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Thread: 222 Translation

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    Default 222 Translation

    Page 1:
    Title: Brothers
    Text: Kurono is gone...

    Reika: Everyone, before we leave...
    We need to decide how and where we're going to
    exchange information and train.

    Page 2:
    Reika: We can't go to Kurono-kun's house anymore...

    We need to pick a new leader.

    Sakata: How 'bout the kid who supposedly knows everything?

    Nishi: Pfft. Gimme a break! You're gonna make a middle-schooler you don't even know your leader?

    Why don't you do it, Izumi? You were our leader before...
    You're the best choice.

    Sakata: Izumi never came to our meetings...not once.
    Old man: I think Reika-san would be a good choice.
    Reika: ME?

    Sakata: Yeah...
    Cherry: You'd be great!

    Page 4:
    Reika: He doesn't know his address...I guess I'll we should go to the police?
    Kaze: Don't worry.
    I'll take him.

    Cherry: You're not gonna change out of your suit?

    Katou: clothes are long gone.

    Page 5:
    (Each bubble is a pant)

    Page 6:
    Katou: (pant) I wonder how he is...if he's ok...
    I'm coming home...
    I'm coming home!

    Katou's lil bro: I'll get a job, please don't go away.

    Page 7:
    Katou: Hey...will he even be here?
    the family would've been to ashamed to take him back...
    all by himself...

    Page 8:
    Katou: Oh shit, he might've been put into an orphanage!
    (SFX: Stepping up the stairs)

    Page 9:
    Katou: Could he here...?

    It couldn't be...there's no way he'd still be in that apartment...
    All by himself...

    Page 10:
    SFX: Turning the knob
    SFX: Staring at the empty apartment

    Page 11:
    SFX: Tugging the lamp chain

    Katou: Hu...(breathing out)
    SFX: Plopping down on the floor

    Katou: Where could he be...
    It must be...unbearable...

    Page 12:
    What time is it?

    Text: Lemme check the
    other apartments again

    Katou: (panting)

    Katou: but what do I do
    if he's not here?

    Page 13:
    Katou's lil bro: Ah!
    SFX: Books falling

    Page 14/15: [aww].

    Page 16:
    Katou: It's been...tough...hasn't it...

    Page 17:
    Lil bro: Uh huh...
    Katou: Let's go back to our apartment...

    Page 18:
    Text: Katou Masaru: the only man on the team who has a reason not to die.

    Botton: The world begins to change...normal days resume.


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    coolerimmortal is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    Thanks, Hissh.

    Finally, a good chapter!

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    Kaonashi is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    Hmm, very good. Hisshou-sensei... please teach me Japanese! 日本語を教えて下さい! :P

    Nice chapter. Quite a change from the ones we've been having lately. Who knows what'll happen now.

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    As always, thanks for the speedy translation!

    Well I think most of us expected Katou and lil bro to reunite... but where it goes from here is anybody's guess.

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    hmm...reika as the new leader huh? now tts gonna be a bit of a problem no? imagine, when they meet up in reika's to train, wont the reporters and shit gonna trouble them??

    definitely interested to see how things develop from now... - W

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    Way cool that Katou finally met his brother again. But I really think he should be leader instead of Reika. I'm still waiting to see what happens with Kurono and Tae.

    Apparently he doesn't remember her because he didn't recognize her name on his phone, so I wonder what she'll think when she meets him again. That will be an interesting chapter.

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    They already meet but there isn't a respond both of them. I hope Kurono brother slain his family and Kurono too, so Kurono will back to the room with full rage

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    Default umm

    umm dotn wanna read the translation, too afraid to know it early, but, i just saw, its reika????????

    umm im happy cuz i have mentioned her as a leader before.. hehe



    “La verdadera soledad del hombre, es la soledad del corazón, no compartir una idea y ser incomprendido,
    el no amar o no ser amado, son la soledad que parten al alma y no se muestran al exterior.
    Por eso para una vida y un mundo mejor, es el amor el que se necesita y la comprensión del corazón”.

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    What the heck was his brother supposed to have been doing this entire time? All the nostalgic pictures and that was completly overlooked. And just how is he the only person on the team that has a reason not to die?

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    The others on the team do have a reason to live, just not one that is as good. They live to live, he lives because his brother needs him. Actually that's why he should die in the next mission!


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