View Poll Results: Preferred length of manga

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  • 1 volume - short and sweet

    4 5.48%
  • 2-5 volumes - a single sitting meal

    5 6.85%
  • 6-10 volumes - about the size of a novel

    21 28.77%
  • dozen+ volumes - something I can chew on

    26 35.62%
  • at least a couple dozen - anything less and things are just getting started

    26 35.62%
  • infinite - I don't want it to end!

    14 19.18%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Okiri is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Jan 2007


    voted 6-10 I dont like really short mangas like one volume or stuff cause it makes me wanna know more about the character. Neither Long ones, gets boring after chapter 300+ so NAH for em!

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    last_serenade is offline Senior Member Regular
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    if the story has a really good plot then it can go on to a dozen+. i'd most likely go for the 6-10. i think that's a good length. a lot of the manga i've read and/or currently reading are still ongoing, though.
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    Does it matter? Theres no perfect length. It all depends on the authors ability to accurately tell a story. It could be as short as Onegai Teacher, mid sized like Battle Royale or friggin impossibly long like One Piece. As long as its engaging and engrossing I could give a shit less about length.

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    Krytha is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    I voted for infinite because it's the length of my ideal manga. What that manga is hasn't been made yet, but the point is - I'd love a great manga to never stop.

    But good mangas - They have to be long enough to tie up all loose ends since depth is an essential part of good manga - and covering that depth properly makes for preeetty long manga......

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    Zaephyr is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    I chose 3

    Voted 6-10 as general...

    Couple of dozens since i enjoy reading large stories, the problem is that when this happens the manga tends to be repetitive. Not boring tough.

    Infinite, there's stuff i enjoy reading just because of it, like GTO for example, it was a fun manga and if it still continued, i'd keep reading.
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    Hynavian is offline Senior Member Well Known
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    Well I voted for "at least a couple dozen - anything less and things are just getting started". Im more into action manga like Claymore and imagine ending the manga at volume 6 or 12 (where characters are not developed, plot not completed and where there's some action on-going).

    However, I feel that as long as the plot does not stagnant and stories are well developed...I dont mind having more volumes.
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    Ferozban is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    i cannot vote for anything here, cuz the the number of volumes a story should have depends on the story.

    the story should have the correct number of volumes to tell what should be told, and to end it properly

    for example:
    basilisk had 5 volumes, and it was absolutly great. more volumes wouldnt make any sense.
    one piece needs more volumes cuz the story is far away from finished.
    gantz - needs more too, cuz no secrets have been uncovered.

    a story needs as many volumes as it needs to be told

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    Raszagal is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Luffy & Co travel, something occurs as they near an island. They get to the island where they then need to or become separated. Soon after they end up having a respective fight against a person who has abilities akin to theirs or completely opposite. They win, and acquire higher bounty's and possibly a new crew member.
    Yeah your right when you say, they fight, they win (no matter how strong or who they are >_>) but I was mainly talking about charecter depth, background info. One piece is one of the best manga at telling the story of every main character, even the guys/girls they are fighting/ in order to do that, it gotta be a bit more then 20 vol..but other then that, your right..
    I guess its varies from person to person if you like what one piece is doing..

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    betatester is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    Jun 2005


    it really depends.

    for romance, i doubt the readers would want a 20+ volume for it. i personally prefer 10+ volumes at most

    for action and fighting manga, 30+ volume would be good

    for manga with few dialogues, long volumes would work fine.

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    Elcura is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Jan 2006


    I mostly agree with Tet. But in general I don't think the length of the manga matters all that much as long as the story and characters are interesting. It doesn't matter if/when the manga ends as long as I'm satisfied after reading it. I do like short series though, 6-10 was what I voted for.


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