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Thread: 227 Translation

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    Default 227 Translation

    FINISHED. Enjoy.

    Page 1: TexT: This mysterious person knows Kurono! What does he want?
    Guy: Kurono Kei...kun.
    Card HEading: Free writer (the rest is bilingual)

    Page 2:
    Title: Kurono Kei
    Kikuchi: I'm sorry about this...
    I should only need an hour of your time, is that ok?
    Kurono: I don't follow...

    Page 3:
    You know of the alien riot in Ikebukuro, I'm sure...
    They're coming out with a TV special, and lots of books...

    I've been waiting for something like this to happen for over two years...

    Kurono: He probably writes for some shady underground mag, or maybe he's one of those UFO conspiracy freaks...
    But what does he want with me?

    Page 4:
    Kikuchi: Have you seen this?
    It's on sale now..

    Kurono Kei? (Same name, different Kanji)

    Page 5:
    Kikuchi: Can I use your desk for a second?
    Have you ever heard of a site called "The Black Ball room?"
    It seems they've stopped updating, but...
    Kurono: Never heard of it...

    Kikuchi: The only name written on that site is
    "Kurono Kei", in hiragana (The non-kanji alphabet)

    Page 6:
    Kikuchi: During that riot there were a bunch of people in black clothes...
    The internet's going crazy over it all.

    Kurono: Yeah, I heard.
    Kikuchi: Right, it seems like there's a connection with this black ball, and the number of people in the group is increasing.
    Right now a lot of people are looking for a member of that group, named Kurono Kei.

    Kurono: Kurono Kei...
    He's got the same name as me?

    Page 7:
    Kikuchi: I found the Kurono Kei from this magazine.
    Of all the Kuronos in both Japan and China, I could only find him, and an old man from Hokkaido. (The "Kuro" he's using here is the kanji for black)

    But then I thought of the "Kuro" from "Kurouto" (Professional), and that led me to you.

    Kurono: Are you sure it's not the other guy?
    I really don't know what you're talking about.

    Page 8:
    Kikuchi: I see...
    Maybe I'm wrong, then...

    I met up with that particular Kurono...
    But I didn't feel like it was him.

    Kurono: Sorry, but you've got the wrong guy.

    Kikuchi: I thought they would show the footage right after the incident,
    but they decided not to release this part...
    I managed to get a copy, though.

    Page 9:
    Kikuchi: That's definitely you.

    Page 10:
    Kurono: ...
    He does...look like me....

    What the hell?
    What is all this?

    Kikuchi: He looks a lot more like you than the other Kurono-kun...
    Would you agree?

    Page 11:
    Kikuchi: Anyways...
    Here's the Tokyo-Tamachi area.
    The ITabachi area...

    Page 12:
    Makubari in Chiba...

    PAge 13:
    Kikuchi: There's been all sorts of destruction across Japan, with no evidence pointing to the cause.

    I've been doing a lot of research, and stuff like this is happening all over the world.

    Kurono: Look...
    I don't know what you want to accomplish by showing me all this, but...
    Kikuchi: Take a look at this...
    I think it may be connected with the recent craziness...

    Page 14:
    There...this is a religious group in Germany...And the black ball they worship...

    Page 15:
    Kikuchi: It seems stupid, but something clicked when I saw it...
    I may be alone on this, but I think there's some kind of connection.

    Kurono: Seriously...
    I just...I don't know anything!

    Kikuchi: All right, how much do you want?
    Kurono: I said I don't know anything!!

    Page 16:
    Kikuchi: That was definitely you on the tape, right?
    Even after seeing that you're still playing dumb?

    Kurono: I don't remember that at all.
    I'm telling the truth.

    Kikuchi: Sheesh...
    What to do...

    Maybe my gut was wrong on this...
    it must've been the other Kuroko Kei..
    Page 17:
    Kikuchi: Anyways, sorry about all this stuff, it must sound so weird...
    Please, just forget about it.


    Page 18:
    Kurono: Actually, I think I've lost my memory of the past few months...
    Maybe...there's a connection?

    Kikuchi: Can I have your number? I'd like to give you a call later.

    Text: Gantz's origins lie in Germany??
    The time for the mystery to be the world...

    [FIN] Cooler, this is done.

