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Thread: Saddest anime

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    Well I cryed my eyes out in One Piece in the flashback with Choppers past... When he comes to Hiluluk with a broken horn awwwww T_T

    Watched most of the stuff mentioned here, well... I kinda don't like when the series SQUEEEEEZE tears out of me, one friend of mine was in a coma for a month, his girlfriend came to the hospital every day, and she didn't go crazy and she didn't start going out with his best friend either. I mean Kimi ga Nozomu Eien had a pretty good idea, but the graphic style doesn't match the story, and it's waaaay too hysterical. If you feel guilty for your girlfriend being in a coma... what do you do? Don't waste time, find a decent job, so that once she wakes up you could support her. If you're at fault - fix it. Takayuki is a failure not worth mentioning.

    I wouldn't say that "ParaKiss" and "Honey and Clover" made me cry, but the end in both of them is depressing.
    The feeling that fairy tales aren't true. That after finding the perfect prince, you will face his issues and that they may be too much to bare with.
    Or that not all friends will stay together forever. That there will come a day when you have to graduate and finally you have a big house and a nice car and you think that you were happier when you had nothing, when you and your crazy friends lived in a rented room with no bath.

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    Now and Then, Here and There is one. somebody already said that, though...
    i cried at Full Moon wo Sagashite in the end...Furuba is not super depressing or anything but it's sad and i found myself teary-eyed at times, i think i even cried once. Fushigi Yuugi...i used to watch it and it always made me sad even though i dont remember much of it now. i try to stay away from really sad anime, although sometimes i like watching them and be moved.
    aka. LaSere

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    I'm quite suprised no one mentioned Kanon...

    Especially when Makoto died. Damn, it's so demn sad. There's also some other parts in the Anime that are sad.

    Other anime would be Basilisk (Why should they both died?), Solty Rei (is she died?), Kannazuki no Miko (can't they change their destiny, or somehow), Saikano ( need to tell...), Fate Stay Night, Code Geass, and so on (so many of them)

    I've found out that MOST anime would end up sad. Damn! I hate that, but i love anime. Everytime i finish up watching a series of anime, it would take 2-3 days to cool down (i got depressed so easyly, especially if female chars died)

    If someone ask me for saddest manga, it would be Ai-Ren (the last volume makes me cried A LOT), then Koi Kaze (I still didn't try Saikano yet, but it seems really sad)

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    whew... finally made it through all the posts...

    okay, Fushigi Yugi was the first I thought of, practically everybody you like dies in it. Others mentioned that had sad elements; Scrapped Princess, Kudzuki no Miko, Elfen Lied, Trigun.

    Some not mentioned (as far as I saw): Green Green - mainly perverted throughout the whole thing, but towards the end it gets you teary when things go wrong. Gatekeepers towards the end has sad elements in it, especially in the last episode. X, characters you get attached to bite it, that and the music is good.

    Well, there are others, but I will leave it at these for now.

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    Well for me not in order

    Air - saddest anime ever nearly made me cry like a baby
    Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - it was really sad because his life just went down the drain because of Haruka's accident, it was also very ecchi LOL hahaha!!!
    Saikano - so sad no need to explain
    Kanon - no need to explain also
    Ichigo 100% - some parts were sad because I felt like I wanted to kick his ass because he wasted so many chances to be with different girls
    I"s - the ending part was kinda sad when Ichitaka was in the hospital and Iori called him
    Suzuka - the episode when it was about Kazuki and his death, that was sad because it kinda happened to a friend of mine too so I remembered that when Kazuki died

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    makes me soo sad
    it just sucks to see

    all the band of hawks you loved die so horribly
    and to see Gutts Life go down the drain soo bad
    he is soo strong
    I am King

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    Fruits Basket, Hatori and Momiji's tragic past. Also Elfen Lied, Jigoku Shoujo and Black cat, when Saya was killed.

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    since this thread is about animes i'll only limit myself to animes not mangas too....

    Suzuka when yamato confesses the second time that he likes her and suzuka runs away crying and she sites on the stephs of honoka's shrine. that part was very moving when honoka and suzuka are having that fight over yamato and kazuki and their feelings.

    Aishiteruze Baby the episode about yuzuyu's friend (i forget his name at the moment) when they are at the hospital and the mom is having flashbacks. this part was so moving i was so touched.


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