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    Quote Originally Posted by Youkai Katana
    Anyway, didn't the last chapter say something about there biend a double chapter or something? I guess its worth it.
    Maybe he means he's taking some time off since he managed to put out a chapter two weeks in a row.

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    Two chapter in two weeks, thats got to be a personal best for him.

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    Default Re: Gantz: The Users Manual

    Quote Originally Posted by daviedave1
    Let's say, theoretically now, that Gantz was a little less of a sadistic jerkface, and that he had some interest in actually preserving and cultivating his fighting force instead of relying on squealing rookies every time out, 95% who die without any idea of what they were supposed to be doing.

    Lets say he wanted to up the survival rate, and so along with your suit, guns, invisibility machines and custom Steamboy-Ripoff motorcycle, you got a users manual, part technical instruction guide and part learn-on-the-fly survival guide. We've all seen enough Gantzing (yeah, I'm going to use that as a verb, it just seems right) to probably write at least part of that sort of guide ourselves, so my challenge to you all is: do it!

    Write all or part of what you think the newbie Gantzer needs to know, when he needs to know it, which I think we can all agree, unlike Gantz, is before his face gets eaten off by a giant insane space canary.

    Possible themes or sections I'll suggest our guide book would need, though do anything you think is need-to-know:

    -How to use your equipment, or: Why Two triggers are Twice the Fun.

    -Strategies for not being killed, or: WEAR THE SUIT, IDIOT!

    -What to Expect From the Aliens You Will Encounter, or: Your Guess is Really as Good as Ours, Sorry.

    -What to Expect from the People You will Encounter, or: Psychos, Heroes and Bimbos: Which Will You Be?

    -How to Deal With and Operate Gantz, or: Do What You're Told and We Won't Have Any Problems.

    -Gantz Relationship Advice, or: How YOU Can Make that Hot Chick With the Unreasonably Large Breasts and Sad Eyes Give Up Her Life (and possibly give up other things) For You in Three Missions Or Less, Guaranteed!!

    Anything you think you'd like to know going into Gantz but no one ever gets told, write about it, as long or short as you want, from a paragraph on "What that ringing in your head is and why it matters" to notable quotes from the series or that you made up which you think belong in a guidebook. Maybe by the end we'll actually have a decent set of guidelines and strategies that would up that survival rate a bit and give Gantzers a fighting chance.... but more likely we'll have pages upon pages of gibberish. Either way, should be interesting.
    Wow, what happened to this? When did the topic change? Maybe someone should change the title of the thread?
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    Yeah.... far enough off topic.


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