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    Default All-time favourite anime music

    As the thread title says, what are your favourite anime music? Be they OP/ED, insert songs or BGMs. I'm not talking about entire OSTs here, but specific pieces which mp3 you keep on your playlist long after the anime has ended, and/or which you find yourself playing every now and then.

    My (rather short) list:
    Cruel Angel Thesis (Evangelion)
    Forces (Berserk)
    Omega (Jin Roh)

    There are other tracks from more recent shows which I really like, but I'm not sure I'll still be listening to them 2 or even 1 year down the road. The above 3 are the ones which I would say have stood the test of time.

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    hm... well, I like to change up my iPod playlist on a regular basis, but I have several highly ranked songs that I never tired of:

    Sadness and Sorrow/Grief and Sorrow/Hokage's Funeral Scene (Naruto - these songs have a very similar sound which is why I group them together... plus I love a lot of Toshiro Masuda's work on the Naruto soundtracks)
    Break the Sword of Justice - Tsubasa Chronicles
    Starless - Rurouni Kenshin
    Butou - Fullmetal Alchemist
    The Legend of Ashitaka - Princess Mononoke (also The Journey to the West)
    Yuugure No Kaze - My Neighbor Totoro
    Alone (Piano Version) - Saiyuki
    Compassion/Torn Apart/A Requiem/Will of the Heart/Never Meant to Belong... - all songs by Shiro Sagisu for Bleach (I love almost all of his Bleach music so I keep several of his songs on the list at all times, but these are the ones I never take off it)
    Friends - Wolf's Rain
    Tatakai No Hate - Yu Yu Hakusho
    Ashita Ni Mukatte - Yu Yu Hakusho

    With Vocals:
    Gotta Knock a Little Harder - Cowboy Bebop
    No Reply - Cowboy Bebop
    Sen No Yoru Wo Koete - Bleach
    Madlax - by Yuki Kaijura (I like her work in .hack)
    Home Sweet Home (Reborn) - Bleach

    I'm a sucker for those instrumental songs that play in the background during the sad/dramatic parts of anime. :P Especially ones with a piano playing. Lol... I just realized that more than half of my iPod is devoted to anime music (and I'm about to add more)

    Sorry if its a bit long for an "all-time fav" list, but I listen to music all the time, so I have a lot of favorites. (Seriously, if I wasn't whistling along with my CD player the janitors at school thought something was wrong... they stopped me to ask if I was ok several times on those occasions that my batteries ran dead)

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    Bleach - Houki Boshi
    Bleach - Thank You!
    Cowboy Bebop (movie) - Call Me Call Me
    Outlaw Star - Tsuki No Ie
    Inuyasha - My Will
    Inuyasha - Come
    Naruto - Seishun Kyosoukyoku
    Naruto - Go!
    Love Hina - Kimi Saeriba
    FLCL - Hybrid Rainbows
    FLCL - Funny Bunny
    FLCL - Back Seat Dog
    FLCL - Crazy Sunshine

    I have hundreds... I don't feel like searching

    I'd like to die with the songs I love stuck in my head. I hope to make the most of these hollow bones we become.
    I raise a toast to the the souls that sang all along. I've been gathering friends to just to make some sounds,
    before the ship goes down, I've been making amends by making the rounds before the whole world ends

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    Naruto - Seishun Kyosoukyoku
    HxH- Ohayu
    HxH- the sun also shines at night
    Fullmetal Alchemist- Butou
    tengen toppa gurren lagann- "Libera Me" From Hell
    tengen toppa gurren lagann-Sorairo Days

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    I love:

    Shuffle! - You
    Gundam seed Destiny - Ignited
    Peach Girl - Baby Low-Tension
    Clannad - Dango Daikazoku
    Higurashi no naku koro ni - Higurashi no naku koro ni
    Higurashi no naku koro ni kai - Naraku no Hana
    Elfenlied - Lilium
    Lucky Star - motteke! sailor fuku
    Noir - Coppelia no Hitsugi
    Jigoku Shoujo - Sakasama no Chou

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    OK, here goes (and be prepared, this is a loooong list):
    1. Tank!-Cowboy Bebop
    2. Kataritsugu Koto-Blood+
    3. Sky-2-High-Air Gear
    4. Chain-Air Gear
    5. Aozora no Namida-Blood+
    6. Daia no Hana-Black Cat
    7. Colors of the Heart-Blood+
    8. Cry no More-Blood+
    9. Raion-Blood+
    10. Season's Call-Blood+
    11. This Love-Blood+
    12. Anata ga Ita Mori-Fate/Stay Night
    13. Silly-Go-Round-.hack//Roots
    14. Aizome-Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
    15. NightmaRe-Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori
    16. Hare Nochi Hare-Kamichu!
    17. Suteki na Shiawase-Kyou Kara Maoh!
    18. R.O.D. theme song
    19. Anata Dake Mitsumeteru-Slam Dunk
    20. Clover-Solty Rei
    21. Float-Solty Rei
    22. Broken Wings-Trinity Blood
    23. Shiawase no Niji-Gakuen Alice
    That's it. Phew...

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    My big-ass list:

    Lilium from Elfen Lied.


    That's it.

    Greetings earthlings.

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    ^Yea, that was pretty good. I liked the ending theme too.

    Hare Hare Yukai and Bouken Desho Desho? from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya were both pretty awesome. Especially the one with the dance.

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    ^ Yeah, that dance was great. I even got full version of it XD

    As for other anime:
    Early Naruto, some Bleach openings and endings, FMA, Ergo Proxy (yay for Radiohead), Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Gunslinger Girl and several others that I do not remember at the moment - there are plenty that I like equally.

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    i too have 100's of anime songs that i like. here's a shortlist:

    1 - God Knows ~Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi (current fav)
    2 - Akatsuki no Kuruma ~Gundam Seed
    3 - Wind ~Naruto


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