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    Quote Originally Posted by vphamv View Post
    hum, wonder what cooler would say, maybe "the most badass manga EVER!'?
    anyway its Berserk.
    Cooler would say "God".

    For me, anyways, it's a certain scene near to the end of Gungrave's final episode.

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    My Most recent one is from Chrno Crusade

    -----The whole scene with Chrno and Rosette sitting on the porch of that abandoned house at the end.
    Have to say I couldn't help but cry.
    I SUCK Cant make Banners!

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    In Flame of Recca at the end of the manga series when Recca's girl died

    Quote Originally Posted by liekiamhiung View Post
    Errr.. Died ? . I read it till the end.. And i do not recall such incident....
    Ya near the end she dies and Recca sucks her soel into his flame to save her soel from being eaten, but at the end she deos come back to life that is probably why ya dont remember it.

    One of the most touching scenes was in Blue Gender in the end when Yugi tells Marlene that she cant acompany him into the glowing pillar of light to comune with the earth cause it might harm her, but then she says they must stick together "not just for me, but for our child." revealing that she is pregnate. This scene i rank as the most touching anime scene i have ever seen.

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    Onepiece - when luffy's pirate crew have to depart with going merry....what a painful option to burn your own nakama......:'(

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    Quote Originally Posted by pseudorandom View Post

    That five minute ride on the train in Spirited Away, with no dialog, nothing happening -- just a train ride into the dusk.
    I think it is the music... or the symbolism... just some quality about that scene... I can't put my finger on it. Nonetheless, I cry every time it reaches that scene for whatever reason it is.

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    mine would be the last OVA of Kenshin. although i didnt feel that sad but my i loled so hard when my cousin burst into tears

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    Quote Originally Posted by KReeP View Post
    Maison Ikkoku, many scenes are very touching. But when Godai gives Kyoko the rock (from her late husband back) at X-mas, is a tear jerker. And the scene where she say "Just promise me that you won't die before I do."

    The scene in Kimagure Orange Road the Movie where he breaks up with Hikaru.
    both of those suggestions are very good. the whole movie Kimagure Orange Road: I Want To Return To That Day was a tear jerker. the whole situation with kasuga, madoka and hikaru is just so touching it pulls on your heart.

    Quote Originally Posted by secret_toad View Post
    so many so ill start with this one
    When naru kisses keitaro its so romantic
    love hina
    this was also awesome because you wait so long for naru to admit she has feelings for keitaro and she finally does its so amazing

    another good one is in the manga/anime Suzuka:

    when yamato confesses to suzuka the second time and she runs away to honoka's shrine. honoka and suzuka have a fight over yamato and kazuki and their feelings and it just makes you cry. and then after that when suzuka and yamato go to kazuki's grave and she admits that she likes yamato alot. the whole progression of this is amazing.


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