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    Post Top 20

    Sounds like I want you to list your 20 favourites right?

    Well in one way thats spot on.
    But I wanna know from a REAL veteran what 20 animes / mangas (I dont mean 20 of each but a serie might be better in the manga then the anime and the other way around) I NEED to see / read before doomsday!

    You don't have to list em from nr. 1 - 20 depending on how good they are, bascially I wanna know something around 20 series of ANY genre, the very best there is, and I'll watch em all and smile over how right you where.

    I've watched a lot anime but I dont feel that the lot of them are amazing throughout the whole series...

    Well, thanks!

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    The 20 manga series from the shounen/seinen romance genre you need to read before doomsday:

    1) Maison Ikkoku, for its complex characters and their growth over time
    2) Ai-Ren, for its philosophy on doomed love
    3) Salad Days, for its various portrayals of young love
    4) Yume de Aetara, for a good example of modern-day salaryman romance.
    5) Rough, for its subtlety in showing love and its strong cast of characters
    6) Ichigo 100%, for the well-balanced romantic tension in an harem series.
    7) Koi Kaze, for an examination of incestous love
    Touch, for a good example of a romantic triangle dynamic.
    9) Chobits, for an examination of man's fascination with technology, embodied through love for a machine.
    10) I"s, for a 'standard' shounen romance series.
    11) School Rumble for a ultra-comedic take on high school love


    I'm still thinking about what else is worthy to add to this list.

    Manga Genre Focus: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life. Primarily shounen, then seinen and shoujo.
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    Seinen:Gantz- My fav manga ever. Great Characters, Bloody, deep and more realistic than your average manga
    Battle Royale- It will make you cringe and teary eyed. It is very intense
    Trigun Maximum- One of the best ever. It goes off in its own direction rather than following what had happened in the anime and is very successful at it
    Eden- Kenji is a badass
    Beserk- If you want a big guy killing a lot of shit with a huge sword and a good storyline to go with it, read this
    World Embryo- 14 chapters of greatness

    Hunter X Hunter (The first half)- Different. I loved it. It gets progressively worse after the tower part, but up to that is great.
    Bleach- It's the best example I can think of in the shounen genre. Good action and fights, and a long list of characters.
    Eyeshield 21- The funniest manga I have ever read. Period. You don't even have to like football.
    GTO- This is funny as well. It's about a reject becoming a teacher. Amatsuki- It's wierd and deals with supernatural stuff. Half the time you are like WTF, but it draws you in strangely.

    Shojo: Fruit Basket? I hate this genre

    Mecha: Rahxephon- My favorite anime. It's very confusing, but it has wonderful characters, art, and a very good story line.
    Gundam 8th MS team- A little different than most of the gundam series. This is about the soldiers in the war that didn't have incredibly suped up gundams and high positioning.

    Action: Cowboy Bebop- If you haven't watched cowboy bebop, I'm ashamed of you.
    Samurai Champloo- Like cowboy bebop, and almost as good, only it's with samurai's. Trust me, unless your an old woman or a girl under 10 years old, you'll love this anime.
    Last Exile- About a dude and his plane and he has to bring this little girl to these merceneries, and shit happens and it's all really cool. I can't give away too much information.
    Trigun- I love Vash the Stampede.
    Speed Grapher- Show has a cool feel, and the characters and their powers are original and cool. Plus, it's opening song is funky enough to rival cowboy bebop's.
    Movies: Akira, Princess Mononoke

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    these are just in the order in which they came into my head. I'm not really a "real veteran" yet, but then again long-term exposure can both warp tastes as well as refine them. also the two parts of your request don't really mean the same thing, Evangelion for example is incredibly flawed, it's far from amazing throughout the whole series, but it's still one of those ones you just HAVE to see.

    Neon genesis evangelion + end of evangelion
    cowboy bebop
    ninja scroll or vampire hunter D: bloodlust or wicked city (basically any movie directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri)
    Planetes *
    something directed by Mamoru Oshii (preferably not just from the GITS franchise, ie patlabor or Jin-Roh)
    something directed by Hayao miyazaki
    Lupin the 3rd franchise
    Macross franchise
    Giant Robo

    Jojo's bizarre adventure
    Fist of the North Star
    Gunsmith Cats *
    Kilico *
    Monster ( or something else by Naoki Urasawa)

    manga or anime (either is fine since both are good):
    Ashita no Joe
    Getter Robo / Devilman (something by Go Nagai)

    There, 20 series/franchises that you HAVE to see before Ragnarok.

    * relatively less-well-known series that still deserve to be up there.

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    veteran.... im not much of a veteran but i do read alot of mangas and manwhas. most of which are comedy, so ill list 20 that i think is the best in the comedy genre.

