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    Post Cramping down on illegal anime downloaders in S'pore-things get serious.

    Here's the article:

    Odex stands firm on pursuing illegal downloaders of anime
    By Jermyn Chow

    Odex revealed that over 483,000 illegal downloads had been made here over the past 10 months alone - making Singapore 10th on the list of countries worldwide with the most illegal anime downloaders. -- PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER

    ANIME distributor Odex is standing firm on its stance to pursue illegal downloaders.

    Clarifying its position in a media conference on Thursday, the company even brought in the muscle of anime copyright holders from Japan to back its case.

    Odex said it had to take legal action because of the large numbers of illegal downloaders of the Japanese anime titles it brought in.

    The company revealed that over 483,000 illegal downloads had been made here over the past 10 months alone - making Singapore 10th on the list of countries worldwide with the most illegal anime downloaders.

    Compounding the problem - 59 per cent of households here have high-speed broadband access.

    So Singapore has the highest percentage of anime downloads per capita, far ahead of countries like the United States, Australia and Hong Kong.

    Odex's aim, said its managing director Peter Go, is to bring down the number of illegal downloads to about 85 per cent.

    Odex authorised to act on behalf of copyright holders

    To further bolster its case, Odex brought in representatives of four Japanese studios, which own the copyrights of blockbuster series like Naruto, Dragonball, Tsubasa Chronicles, and Romeo and Juliet.

    The representatives told reporters through an interpreter, that they support Odex's legal action.

    All four studios had in fact issued authorisation letters for Odex to act on their behalf, before the company went to the courts.

    Said Mr Yukio Kawasaki, manager of TV Tokyo Corpration: 'If there is a necessity from the courts of Singapore requiring us to come down (physically), then we will come.'

    The studios appealed to anime fans to stick to original copies.

    Appealing court orders

    Odex is currently in the midst of appealing to get a court order which will force Pacific Internet to supply the names of illegal downloaders using its service. A judge had turned down its request last Thursday (Aug 23).

    To date, Odex has sent out 300 letters, from the 1,000 Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that SingTel had provided. An IP address is a string of numbers that can identify a user, although web addresses are commonly shared here.

    StarHub has also been served with a court order to provide Odex with another 100 ISP addresses.

    The Odex fracas has led to fervent online chatter with some anime fans vilifying Odex and others voicing outrage over the court orders forcing Internet Service Providers to reveal the names of their subscribers.

    For more information: (Go under Odex Saga) (Type Odex)

    If here in S'pore, Odex wins the case, the Japanese anime companies would have a reason to start suing and forcing those fansubs websites to close down. In short, over here, S'pore is like a 'testing ground'.

    Also, the reason why anime fans over here don't buy ODEX's products is NOT because of fansubs. It's due to the shabby packaging, the terrible subs and the poor quality of anime. We fans are not stupid. If the quality and subs are good, we will buy them.

    So pass the word around. If Odex wins this case, fansubs are doomed. And manga downloading would be next.

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    *gets down on knees and starts praying*
    plz god- i know i have never took you seriously even though i ought to and i know i do everything that you consider bad but if odex loses i swear i will consider to change my ways.

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    I cant tell if your being sarcastic or not...

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    Default the FBI are on my ass! shit run!

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    Same thing was supposed to be done with illegal movie download. Did it work ?

    I believe in people from Singapore - they are strong willed.. I think.. I never met one ;p

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    can't control the internets lul

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    lol where i live you can't find original games or movies (except for the ps3(blu ray) and the wii). they even cracked the xbox 360 down. Anyone want a free copy of bioshock?

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    Hahaha. Same situation happen in Singapore and Malaysia. We just living in 'pirated culture'. We happen to illegal copying evrything from games, manga, movies, clothes etc.. The censorship here quite hard so we cant get many great anime or manga..... Thats the only way.....
    Hope Odex lose...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kolox View Post
    I believe in people from Singapore - they are strong willed.. I think.. I never met one ;p
    Here's one. Anyway, it's not that hard to enforce these laws here, we're a small nation.

    Anyway, they pretty much won the case. There's quite an uproar here by the anime downloading community. Have not been reading much about it since i'm busy with exams lately but from what i last recall, they even brought in the big guys like Gonzo, Toei and the such to back them.

    Guess there goes my Darker than Black episodes. Sigh.




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