San Shimai

    04/10 Kamen no Maid Guy (The Masked Maid Guy) - Comedy show that seems suspiciously like Hayate the Combat Butler, complete with crossdressing and everything. Was the Hayate manga created to poke fun at these things or is it the other way around?
    04/10 Kaiba - Artfags, this is for you! Madhouse and Masaki Yuasa (the guy responsible for directing things like Mind Game, Kemonozume and Cat Soup) does something that is said to be a "science fiction love story". Be on lookout for the mind****s.

    04/11 Golgo 13 - For those of you who missed it, this is based on a monstrously long (debuted 196 and very popular adult manga about a badass (the word doesn't really cover it though) assassin. The manga has gratuitous sex, drugs and violence, but it remains to be seen to what extent this will carry over to the TV version. No website yet.

    04/25 Tsubomi's Secret vol. 1: "Keep the Baby a Secret" - OVA, based on a slice of life manga about a girl growing up and going through puberty (the "baby" thing in the title most likely refers to the pregnancy of the main character's mother).
    04/26 Suna Dokei (Sand Chronicles) - Cinematic movie, based on a shoujo/slice-of-life manga. Teenage love, families falling apart, small town Japan.
    04/30 Strait Jacket vol. 3

    04/??? Wagaya no Oinari-sama - Based on a series of romance light novels that revolve around an ancient fox god dedicated to protecting a modern family. Said fox god can apparently switch genders for some reason. The character designs seem oddly familiar.
    04/??? Nijuu-Mensou no Musume (The daughter of 20-faces) - Bones does an anime adaption of a manga about a female thief (voiced by Aya Hirano). Judging from the trailer, it seems to have lots of potential for gratuitous French. The name of the show (and the manga) literally means "daughter of 20-faces" where 20-faces is "The Fiend with 20 Faces", who apparently is a famous character from a series of (mostly unrelated but very popular) Japanese suspense novels. (update: I have bolded this on the insistence of RH.)
    04/??? Toshokan Sensou (The Library War) - From Production I.G.'s department of WTF productions we get "The Library War", a military science fiction anime about a group of people who fight to stop an organization dedicated to destroying offensive books deemed "harmful", directed by the guy responsible for Sisters of Wellber and airing in the Noitamina timeslot. (what)

    04/??? Real Drive Sennou Chousashitsu - From Production I.G.'s department of Serious Cyberpunk Science Fiction Productions (featuring Masamune Shirow), we get... something that seems like a cross between Ghost in the Shell and Serial Experiments Lain (hi MVB). The director has a pretty interesting track record (Zipang, Chevalier d'Eon, You're Under Arrest, Hunter x Hunter, Rurouni Kenshin, other stuff).
    04/??? Himitsu Top Secret - Based on a philosophical sci-fi suspense manga that follows a forensics team in a future world where, contrary to the name, nothing is really secret since brain scanning technology allows reading up to five years worth of the scanned person's memories, even if the person in question is dead. Adaption by Madhouse.
    04/??? To-Love-Ru - Some ecchi harem comedy thing complete with loser guy and girl from another planet. The name is supposed to be a really hilarious pun since the English word "trouble" written with kana would be "to-ra-bu-ru" which, if you drop the "ru", is the same as how you'd write "to love" ("to ra-bu").

    04/??? S-A ~Special-A~ - Based on a popular shoujo manga with the same name. The concept reminds me of early Kare Kano; girl sees guy as rival and wants to beat him, guy loves girl but she doesn't realize it.
    04/??? Da Capo II Second Season - Since I can't seem get the relationships between all the Da Capo things straight if my life depended on it, I had a fansubber friend who watches this kind of stuff sum it up for me: "Da Capo - Original. Da Capo SS - Da Capo Shitty Season to capitalize on the first season. Da Capo II - Based on the second game. Da Capo II SS - Improved Da Capo II to make up for starring the wrong girl in the first season." They sure do like living up to the name of the franchise.

    04/??? Itazura na Kiss - Shoujo drama/comedy thing that follows genius guy and airheaded girl (supported by the guy's slightly deranged mother) over the course of several years.
    04/??? Neo Angelique Abyss - Fantasy harem show but in reverse, one girl and a harem of pretty guys instead of moéblobs. A spinoff of this OVA.

    04/??? Kure-nai - High school boy swears to protect 7-years old female heir to a powerful corporate syndicate. Allegedly it's kinda like a dark, violent and disturbing version of Hayate the Combat Butler, except the guy isn't a butler and doesn't have any superpowers. Actually scratch that, it's not like Hayate at all.
    04/??? Blassreiter - Nitro+ and guess who... *drumroll* ... GONZO cooperate to create another CG-animated mecha (?) show. It looks suspiciously like Dragonauts, except it's got motorcycles instead of dragons. This can't possibly end well. The trailer has some rather funky CG.
    04/??? Kyouran Kazoku Nikki (Frenzied Family Journal) - ANN says: "Half-human special-ops unit masquerades as a family to save Earth". Has at least one catgirl; apparently it's a comedy show and not action.

