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    Default Looking for neat romance anime

    Yo! I seriously don't know why, but it seems that I have a thing for heavy romance animes xD Perferably not Soujo.

    What I'm kinda looking for is something simular to like Ai Yori Aoshi (My fav romance by the way, but it had a very crappy ending -.-), stuff like DN angel, kanon and so on, I've watched alot. I also like anime made after the year 2000, anime, not manga xD.

    Please and thank you. xD

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    I"s, Video Girl AI, Ichigo 100%, ohh crap, just noticed you said animes.... well I think these 3 have animes, though I haven't seen them. The mangas are good though, so it would take alot of effort to turn them into a bad anime.

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    Lamune, Gift Eternal Rainbow are pretty interesting, but short.

    Da Capo (season 1), Shuffle, and Yoake Mae yori ruri-iro na Crescent Love are some others I'd recommend
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    Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Saikano, Voices of a Distant Star (sp?), Air, Kanon.

    I'm so good with the sappy stuff.

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    I suppose Strawberry Panic! also belongs here. Technically.

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    Whew. First time I've actually been able to load the forums in four days.

    If it's anime, then I won't hesitate in recommending Suzuka (don't bother with the manga's continuation of the story, though). Also, I do think REC is worth a watch, as well as Onegai Twins (a.k.a. Please Twins). And I've heard rumors that Onegai Teacher (a.k.a. Please Teacher, the predecessor to Onegai Twins) is supposed to be better.

    And while this may be slightly off-the-beaten-track, I do think that Full Metal Panic had some amazing romantic moments as well... provided you're willing to sit through all the mecha action, comedy and angst of the rest of the show. (Or you could just watch the Fumoffu season. That covered most of them.)

    Manga Genre Focus: Romance, Comedy, Slice-of-life. Primarily shounen, then seinen and shoujo.
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    I guess Fate/Stay Night has a nice chunk of romance in it, particularily between Caster and her master, and the main characters of course.

    I personally enjoyed Kare Kano, but that sure as hell falls under shojo, and it focuses on the main character's development more than their relationship. It is relatively old as well.

    Detective Conan does have it's romantic moments, but really in a few select episodes. those episodes are more concentrated in the movies and the most recent seasons, which fulfill the circa y2k requirement. in that sense its similar to the way the romance in Inuyasha is laid out

    If you're looking for harem romance, Green Green is a possibility, but i personally thought it ****ing sucked

    Onegai Sensei/Twins?

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    Be0wolf man, I love those animes too but if this guy is looking for pure romance and not unbelieveble tragedy mixed in with it, he's gonna suicide...
    Joking aside, I know a lot of animes that have a romantic-comedy thing going on, and are very good but I honestly recommend that you read the mangas as well, manga opens up a lot better romantic development.
    Karin (also know as Chibi Vampire in America)
    Kare Kano (Known as his and her circumstances in America [dubbing wasn't too good in my opinion, but it's on the funimation channel now so it's pretty easily seen])
    Ranma 1/2 (Not made before 2000 but it's probably one of the most famous comedy romance's ever)
    Love Hina (Gotta warn you the anime is so-so but the manga is THE best manga I ever seen, it's the entire reason I got into anime)
    Revolutionary Girl Utena (if your into yuri that is...)
    To Heart
    Fushigi Yuugi
    There are a few others, but I think that should pretty much fill your wish list.
    Still, I gotta tell you once again to try the manga also, the animes are really good, but almost all of their endings are kind lousy (compared to the manga anyway)
    Hope that helps you out

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    My my, Lol, I've seen and heard like 95% of them already xD! Thanks for suggesting, I think I found one or 2 good ones.




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