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    Default building you own GANTZ team

    assuming that you start in the room by yourself
    but you get to revive 5 from the memory bank...
    who would you choose to build up your team...

    i would choose:
    izumi, kurono, the old guy, nashii and the sniper dude from temple
    chapter...(forgot his name)

    my strategy is 3 melee, 1 roamer and 1 support

    how about you?

    BTW im new all the instructions and i hope
    this topic has not been done before...

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    AngelBrat is offline Member Newbie
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    i'll choose kurono, the old man, the sniper guy, and reika (just for the sake of fanservice)

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    Kurono, Izumi, Nishi, Sakata, and the Sniper Guy.

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    Kurono the pshcics mussle rider and the ast one can be whoever
    I am King

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    I would choose to bring Kurono, Izumi, Sensei Telekentic, Sniper, and Muscle Rider.


    Me and Izumi(for protection, and he's hawt >:3) would roam around, scouting where the enemy is. The sniper would also scout it out, and snipe targets. Kurono will do like he always does and just charge them. Muscle Rider for a main melee front, and sensei telekentic to back him up. Then a full team attack for the boss

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    dna2playboy is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    I'd bring all the weakest ppl so i could use them as a diversion, and watch them die. Get all the points then leave Gantz.

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    Mazinkaiser_DX is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    lets going to consider the characters potential than just what they did on the manga..

    kurono and izumi are in for sure...

    hmmm...I would like to bring Katou because he has potential only if he throws aside his emotional crap...but because i dont want to depend on that, i wont.

    my team would be in the end:

    Sakurai (younger than his master and dont has his organs messed up...yet xD)
    Kaze (Go! Muscle Rider!! i mean...he beat that oni alien barehanded...)
    Sae (i would bring Reika if i consider only on what they have done on the manga, but i think Sae had more pontential...she was just not lucky, and didnt had the chance to train)

    Nishi: dont like his combat tactics.
    Old Man: Sae is younger, more alert, and physically better than the old man.
    Togo: (the sniper i think) it seems he thinks the suit is stupid...i mean he didnt even brought the suitcase when katou showed its power. His sniping may be good on some ocassions, but id rather bring someone who will be useful overall.

    Everybody else that i remember, i think they are weak.

    My strategy:
    3-man team: if an alien is too tough, Kurono & Sae cover Sakurai so he scan them, and kill them, if he cant kill, at least say the weak points. Also, Kurono can venture himself around depending on the situation, and i would (try xD) cover his position. If he is with the team, i would support with sniper when needed, catch them with Y-gun, ride the motorcycle...Support actions.
    2 Strong roamers: Izumi will try to kill the most aliens by himself (obvious xD), and Kaze too, but at least i can count on support from him if neccesary.
    1 Support: like i said, i would support the 3-man team when Kurono is with them, with whatever is needed in the moment (sniping, riding, capturing, etc)

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    Revive 5 hot chicks so I can have an orgy with them and then die a painful death during the hunt.

    Knowing GANTZ, even if you do managa to survive and leave the game, GANTZ will just fuck you over later somehow.

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    Kei, Izumi, Sakurai, Kaze, Sniper dude

    It would be a 3 man rush (Kei, Sakurai, and Kaze), which always leads the aliens in the open so 2 snipers(Snipes dude and me) could kill the annoyances and 1 roamer (you know who) walking around killing everything in sight, with then 3 man rush near by.

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    8-man team
    Kurono - Close/ranged combat
    Izumi - close combat
    Kaze - close combat
    Sei - Close combat
    Kato - Ranged Combat
    Togo - Ranged Combat / Sniper
    Sakata - Crowd Control
    Sakurai - Crowd Control


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