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    Quote Originally Posted by coolerimmortal
    Just correcting your typo...
    Ha ha, thankyou for correcting me, i dont know what i was thinking!

    Quote Originally Posted by flash
    I bet nishi is going to be frigntened his ass off again, his never had an experience with the vampire before or any real combat outside Gantz, last time I knew he only has a kitten for his sparing partner, dude.
    You dont really think hes going to be frightened do you? Izumi and Nishi are going to wipe the floor with these vampires! Its too early too loose.

    Quote Originally Posted by vari8shun
    don't mean to be a pest, but i got hooked and read from about ch-90 to 228, and was just wondering how long it took from a raw release to a translated one
    Varies between a few hours and 2 weeks, the majority of releases being done is about 2-4 days, depends on how available and fast the team works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tetnubis
    @denisse, as for the other countries...i dont know about the other countries...but if izumi or another gantzer were to get on an aeroplane to go to another guess would be, that the gantz of that country would summon the fighter...maybe.

    buy the way izumi said that he wants to show how strong japan is, this seems to imply some sort of ranking system, well it does to me anyway.

    as for izumi saying that the team sucks, he didnt really mean it like that, if anything its the teams motivation that has gone down, without kurono they have no rock, kurono was like their bravery imbodied. plus he seems to know what is about to happen, or how dangerous the upcomming mission is about to be, and obviously knows that they are not ready, best team or not.

    You and Halohead gave me a new perspective. I agree with all that you said, except the 'ranking system' part. I don't think that there is any ranking system, for Izumi it's just a matter of pride that the Japanese team has to be the strongest one.

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    I agree with Halohead. There must be some sort of ranking system, or just a net of gantz teams all around the world.
    It makes me think about the reason why Izumi is fighting: is it īcause he wants to save Japan? or just by fun?. Nishi and him were talking about the country, and Izumi seemed concerned when he was talking, does he is truly worried about people or being selfish about him own future and pride?.
    When he killed to enter Gantz again, why Gantz chose him between the large amount of people that died at the same time? Did he killed just because he was aware that thereīs a high probability of killers, robbers and rapers of being choose by Gantz... īcause he could just suicide or something... why he was that desperate to get back there?... There must be some hidden reasons, i think.
    It was a great chapter, canīt wait for the next one!
    Sorry if i was annoying with all my stupid guesses!


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