    GTO-Great Teacher onizuka
    Angel Densetsu
    level E
    King of Hell
    Skip Beat!
    My name is Zushio
    One piece
    Demon Diary
    Comarti High School
    Shounan Junai Gumi
    Blue Dragon
    Ouran High School

    what do you know cant think of 20 oh wells

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    Not a veteran but i've seen quite a bit.
    Not ordered.
    I'm mostly posting stuff that easily hooks you into it's storyline by checking only 1-3 chapters. HOWEVER, some of these end up getting somehow repetitive, cliched or easily predictable. I'll mark those with *

    GTO (manga)
    Berserk (manga)
    Gantz (manga)
    Fate/Stay Night (anime... or the "game")
    Tsukihime (manga... or the "game")
    Battle Royale (manga)
    Elfen Lied (anime)
    Tokko (manga, somehow... unfinished)
    Full Metal Panic (anime)
    School Rumble (manga, funnier than the anime...later chapters not that funny)
    Black Lagoon (anime and/or manga)
    Basilisk (anime and/or manga. * Predictable ending)
    Death Note (manga)
    *Bleach (manga)
    *Naruto (manga)
    My Balls/Oretama (manga, not sure about this one but it's so damn absurd and funny)
    666 Satan (manga, interesting.)
    Seto No Hayanome (manga, very funny. Do NOT watch the anime, the jokes in this story are better in manga)

    Uh... can't think of anything else... more nice stuff but not THAT good...

    * Ichigo 100% (manga,boring when you reach volume 10 or so, STUPID main character)
    Lilim Kiss (manga,if you like succubi)
    Samurai Deeper Kyo (manga,OK but nothing extraordinary... the anime is amazingly shitty)
    King of Thorns (manga, it's good but seems to get crappy later on)
    Erementar Gerad (manga, it's ok. The anime isn't so good with some extra crap added)
    +Anima (manga, no deep storyline... just people that have animal powers,entertaining)
    Live (manga, interesting but barely translated...)
    Hellsing (the "Ultimate" ovas)

    I think that's it for now.
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    Love Hina
    One Piece
    Black Cat
    Ichigo 100%
    Fairy Tail

    Anime (movies)
    Ghost in the shell
    geno cyber
    Tonari no Totoro
    Tank Police
    Fist of the Northstar

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    my list is this:

    GTO (only manga, the anime is bad)
    One piece (manga o anime)
    Monter(manga o anime)
    Bersek(only manga)
    Claymore(manga o anime)
    Gantz (manga and anime)
    Cowoy bebop(anime only)
    Dead note
    Fairly Tale (manga)
    Hellsing(manga and anime)
    Full metal alquimist (manga and anime)
    MxO (Manga)
    Inmortal Rain (Manga)
    Elfen lied
    Black Cat (Manga only)
    History of the strongest disipline kenichi (anime)
    Battle royall (not for kids)
    High school of the dead (manga)
    Mahou sensei negima (ONLY manga)

    i can name a lot more but this list is really good
    here some links

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    Well my list is ....

    Claymore (anime or manga) - Great plot, lots of action. Watch the anime to view the action better due to the graphic effects. Read the manga to know the smallest details.
    Suzuka (manga) - Romance set in everyday setting. "Typical" but not so typical after all. Explores day to day issues in an interesting way.
    Ikkitousen & Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny (anime) - Slight humour, lots of panties flashing around & the idea of girls fighting it out. A mix of history lessons, action & comedy.
    Fate Stay Night (anime) - For fans of magic, cards and action. Lots of magical effects, actions and some heart wrenching moments.
    Vampire Knight (manga) - Romance, vampires and humans. If thats what you're looking for. Not much action as vocal point is based on 2 vampires vying over the love of a still human girl.
    Gunslinger Girls (anime) - A depressing anime not for the weak at heart. Protagonists are machanically enchanced girls who may look like innocent next door kids but are actually killers.
    Black Blood Brothers (anime) - Action, romance and vampires if that's what you're looking for. Not too grory and is suitable for everyone of all ages.
    Hellsing (anime OVAs & manga) - Vampires, lots of actions with guns and blood everywhere. Watch tha OVAs instead for high level of violence and gore.
    Shinshi Doumei Cross (manga) - Well one who likes story where 2 guys fighting over a girl can always read this manga. Twins fighting for the love of a girl.
    Shakugan no Shanon (anime) - Magic, comedy, Action and a little bit of romance.
    Zero no Tskaima (anime) - Something like Harry potter style where people use wands to cast magic. Some comedy, abit of action and some romance to wrap things up.
    Karin (anime) - Lots of comedy and romance found in this anime. A bizzare high school girl vampire who fell in love with a normal high school guy.

    geez the list could go on but im too lazy to type. From the above, Im a fan of vampires, fantasy elements and actions. Just my preference though

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    A few manga nobody's listed yet that are genius:

    MPD Psycho: Dark and messed up, but compelling
    Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: about the sweetest manga imaginable
    Pluto: Kind of a re-telling of Astro Boy but detective style


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