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    I have no idea what happened here. Ignore this post till' a moderator can maybe see to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NeoFireHawk View Post
    You're right, Haruhi was aired in Japan in that order, but the DVDs were released in chronological order (Broadcast order DVDs were never released in Japan). (Please Hainuwele, I beg you that next time you make a thread like this at least research a bit more, OK?).
    And even if that were the case...really, compared to what ADV did to Ghost Stories a change like this is nothing.
    I'm was aware of these but as i said with the CCS comment what is the point of making two different versions. its the same vicious cycle license a highly anticipated anime, tweak it from the original and make some money from unsuspecting "noobs" and "fanboys", receive flak from the anime and otaku community, do a little PR saying you'll release a "Special Edition" that is the raw original with subs, and everybody is all honky-dory. It just gets tiresome being screwed over after awhile. oh, and i agree on "ghost stories" but that will be for another thread.

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    @The kid who did the Ghost stories comment: HAHAHAHA I loved that show. When the quiet, nice girl says "nice ass", you know that the series is fulll of win... with 3 Ls, no less. Stupid AN on demand never finished putting the whole series up though... so i never finished it.

    @Tet: Broadcast order >>>> Chrono any day for Haruhi. Firstly because if you go chrono the ending will give you no closure whatsoever. Second, if people don't understand the series if they're watching it out of order then, being blunt, FUCK THEM. They can move on to other series that their minds are capable of comprehending for all other people could care. Seriously, it's the best solution, despite the fact that the US is better at Whitening things up rather than keeping them authentic (which could potentially make it easier to understand).

    I agree on your point that anime is seen differently in the US and in Japan, but (depending on how you look at it) you're also saying that the US dub audience is too retarded to understand "omfg its not the right order" even after Haruhi and Kyon have their little spats about how out of order the series is during the preview things.

    Oh, and... did you maybe press the submit key twice? That could be why you ended up double posting... It's happened before.
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    And your name's annoying to type; from now on you're sazny.
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    uhh my friend has the Vol 1 and Vol 2 collector's box set. The Vol 2 box set comes with the chronological order disc and the broadcast order disc.


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