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  • X - Gun (Pistol)

    8 17.02%
  • Carbine/Rifle

    7 14.89%
  • Sender

    21 44.68%
  • Sword

    11 23.40%
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    Good point, with the lock-on business, however the wall vs body doesn't prove anything. if you hit a wall with a sledgehammer, it doesn't just damage the area of impact, but also the area surrounding the impact as well. Materials like brick and concrete fracture outward and crater, while squishy humans tend to absorb damage mostly in the area of impact.
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    Well it doesn't matter which weapon you use each has its advantages and weaknesses, what it all comes down to is strategy.

    After reading the weapon section of the manual the X-gun-handgun, and X-shotgun- official name from the manual they do the same amount of damage. The Y-gun has more than one shot Katou used it many times on the last boss on the budda mission he kept missing till he used the lock on.

    So to break it down:

    X-gun - small, light weight, easy to maneuver/aim. very powerfull, lock on feature-that you don't have to even point it in the same direction of the target. This is your close range combat gun.

    X-shotgun - same as above but bigger & heavier, long range accuracy up 1km, equipped with a scope if not using lock on. This is your long range weapon, more suited for sniping.

    Gantz Sword - close range edged weapon. no time delay, does damage to what ever it cuts/stabs, can extend for longer ranges of attack. when used with the suits super strength it does more damage. over all not the easiest weapon to master but in close range fighting the best weapon of choice.

    Y-gun - perfect for incapacitating the target, holds them down, has lock on only effective way of using it. once tied up you can send/defeat the target in one shot. Even if you get less points using it, proved it's worth on the last budda alien who couldn't be killed until part of it was sent up.

    I always wondered why they never use the cloaking device too, you can still use a weapon while invisable why not be a cheap bastard like the predator kill all stealthy. But it would be boring if it was too easy.

    All in all I think they should bring every weapon on a mission just in case. Use each one to it's full extent. Most people packing a X-gun close range point and shoot, some people out sight with a X-shotgun for long range sniping/cover fire. The lock on feature is useless unless the target is standing still and gives you a few seconds it takes to lock on.

    The Y-gun if the target can't be killed or to at least hold him down so he can be finished off easier. And last but not least The Gantz Sword if the target is to fast to shoot get in close and slash em up, no time delay and since the blade is so long it's hard to avoid the whole thing without being hit. With a gun you have to be dead on if not it misses.

    So with all the different aliens having, different powers etc. you need to start your brain like Kurono decided to do and master each weapon for each situation. To increase your chances of survival. Even Nishi who had over a year in Gantz didn't bother to learn about the lock on feature of the guns.


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