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    Default What happen with Kurono (SPoiler)

    Because of slow connection, i only able download until chapter 222.

    Can anyone tell me what happen in the next chapter with Kurono ?
    Is he just removed from the gantz team just like that ? Return to his old self. After many events occured, and developed his personality to be a better person.

    Just like that ? i dont believe this............... I better read Naruto and stop download the next chapter if anybody confirm this.

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    well you could just read the chapter topic discussions...but since then not much has happened, kurono, woke up at home not remembering anything and laughing at the ikeburo incident. He goes back to school where his friends notice that he has lost his 'edge'.
    And him and tae walk past eachother multiple times without recognizing eachother.

    later on tae inquires about what happened between her and kurono, and she finds out that they were once in a relationship, so she confronts kurono, only to be shunned away and called a stalker, she persists and ends up getting elbowed in the face whilst kurono is running away. Kurono is then confronted by another student who basically calls him a bastard for treating her like that, and asks what happened between the two...kurono remains dumbfounded.

    He returns home only to notice the collage of images picturing him and tae together, and he starts questioning himself in denial, he then looks under his bed and finds the image of him that tae drew and begins to cry without knowing why.

    later on tae finds a key in her draw, and acts on impulse, so she trys it in kuronos house door...and it works! she sees the images, hampster etc (kurono was out at the time)...then kurono returns home, they stare at eachother then she runs past him saying sorry, but he grabs her hand, and asks her to help. So they decide to work together and try to regain their memories.

    Soon after we get to see how the other gantzers are living, and kurono one day returns home to find a mysterious man outside his house.
    This man turns out to be a freelance reporter who has images from the previous gantz missions, and the actuall footage from the oni fight, but kurono denies knowing anything (because of the memory loss) and the man goes to leave, but before he does, kurono tell him that he has some of his memory missing, the chapter ends with the reporter asking for kuronos number.

    and the latest chapter was about akira (kuronos brother)
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    Wow, thx!!!!!!
    Then i will definitely download all the chapters. You give a very good explanation. I believe Kurono will some day will regain his memory and back to his better personaility.

    Many thx buddy




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