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    I'll just name the ones i don't think were mentioned, and i liked quite abit.


    Island-cursed island where monster and evil dwell, while not rampant they find thier way into the main heroines life

    pet shop of horrors--not really horror just life lessons to some people sold buy a guy, dealing with monster, like pets, mostly episodic with some recurring characters.


    Violinist of hameln, if u laughed at the gags in the 1st volume you'll probably be laughing throughout his journey

    Chronicles of the cursed sword-starts pretty stale, but after the white tiger incident it starts becoming a more and more interesting read.

    Shin angyo onshi- one man vs the world of evil sort of thing, but gain allies on his journey of revenge

    Angel densetsu- scary lookin guy with a kind heart, but accidently kicks serious ass, really funny circumstances throughout story, in a high school setting.

    hot blooded woman--typical body switch story, with good at fighting abilities and lots of high school punks and their bosses to beat up, with some funny romance.

    level-E-sci-fi alien comedy

    7 seed-post apocalypse, surviving in a world, where civilization has collapsed, some mutated species of animals and such as danger,and journeying to find survivors of the same project,and thinking about the past and stuff.(nothing sci-fi except the occasional mutated species of animals)

    leviathan-pretty random wierdness about a guy who was dead made up of parts of 5 people, deals wiht paranormal cases.George w.bush attacked iraq and the 7 saddam hussein's and bin ladden to search for the child of god, that was to be given birth by a zombie woman, that was actually an alien,and everyone is already dead since the apocalypse has occured, that was brought on by a werewolf rebellion in a certain city.....yeah pretty random alright.


    ai kora/love collage-(not really into romance stories but i do enjoy this one) A guy who has a fetish for ideal parts of woman/men. He's not a typical pervert he doesn't care about a nude girl in front of him, doesn't give a damn about beauty , he only reacts to ideal parts, doesn't care about bad personality/looks, only the part.Like certain types of eyes, or only a certain type of voice, doesn't matter what the rest of the person is like.
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    Mahou Sensei Negima
    Full Metal Alchemist
    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

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    One series which is not recommended in your lists but which I like very much is Banana Fish. Actually, it's an action manga for girls, but I think that in this case its for both genders girls and boys. When you see the first view pages you may think "oh my god" - because the drawing style is very unusual. But if you once get along with it you will have much fun with the story (it's about a certain drug called "banana fish")

    Other series I recommend are:
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Detective Conan
    Shaman King
    The Record of Lodoss war
    Kare Kano
    Fruits Basket
    Skip beat

    By the way, does somebody know where I can get scanlations of "Skip Beat" from?

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    Try blue heaven - a cruise ship . thousands of wealthy passangers . hundreads of security officers , 1 devil and 1 lunatic .


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