    The free xbox 360 site in my sig closes in a month, so I'm gonna sweeten the deal: I will pay $10 american to anyone who signs up and does an offer. Remember, most of them are either free or a dollar (i.e. the realplayer ones) so it's pure profit. E-mail or PM me if you have questions/wanna give me your paypal info. I am dead serious. I need 8 people so if you want a quick sawbuck, go for it.
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    I am available for professional manga and text translations and audio/video projects. PM or e-mail me for quotes.

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    Aww...Okay though...thanks anyways

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    Thanks, Hissh. We'll get to work on the chapter.

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    Trans is off by a couple of pages ><

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    thanks hiss!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby
    Trans is off by a couple of pages ><
    I'm not going to say anything, but i hope you will also think about doing that the next time you plan to post a stupid question and not thank hisshouburaiken for his hard work.

    Thanks Hiss, great job.

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    thx m8


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    Here's the rest of the translation, it's not really really accurate, but you got the Idea.

    Page 8 :
    Kikuchi : The TV showed a lot of videos about this event. But some have never been showed up. I managed to got a copy of one

    Page 9 :
    Kikuchi :It's REALLY you.

    Page 10 :
    Kei : It's ... me
    Kei :What's the ..?

    Kikuchi : This men in black looks like you more than the guy in Tokyo.

    Page 11 :
    Kikuchi : Look at this :
    Tama District, in Tokyo.
    Here is Itabashi

    Page 12 :
    Chiba Makuhari

    Page 13 :
    Kikuchi :These places have taken a lot of damages ... and the cause is unknown. I investigated about it all around the world, and I found some websites with similar pictures.

    Kei : Sorry ... even if you show me that ..
    Kikuchi : ...
    Kikuchi : I want you to look at this. Maybe we can tie this up to the recents events.

    Page 14 :
    Kikuchi : A religious german group that uses this Black Sphere as a Symbol

    Page 15 :
    Kikuchi : I got a simple hypothese that came to my mind directly
    This religious group has something to do with Ikekuburo's events, don't you think ?
    Kei : I've already told you, I don't know.
    Kikuchi : Do I have to tell you more if I want you to talk ?
    Kei : Damn ! I KNOW NOTHING

    Page 16 :
    Kikuchi : It was you on video ... but you still denye it ?
    Kei : I can't remember.
    Kikuchi : Tssh ... what can I do ?
    Was I wrong ? After all the Other Kei was the good one..

    Page 17 :
    Kikuchi : Well... sorry for everything then, sorry about my stranges stories.
    Forget about it.
    Kei : Hum ...

    Page 18 :
    Kei : Recently, I've got some kinds of Memory Loss, so maybe ... it has something to do with that ?
    Kikuchi : Do you mind if I call someone ?

    Caption : Gantz origines lies in Germany ? When the truth will be revealed, the world will ...

    Sorry, English is not my first language so there might be a lot of mistakes, but you can mostly understand. I hope someone will post a better translation
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    Thank you TAFF for the rest of the translation.
    I think Page 18, Kukuchi says: Do you mind if I call you sometime?

    Here's a nice synopsis from Croik of Shocwave forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by Croik
    Those of us who guessed journalist or fan of Nishi's website were right

    Kikuchi Sei'ichi is a writer who has been following the Gantz commotion for the past two years (of course, he doesn't know it's Gantz, just the various scenes of hunts etc). He followed Nishi's site which has apparently been erased by now. But him (and a huge web following) have connected the site to the Oni fight in Ikebukuro.

    Apparently rumors have been flooding the net, and the people who used to follow Nishi's site have latched onto the name "Kurono Kei" (the only actual name Nishi ever mentioned on his site). Everyone has been looking for him, but since Nishi wrote Kurono's name in hiragana on the page, everyone is looking for "Kurono Kei" under the most common kanji spelling. The magazine Kikuchi shows Kurono is another kid in Tokyo named "Kurono Kei" (there's another Kurono Kei in Hokkaido who has been ruled out as being involved).

    Kikuchi met the guy but wasn't convinced, so he searched again with different kanji combinations and found our Kurono Kei.

    The black ball picture he shows Kei is of some religious group in Germany that worships a black ball. Crazy O_o

    Kurono denies everything up until Kikuchi starts to leave, and he finally admits that he's missing parts of his memory. The chapter ends with Kikuchi asking, "Can I call you sometime?"

    The tagline says: "Did Gantz originate in Germany...!? When all the mysteries of Gantz become clear...what of the world...?"

    Next chapter 3/23 :P


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