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    It should be like Phantasy Star Online or Diablo, with servers for like 8+ pers game. And if you die, you get kicked out
    or something.

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    I think Diablo really doesn´t fit to gantz!

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    No Diablo thanks. I still think Rakion with some modifies could work relly well.

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    Lightbulb I know this thread is old

    yeah I know this thread is old and the ops probably died somewhere.

    But... couldn't resist.

    I don't know if anyone here has ever played UFO:AI. Its basically an xcom clone.

    Well.. I was thinking the only way for a gantz game to work would be if it was similar to UFO:AI and xcom but real time. maybe with a 60 second pause time to give orders every other minute or so. Or an fps interface similar to ghost recon but with the option of switching to other players, maybe a player would be given a certain number of 5-10 second timeouts that they could use depending on the mission difficulty to place his squad.

    So a player is given a gantz room and a team of lets say 8 people, everything is the same as in the manga, including points and also the fact that any of your team could die rather easily.

    q: why do I want to let a member of my team go? (option 1. of 100 point menu)
    a: morale boost to team and a greater possibility of randoming better people.

    q: how do players interact?
    a: you can choose a difficulty for the mission from high survival(onion kid) to everyone will die(italy mission). In the harder missions there would be slots for other teams to join the game.

    The benefit here is that you can revive your best players because sometimes you will get a player like kuro or nishi who you'd like to keep

    naturally your room would be placed in the country your playing from. but harder missions will take you overseas.

    The only difference from the manga would be the ability to abort the mission (cuz of lag). lets say in 5 seconds to prevent people exploiting it. and if the timer finishes it counts as an abort. If a team aborts another team can join the active game filling the slot. there could also be a timer similar to starcraft 2 where lag players have so much time of lag until you can boot them. an alternative would be a dummy arena where all players connect and laggers are automatically kicked before the game starts. although aborts might still be useful for players that need to leave. naturally if a team has lost more than 70% of its members and aborts or is wiped out. its slot should be locked for like 5 minutes or else you'd get people hiding their team and picking off the odd alien while other teams weaken them and make the mission easier. though the timer might be redundant on really difficult missions. obviously you can't join a mission twice with an abort feature.

    There should also be no friendly fire between teams because that would ruin the game and make it impossible to play. especially if theirs a really good team that wants all the points.

    I know it may never happen but hopefully one day it will.

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    It's funny you should mention X-COM because TV Tropes' Gantz WMG says that Oku based the series on a really traumatic play through of the game. Also apparently there is going to be an FPS reboot of X-COM.

    Anyways, I think a seniority system aside from collecting points should be implemented but not the usual EXP and level system. Instead I think it should be a form of skill upgrade based on what your characters do in battle.

    For example. Say you equip a Gantz Sword. Initially you can only change the length of the blade before you swing it. But after a mission or two using the weapon, you're character upgrade in his skill with the blade and be able to change the length of the blade as he swings it allowing for different combos that can kill enemies at greater ranges.

    Gaining skill with the X-Gun will allow you to target different organs. Gaining skill with the Y-Gun will allow you to target body parts of larger opponents like legs or the head, allowing you to incapacitate or kill them that way. Fighting hand to hand gives your character better use of the suit.

    Also there would be a background option in character creation that will affect what they are good at and how skill upgrades affect them. A computer wiz will learn how to use the X-Gun to identify what points enemies are worth. A free runner will able to navigate an urban environment more easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdenScent View Post
    yeah I know this thread is old and the ops probably died somewhere.
    Actually I'm still alive, just busy with college (1 year left!)

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    Don't pretend to be dead Rah.

    Tamiel -


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