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    Default Manga Recommendation on cetain types of manga...

    If you know any adventure/action/senien/shounen/fantasy, any of these types that's like something like kurohime, not volumes 1 to 4 more like its later volumes 6 to 9...
    or a Romance/shoujo type that's like life...

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    adventure/fantasy- Tsubasa Chronicles

    seinen/comedy/slice of life- Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba&! (haven't checked out Yotsuba but i hear a lot of good things about it). also try Chobits.

    shoujo- Furuba, Ouran High School Host Club

    Josei- a more "mature shoujo". Definitely check out Honey & Clover. it's a lot like life...yah know, hardships, love, becoming an adult... very good.

    action- Black Cat, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, HxH...
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    Eh... since last_serenade gave mostly shoujo/slice-of-life titles, I'll focus on the other one: a shounen/seinen action-adventure set in a fantasy world, like Kurohime.

    ... I'll leave coolerimmortal to recommend his favourite, but in the meantime...

    You can try Eatman. It's sort of a blend between science-fiction and fantasy, but it comes very close to what you're looking for, I think. Follows the adventures of Bolt Crank, the World's Greatest Explorer, who has the ability to eat anything and make it reappear from any part of his body. Like eating the parts of a machine-gun and then projecting it fully-formed from his hand. Each chapter is usually a separate adventure that has a twist at the end, but there is a long continuous story arc in the middle, and favourite characters recur in later chapters. 19 volumes, completed.

    Two new and upcoming series that show promise are Mx0 and Fairy Tail.

    Mx0 is a shounen high school romantic comedy... where all the students can perform magic except one guy - a delinquent who accidentally snuck into the school and then got trapped into enrolling in it. Unfortunately for him, everyone thinks his magic powers rival the teachers themselves, and he has to constantly scramble to make sure they don't discover he actually has no magic at all.

    Fairy Tail continues very much in the tradition of something like One Piece or Rave Master. It's about a group of magic users in the magic guild Fairy Tail, who take on missions in order to earn money. Each guild member is different and has special powers, from Natsu - the fire-eating, fire-wielding hothead, to the ice-cool and ice-transformer Grey, to the celestial spirit summoner Lucy.

    Both series are currently just past 50+ chapters and ongoing.

    And I just came across this the other day, but I found it good enough to be worth reading all the way through:

    From Far Away is actually a shoujo fantasy action-adventure with a strong romantic subcomponent, but it tells a pretty decent story and has quite a bit of action. Noriko Takachimi is suddenly transported to a strange fantasy land out of the blue, and almost immediately attacked by monsters. She is eventually saved by a strange, extremely-strong man, called Izark. However, word of her arrival on this world is quickly reported to the leaders of different countries and they all send out troops to try and capture her - for Noriko appears to be The Awakening, who is prophesied to be the thing that will awaken the Sky Demon, the most destructive force on the planet. Izark himself seems ready to kill her should she show signs of being The Awakening. Thus, one ordinary high school girl from Japan must try and understand the strange world she has entered, and what her destined role is in the world - if she isn't killed or captured first. Complete at 14 volumes.

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