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    397. The talking cat will turn out to be a shapeshifter, usually a really hot girl.
    398. The main villain will always be resurrected, and somehow becomes way stronger when he/she/it comes back.
    399. Sisters are always attracted to the same man (most often the main character).
    400. Anime males do not get erections. Instead, all the blood that would usually go into the penis (to make it erect) goes out of the guy's nose.
    401. Or perhaps it is the inverse; since horny males lose so much blood out of their nose, there is no longer enough left to achieve an erection.

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    Don't know if it's mentioned... can't remember all of them.

    402. If you take a trip to an onsen, you WILL see naked girls. No matter what.
    403. Half (if not more) of the time the onsen will be a mixed one. Lucky you.
    Greetings earthlings.

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    404. Don't do anything to piss off teenagers with God complexes and deadly notebooks.
    True Happieness lies deep within Shiny Things.

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    405. If a character is from the United States, he or she will always have at least one large gun on their person, even if they're naked.

    406. Characters with fluffy white "angel" wings will be more likely to be homicidal maniacs than good guys.

    407. The most likely candidate to be the "last boss" or main series villain is the protagonist's best friend, older brother, father, spouse, or child.

    408. Big, ugly, muscle bound guys exist for only one purpose, to get beaten up by rail thin pretty boys or cute little girls.

    409. Diminutive, childish characters will always turn out to be incredibly strong and accomplished in the martial arts.

    410. Corollary to 409. A character who uses baby talk is dangerous to annoy.

    411. If a male character is any good at fighting, he will prefer fighting a worthy opponent to sex/romance or anything else.

    412. A bosomy female character will always be able to knock out any male character who peeps or does anything else perverted to her, no matter how strong the male usually is.

    413. Parents are always keeping some terribly important secret from their kids.

    414. Old men are always lustful and clownish.

    415. The fate of the world always hinges on what happens in Tokyo.

    416. Top level villains always have a dependent hanger-on character on whom they lavish a totally OOC kindness and affection.

    417. Characters who possess "devil" horns are never altogether evil, unless they're really ugly.

    418. If there is a character called "god", he will turn out to be a fraud or villain.

    419. Corollary to 418. "Devils" will turn out to be allies to the hero.

    420. Evil characters always have a heart-breaking back story, but so do the good characters.

    421. The first 10 characters a shounen hero defeats will always become his allies later in the series.

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    meh sia?


    422. Pls study and don't be an idiot like most protagonist.

    423. Pls try not to lie. Its like digging your own grave and putting a feet into it. The aftermath of lying is putting another feet inside and bury yourself.

    424. Pls don't try anything in manga at home, its bad for your health.

    *hey,this also things you learn in anime.

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    (We seem to have once again skipped a large portion, but it is most probably due to someone editing out a few on their list.Anyway...)

    425. After changing into a new form, you will always have enough dust/smoke/various-gases to conceal your new form long enough for everyone to stare in awe, but not long enough to give you a serious cough. (DBZ, Bleach, Naruto)

    426. The hero gets everything, disregard whatever logic,ethics and morals says (e.g GS, Kira wants Lacus, so Lacus divorces Athrun, simple as that forget about your best friend's feelings.)

    427. If it's a shounen manga, at some point mad intense training will commence in opposition to ambushing and suprise attacks (because really, as ninja it would be too much to ask to just jump Akatsuki in the night and slit their throats...P.S I'm being sarcastic.)

    428. In most shounen; if the main character is powerful, logic dictates that their parents were just as much or slightly less powerful. It can't just be pure talent or self discovery. (Naruto, Bleach, Eureka Seven, Gundam Seed. The only manga that avoided this was
    666,well besides Ruby, and I must say I'm impressed.)

    429. Even though it can be seen that the Mech is pilotable by an inexperienced teenager, no ace pilot is capable of doing it, regardless of rank, training or knowledge. (Kira pilots the Strike for live 30 episodes, and Mu only does it just before the end..."real smart"'s not like you could have "supported" Kira or anything..."why not" just let him be "the only Gundam pilot" through 12 battles? Once again...quotes=very sarcastic.)

    I'd troll more, but I don't want to make you people "unsee" to many of these horrid defects in manga and anime. Yes I know you're supposed to be learning, but learning isn't always pleasant. And yes there is atleast 80% more troll in my post now. Do not feed this troll.

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    430. Great power needs a great appetite.

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    431. Quiet characters are insanely strong
    432. Japan will never be at peace

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    433. It doesn't matter at what age you have lost your parents, when you die in manga and get buried near them, their graves will ALWAYS look like yours with the exception of the size, and they will ALWAYS look like they were planted just when yours did.

    434. Sometimes you can actually get burried BETWEEN your parents's graves!!!

    435. Main hero dies = end of series
    Villian dies = to be continued\concluded
    To get a complete series fast: KILL THE MAIN CHARACTER!!!

    436. In manga, if you are fat and ugly both at the same time it's ALWAYS becuse you are the character who reads manga.

    437. You can tell that someone is lonley by looking at their room. if it's too tidy then they are lonley, if it's too messy, they are lonely, and if it's too large, they are lonely AND sad. the only type of room without lonleyness in manga is a room WITH AN ACTUAL OTHER PERSON IN IT!!!

    438. FMA=Spoilers!!!
    Spoilers=I HATE!!!
    I hate=Spoilers!!!
    Spoilers=I HATE!!!
    and so on...
    Conclution: Nothing good can come from spilers!!!

    439. If you have a ponytail, you are hiding something cool. (same goes for cartoons! )

    creditz to me! XD
    use as you wish :P
    i'll come back with more when i'll come up with them.
    great post!!!

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    440: Highschool girls uniforms can be uses as a Superhero outfit.
    441: Teenagers can be important politicians
    442: Japanese Engrish .....
    443: Japanese Engrish Names (Gundam series)..........


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