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    wow just wow is all i have to say about gantz now...

    i was getting bored but bringing back old characters makes things more interesting.

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    Man, that whole 'Katou not found' is just plain hillarious!

    Seriously, what's with people asking for Kurono to switch to a hot babe? Ignoring the fact that he loves her, did you see how many full page portraits she got? Throughout chapters 200-217, there were whole pages of a single portrait about her. I highly doubt that the author would bother building so much tension about Tae's revival only to hand Kurono to someone else.

    Next, why is everybody so worked up over Nishi? He was a jerk, he died early (I mean, really, REALLY early) and he's not that much of a fighter. It's been stated before but there are lot of better candidates for revival more suited than him.

    By the way, what do you think of this?

    The ideal scenario for kei to stop reviving people is that, if Kurono sucessfully completes the last mission (destroy the vampires) Gantz would revive ALL humans stored in his memory.

    Hence, everyone is happy.

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    At this point I could see Gantz just being an ass and making Tae forget Kurono. As for the reviving everyone at once and make everyone happy thing, not everyone that died was a good person I'm sure more that a handfull of criminals, murderers, ect were sent to gantz as well.

    And It would be cool if Kurono hooked up with Reika or Sei. Or both....

    P.S. Does anyone have any idea of when 218 is coming out?

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    I agree with Embrandedone's first two points, however this is no evidence to suggest that the vampires are the last mission, let alone that gantz would free those who died in gantz afterwards. Neshi mention that gantz has been going on for a very long time, however if you take into account all the pictures in gantz memory, it seems he can only hold about 2 years worth of mission failers (that's being generous, there are about 160 names, w/ about 8-10 people per team, 1 mission ever month or so.)

    As for Ledrian, even if gantz did wipe her memory of "Kurono the hunter", "Kurono the NiceGuy" was part of her memory before his secret was revealed. In fact when he asked her out, she admitted to having a crush on him. Having her memory of him in gantz wiped would actually be ideal for Kurono, because then he wouldn't have to explain Izumi. However, I doubt this will happen, seeing as the Hunters existence has already been revealed. Unless the next mission is "Kill all Witness Aliens", I think Kurono's gonna have some Splain'n to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarafan
    They are just copies after all right? assuming Kurono gets 200pts, he should just bring back 2 more Katous .

    "Gantz bunshin no jutsu!"

    seriously though, I doubt he would revive Sei or the Sniper-dude, and least of all Nishi. as helpful as he might be, he probably wouldn't give any new info. plus, the kid was scum, and kuruno new it. heck, so is Izumi, I wonder how katou would react if he new what Izumi did in Shinjuku.

    In all likelihood, it will be kishimoto, of nothing else than because she's still marketable. plus it would ad an interesting out-of-gantz interpersonal storyline. It would be neat if he chose a weapon too, and if he feels threatend by izumi's new power, he might shoot for it later, but i think for now he'll spend his points on reviving kishimoto. (I also agree with the people who suggested gantz would be an ass and award Kurono just enough for 199 points. It just fits.)
    better yet, make another copy of rieka or kei. LoL 1 for every day of the wekk

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    weird somehow I feel strange about the scene of Tae's death,

    the clues are,
    -Izumi's long hair,
    -long katana,
    -killing from above,
    -but instead stabbed he slashed her.
    -kurono still cant forget Tae even he has Reika(big boobs)

    rofl at copied scene + lil bit modification from FFVII


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