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    i think he'll have a relationship with reika.. (because reika loves him and will do anythin for him..) lookin at the first chapter.. he is into celebrities inside jump comics...

    also, he can encounter tae around school but will not be interested on her (you know what kurono likes...) but there's a possibility that there will be a connection between them that cannot be explained.. maybe it'll be developed and discovered later on... (if the mangaka really plans to make tae the leading lady...)

    bout kishimoto... what if the real kishimoto comes along? the "live" one? its not impossible for he knows where she lives and they too have an encounter before...

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    bout kishimoto... what if the real kishimoto comes along? the "live" one? its not impossible for he knows where she lives and they too have an encounter before...[/quote]

    umm , he doesnt remember kishimoto tooo,not eventhe real one that he chased on her house, cuz he got his memory erased(umm possibly forgot all since before his death), he doesnt love tae, nor kishimoto nor sei or remember katou at all, sooooo, the chances of him getting her are few.. but im sure shell be back, the cover of the vol 219 had Kishimoto on a bikini and the words, "YOU´LL HAVE TO WAIT A LITTLE LONGER" on it, so i think the mangakas up to something.

    umm im happy cuz my theory of Tae Forgetting kurono and Kurono forgeting tae was right, i dont think theyll meet or be together again.. so far i think the relationships will be betwen reika and kurono, and maybe kishimoto, also, i think that Akira Kurono will take a main part on the next chapters.



    “La verdadera soledad del hombre, es la soledad del corazón, no compartir una idea y ser incomprendido,
    el no amar o no ser amado, son la soledad que parten al alma y no se muestran al exterior.
    Por eso para una vida y un mundo mejor, es el amor el que se necesita y la comprensión del corazón”.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dna2playboy
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaosu Rah
    Quote Originally Posted by thieniscool
    Quote Originally Posted by Ashen
    What is the "rebooting theory"?
    theory where gantz reboots people from a previously saved state.
    Well, that doesn't happen when you're sent back to the real world... Look at Izumi's case, he remembered about Gantz. Kurono went back to being an asshole, but that is because he doesn't remembers he was "good" before.

    That brings up something interesting... Izumi's personality might've changed when he was in Gantz, so that's why he chose to leave and live a normal life...

    I don't know about Izumi remembering about Gantz. He had the gantz ball telling him to kill people, and he found that site by nishi. He didn't remember any of his past kills, missions or the vamps. He just remembered that he was in gantz at some point and he became free.
    Well, there -must- be a reason why he left Gantz, though...


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    that's true. seems unlikely the izumi we know now would willingly leave gantz.


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