    04/??? Crystal Blaze (Glass Maiden) - Mandoric says: "The upshot is that it's an attempt at a hard-boiled, allegedly older-targeted detective show set in a near-future fictional East Asian city; the image items, so to speak, are a Smith and Wesson model 29 revolver and an '80s Trans Am. Possibly cool, but probably pure fangirl bait." For some reason the official English title is "Glass Maiden" despite the "Japanese" title being English (but written with kana) in the first place.
    04/??? Macross Frontier - I think you should have heard of this.

    04/??? xxxHOLiC Tsugi - Another season of CLAMP characters doing CLAMP-related things.
    04/??? Gyagu Manga Biyori 3 - nonstop gags
    04/??? Sugar Bunnies 2 - Sanrio toys gimmick.

    04/??? The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of URUK~ - Gonzo, spearheaded by the Last Exile/FMP S1 director and the author of the Full Metal Panic novels adapts a fantasy game series subtitled "The Recovery of Babylim" (sic).
    04/??? Zettai Karen Children (Absolutely Adorable Children) - Light comedy about three 10-year old girls with various superpowers (teleportation, psychokinesis and "psychometry", whatever that means) whom the government tries to use for various military purposes (not very successfully, to the annoyance of their caretaker lieutenant).
    04/??? Amatsuki - Shounen fantasy following the tried and trusted "guy gets thrown back to historic era, meets warrior girl who saves his life, makes new friends etc. etc." concept.

    04/??? Junjou Romantica - Harem (?) romance show... with only guys. Gay.
    04/??? Fire Ball - Apparently Disney does some kind of CG thing produced in Japan. Other than that I have no idea.

    05/23 Hoshi no Umi no Amuri (Amuri in Star Ocean) vol.1 - OVA. Has nothing to do with the Star Ocean series of games; apparently it's something about mermaids. Interestingly, the guy who writes and directs it also directed GaoGaiGar. I wonder what that means.
    05/30 Tsubomi's Secret vol. 2

    06/27 Tsubomi's Secret vol. 3

    Later: (far from complete list)

    Spring: Kara no Kyokai - More Kara no Kyokai movies.
    Spring: Eve no Jikan (Are you enjoying the time of EVE?) - Science fiction movie. Looks potentially very interesting.
    Spring: True Messiah Legend Fist of the North Star: Legend of Kenshiro - Movie about MANLINESS
    June: Telepathy Shoujo Ran
    Summer: Hidamari Sketch x365
    Summer: Tetsuwan Birdy (Birdy the Mighty) - Remake of a 1996 OVA which in turn is based on an 80's manga.
    Summer: CODE-E S2 - I can't remember what the first season was about.
    August: Sky Crawlers - Mamoru Oshii + Production I.G.
    October: Gundam 00 S2
    Autumn: Linebarrels of Iron - Designs look oddly similar to Evangelion.
    Sometime 2008: Jigoku Shoujo S3
    Sometime 2008: Zero no Tsukaima S3
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    Vampire Knight! I'm reading the Manga as it is released and can't wait to see the anime!

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    Considering that the last anime episode I watched was of PPGZ months ago, it's doubtful to think I'll get through any of this, but some stuff looks interesting enough to possibly waste some time with while I'm in between dramas in the summer.

    For example, maybe Amatsuki will make more sense than the manga did (although it didn't suck). Other ones I'll probably download one episode of are... well, about half that list. Allison & Lillia seems to have an interesting setting, To Love-Ru is a Jump manga that... well, wasn't that great, but one episode, right? Kure-nai is an okay manga, so that. Kamen no Maid Guy sounds fun, Special A and Vampire Knight are both terrible shoujo manga but what the hell, if I'm watching To Love-Ru - Everyone says Soul Eater looks cool. And... that's about it. The likelihood that I'll even watch one episode of all of these is low, so...

    What about that... um... Chi's Sweet Home or whatever? I thought that was new, and I want to watch that. The one about a cat? :3

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    Wait, I missed that in the list. They're animating Chii's Sweet Home?
    Today is always the most enjoyable day. Just ask Yotsuba.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pseudorandom View Post
    Wait, I missed that in the list. They're animating Chii's Sweet Home?
    It wasn't on the list, but yeah, it's being done - and it seems the first few (or first one? can't remember) episodes have been subbed already.

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    Bus gamer rulz!.


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