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Thread: Sub vs Dub (anime)

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    oh damn there is a dubbed version of gantz? I usually prefer subbed anime over dubbed since english dubbed are always shitty (well for me it is)

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    I like the dub version better but i just don't like Kei's voice.
    But i pefer reading the manga cuz thats waaay better than the anime

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    the manga is definitely better then the dubb. how does the subb stand up to the anime (excluding the last 4 episodes)? close or doesn't even touch it.

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    I prefer to steer clear of these arguments like a plague, just because the sentence "dub vs sub" never makes sense. Maybe its just my way of being politically correct, but subtitled anime are not "different versions" of the said anime, you can have subtitles on while watching the -english- dub or -japanese- dub, which also makes this question somewhat um...well it just makes these arguments altogether rediculous, since dub=any audio recording. I know, I know, you cats mean "English dub" vs "Japanese dub...with subtitles on" But in all honesty, anybody coming in here with statements "English dubs=suck" void any opinion to ever come out of their mouths. I can guarantee 99.9999*repeating and so forth* percent of these otakuing bitches don't know -either- language well enough to be opening up a can of biased opinion. I don't care who thinks what sounds better, but any side acting like the other "by default" sucks is just well...
    I hope you Die, get on Gantz, Die, never pass go, never collect $200.


    Personally I haven't watched the anime. One friend said they liked the way the anime did things a little better (Though they hadn't read a lot of the manga) and others just seem to hate it in comparison, so I'm not going to watch it. Personally, I mean...its kinda obvious a few of the voice actors we need, like Angelina ,angelina croft? Wait no that's a porn

    But yeah, I can think of a view english voice actors/actresses that work with Gantz (imo the anime should just be remade all over, though I don't start super freaking out when a movie/anime comes out based on a book/manga....OMG SOMEBODY MADE A MOVIE SLASH ANIME BASED ON MY FAVORITE MANGA! THOSE BASTARDS WILL FEEL MY WRATH!!!)

    More like I just won't watch it and view it as an "alternative" to the manga.

    Anyways, I can safely say that having watched a lot of RAW and english DUBBED anime that neither side has ever really reached an overall side of "perfection", and usually in those cases its just for one particular anime. Can't stand it when people say "omg omg omg *insert anime character* is like a trillion times better than *insert american dubbed voice* for *insert anime character*"

    Just don't watch it, quit bitching. I'd have a hernia if I had to open my book on how many "incredible Japanese voice actors/actresses" the American noobtaku base orgasms over just flat out -suck-, but I'll hold off on that apocalypse.

    ...Fuck, there went another rant. Oh well
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    Quote Originally Posted by FinnMacCool
    The japanese actors are a lot better though. When I have to listen to the American dubbers, I end up cringing at the way they protray their characters. They always sound like their acting for an audience that is like 10 years old. Plus they put empthasis on wrong words etc.
    I agree. I prefer sub because the japanese actors are really experienced.
    American dub is terrible. But Latinamerica dub is generally pretty good, except in Gantz case because Animax LA used new actors. LA Dub Studios have a lot of work right now.


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