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    Default Re: Gantz 224 by Illuminati-TOWNL -Super high quality FTW!

    Quote Originally Posted by coolerimmortal

    We're now working with TOWNL. The quality on this release is uber high. Shocwave should be turning green any second now.

    Honestly, in earlier chapters, I used to replace Illuminati's scanlations with Shocwave's, which reminded me that I used to replace Shocwave's early scanlations with Omanga's. However, the scan/translation quality is pretty good lately that I don't see the need to replace them. Thanks for the work.

    On a second note, its seems that Shocwave is dead.

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    Hey, top work guys.

    Myself, I'm not too worried about the story, it's just focused more on the emotional / mental side at the moment. Would just be nice if it advanced faster than 1 chapter every 14 years.

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    God...I still can't get over him leaving Gantz. I took a break from reading it after 221 cuz that shit was making NO SENSE. I come back and see not much has changed

    What the hell kind of motivation does he have for going back to the real world? He's got no family, no friends...going back to Tae is not an option since he would get his memory wiped...What about making sure all the other guys got out safe?

    Why did he make that promise to bring those chicks back and then go "fuck 'em!"?!? Why hasn't the army or the japanese equivalent to the FBI stepped in and put a stop to that shit?? It was broadcast LIVE on national television!!

    Does the mangaka give a fuck? Seriously...if anyone could post a link to an interview with him or something I'd be very happy. Just to know he isn't really making this shit up as he goes along...

    On a lighter note Tae getting elbowed right in the teeth was priceless IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by maladarke
    On a lighter note Tae getting elbowed right in the teeth was priceless IMO
    Oh tell me about it. He dropped her like a bad habit. Down goes frazier! I still felt bad for her, but at the same time I thought it was amusing watching Kei 'the horndog' Kurono getting chased by a girl all around the school.

    Interesting contrast to Kurono chasing the real Kishimoto in #91 where she say's he's sick and slams the door in his face.

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    Many people believe Gantz is making no sense , if Oku really plans to wrap up the manga during the year he will mess up the plot for it to end quickly , if he doesn t let s say he decided to add a shonen arc .


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