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    get used to the long wait...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcarrey
    get used to the long wait...
    I've been reading the series for 8 months; I'm used to it...but it still pisses me off.

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    wtf hes taking another break ? i saw 休息 shimasu

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    He better have a good reason for this. Perhaps he has secretly been drawing the manga recently with broken fingers, so he takes breaks to allow more time to draw... or he is lazy....
    AKA: RelphTheCookieElf

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    Pretty good chapter IMO, can't wait until the translation

    I've also decided to draw a scene from each new chapter that Oku releases to keep myself on track for the Flash, plus give me some variety from drawing the same scenes all the time

    So here's one from this chapter:

    It could've been a little better, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it :P

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    doing your gf


    Quote Originally Posted by ryrywakaka
    wtf hes taking another break ? i saw 休息 shimasu
    Yes, next one is coming out March 09.

    Anyways, super quick translation for you people (I only traslated the speeches, so the title page, last page, and writing on the page after title page aren't translated):

    01 Title page
    sorry, too many kanjis, can't do it

    Dumbass: Oh

    Dumbass: What is this, Reikasan is really popular

    Cherry: Ah, Reikasan...
    Cherry's gf: Reikasan? Why do you put san at the end?

    Muscle rider:hold it like this takeshi
    Takeshi: okay
    Muscle rider: Your mothers name... Don't you remember it?
    Takeshi: I don't kow

    Muscle rider: Can't you somehow remember it? It's your mom's name.
    Takeshi: I don't know
    Muscle rider: You can't remember your dad's name either?
    Takeshi: yeah
    Muscle Rider: I guess there is no choice but to go to the police
    Takeshi: I will stay together with Muscle Rider for ever..

    Muscle Rider: You don't want you see your mom or your dad?
    Takeshi: no
    Muscle Rider: saying no, there is no way a kid like that exists
    Takeshi: I like dad
    Muslce Rider: Your dad's name is...
    Takeshi: Dad died
    Muscle Rider: You only have your mom?
    Takeshi: There is a bad guy that mom likes
    Muscle Rider: Bad guy?
    Takeshi: Always hitting my head

    Muslce Rider: Hey Takeshi. How did you die?
    Takeshi: ....
    Muscle Rider: Before coming to that room, what were you doing?
    Takeshi: pudding...
    Muscle Rider: pudding?
    TAkeshi: I accidentally ate the pudding, and the bad guy

    Takeshi: The bad guy said "it's my pudding" he hit my head than kicked my stomach, than my stomach started to hurt, and mom threw away her cigar, and I begged for muslce rider to help

    Muscle Rider: I understand... Takeshi... Stay with me

    Thoughts: This guy... Even though he is this small, he was alone... and died without being loved by anyone... Even his mom couldn't help him... It must have been sad

    Baldy: !?

    Baldy: Am... Can I get to Sakuragaoka from here?

    Kurono: Am.. Yes.. If you get on the next one, you can get there.

    Baldy: thank you
    Kurono: !? A, yes

    Kurono: This Reika... maybe... Should I call it.... There is no way... Why with an idol

    dude from page 18: Kurono... Korono Kei?

    Don't feel like translating.

    Now, all you have to do is wait for a quality translation by someone.

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    Thank a lot Kayangelus!!

    What a nice chapter ,the Muscle Rider and the Kid story almost made me cry ,even tough I was hoping for the MR to bring takhesi home and beat that ass to a pulp ;and the mystery at the end ...I was sure this Guy was a Vampire but after reading the other comments, I'm hoping it is Gantz himself or one of the older gantzers or a Guy from another Gantz team that saw the Gantzers on tv and recognises Kurono...we should make a poll about this .

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    ok thanks for the info

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    Thanks for the translation. 9th of march isn't that far away...

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    Waiting till March 9 is FOREVER. Especially when this mystery guy shows up to Kurono. I want to see some arse kicking and see him hook up with Reika and take over her leadership position.

    ... Time to keep myself busy to try to speed up the time till the next chaper.


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