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    Default Looking for good Comedy Manga/Anime

    Hiya guys... i'm looking for suggestions for good manga/anime. i'm looking for a comedy of any kind. wether it would be a romantic-comedy or action-comedy or ecchi-comedy, any thing funny will do. oh right, i'm more leaning towards slice of life comedies like GTO, Ouran high school host club, or melacholy of haruhi suzumiya, or um.. um.. negima or love hina, anything funny. here are stuff i've already seen or read, exluding the ones i said before.

    Full Metal Panic, Fumuffu, Second Raid (awsome that they'll have another one comming) (watched anime)
    Fruits Basket (watched anime)
    School Rumble (still reading)
    Ouran high school host club (watched all of the first season.. dying for the next... can't find the manga for it)
    Bobo bobobo(can't find anything for it besides chap 1-14)
    hajime no ippo (watched anime)
    Aiyori oushi (watched both series... not sure if i spelled that right)
    Green Green (watched it)
    Air Gear (waiting for more manga)
    Prince of Tennis (watched it... havn't seen the movie yet)
    thats all i can think of for now... probably edit it later if i remeber anything eles... please come back here if you've found somthing else.
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    Action comedy:
    Slam Dunk
    Eyeshield 21, read the manga
    Hajime no Ippo
    Prince of Tennis
    Naruto, although i thought episode 1 is crap, it gets better after episode 2 or 3

    Romantic Comedy:
    Fruits Basket
    Hana Yori Dango

    kind of Ecchi I guess:
    Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)
    Love Celeb

    that's all i know for now

    you can look through

    and search for the manga to get a better idea of the manga =D

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    Heh. Okay, I'll keep it to relatively few series this time:

    School Rumble (manga and anime) is a school-centered romantic comedy of errors. Tsukamoto Tenma, an ordinary high school girl, is in love with the blandest guy in her class, Karasuma Ooji. In the meantime, Harima Kenji, a high school deliquent, in in love with Tsukamoto Tenma. Both of them are struggling to find ways to pursue their love, and the schemes they hatch get crazier and crazier as they drag in family, friends, fellow classmates and total strangers into the mixup. An exciting blend of over-the-top comedy, action-packed battles for love, and some truly dramatic moments with a lovable cast of characters. If I ever had to pick a successor to Ranma 1/2, School Rumble would be it.

    Angel Densetsu (manga) also tells a story set in high school... but from a very different perspective. Kitano Seiichiro is a boy with a heart of gold - kind, thoughtful, unable to hurt a fly. The trouble is, he's got the face of a devil, and everyone immediately gets scared upon seeing him. As he tries to make friends in his new high school, he unknowingly ends up becoming the new boss of the delinquents... a role so completely foreign to his own nature that it generates constant misunderstandings between himself and his new underlings. Plenty of comic misunderstandings and some witty conversation, quite a bit of fighting and cursing (it IS centered around delinquents, after all...), and the artwork needs a lot of improvement, but Angel Densetsu is still a great joy to read.

    Love & Collage (a.k.a. Ai Kora, manga) is a twist on the typical ecchi harem comedy genre, and one of the more interesting and humorous ones. Hachibei Maeda isn't your typical perverted high school boy. He's got a fetish for different "parts" of a girl's body (eyes, breasts, voice, legs, etc.). It doesn't matter what the rest of her looks like - as long as she has the right parts. He's on a quest to find the perfect parts and even goes so far as to transfer to a new high school in Tokyo in order to search for them. Imagine his glee when the boarding house he ends up staying at has four girls, each of which possesses one of the parts he's been looking for! A comedy centered all around how far someone would go to satisfy a fetish, Love & Collage is gut-splittingly hilarious at times. (My particular favourite was the "Hate the crime, not the fetish" joke...)

    Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu! is the second season of the Full Metal Panic anime series, and the only one focused on comedy. It features Kaname Chidori, a high school girl who's good at everything, and Sagara Sousuke, the young mercenary going undercover to protect her from kidnapping by terrorist organizations. Of course, the main problem is that Sousuke has grown up in battle situations and war-torn countries since his childhood, and has absolutely no idea how to behave in "normal" life. He always responds with maximum military force to any situation - which makes Kaname's life at Jindai High School an interesting rollercoaster ride from disaster to disaster as she tries to cope with the trouble that Sousuke causes.


    These should do for now. I know pseudorandom is going to mention at least one more, once he gets around to this thread, but I'll leave that to him.

    Manga Genre Focus: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life. Primarily shounen, then seinen and shoujo.
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    Hayate No Gotoku\Hayate The Combat Butler

    Histories Strongest Disciple Kenichi

    Seto No Hanayome

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    Yotsuba&! aka Yotsubato!. Neither romantic, nor action, nor ecchi, and yet rules all other comedies.

    Good romance-comedies missed by Dizzy include Koukou Debut, Lovely Complex, and Ouran High School Host Club -- all three almost as hilarous as Yotsuba. Plus there's Azumanga Diaoh, by the mangaka of Yotsuba, but it's not romance (despite Kaorin's best efforts).
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    koarou_nagisa: Ouran High School Host Club is available here, as "Host Club". (As are Koukou Debut and Lovely Complex.)

    I should mention that Yotsuba&! is as slice-of-lifey as comedy can get. There is no plot -- it's entirely the daily misadventures of a five-year-old strange enough to be called a weirdo by her father. Link in my sig is to scans. Read it. You'll love it.
    Today is always the most enjoyable day. Just ask Yotsuba.

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    my recomedations:

    love collage (ai kora)
    katekyo hitman reborn (prefer manga)
    keroro gunso (sgt. frog) manga
    lucky star (anime)
    midori no hibi (manga)
    eyeshield 21 (prefer manga)
    futari ecchi
    love junkies
    dr. slump (manga)

    guaranteed to make you LYAO (laugh your ass off)

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    theres a comedy thread u can check out. but gott say try King of Hell and Skip Beat!
    Comedy Thread

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    with ouran host club, I think ur better off watching the anime rather than reading the manga, the anime is funnier to me

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    ANGEL DENSETSU - a must read for comedy fans


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