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    Default Theory about what are Gantz, Aliens and Katastrophe

    Hi everybody and sorry for my poor english.
    I want to discuss about a personal theory, thinked reading lastests chapters, and a prediction for future chapters. I don't think to be right at 100%, but i'm convinced real facts about Gantz are near to this.

    In this moment (chap. 324) Kurono is leading a riot group of humans into a big city of aliens. It seems to me REALLY familiar... Think about "aliens" onion, tanaka, and any else of them. They were... like humans now. Little or bigger groups of "aliens", groups of weak elements with one stronger boss.
    Watching humans with alien's eyes (aliens of this saga), humans are just pets, they looks like to know them very well, they also eat them as a normal thing, but they absolutely don't expect to find humans with power like a member of Gantz. In add to this, aliens society is advanced but really similar to our, also language. As someone noticed, aliens dialogues can be easily translated, and surely in future chapters this will be happens. Also aliens like onion, tanaka ecc...made this. They were able to speak with humans using few sentences and they also had a personal idiom.
    Gantzers like Kurono and his team engaged battles with weak aliens, like normal humans now (aliens also prayed gantzers to save their lives and can't understand why gantzers hunts them) and few strong aliens. With development of story, gantzers are forced to fight with groups of stronger aliens. Now, figure an example team with the two Kuronos, Kato, Sakurai, Kaze. They could be a perfect "alien" team for space gantzers, with different "powers" like their weapons of fighting style. It remember me, for example, the oni mission. And, again, figure another group with Gantz leaders, able to change equipment during battle (looks like a trasformation like a lot of aliens done), or again like Oka, with special suit or mech. Put them in all countries, and they could be characters detectable into imaginary collective, like nurarihyon, kappe ecc...
    Thinking about this personal theory, Katastrophe is when your race become an "alien target" race for other civilizations. And black spheres are the only hope to fight and resist against this new race.
    I have no clues for other things. For example, aliens were invisible for normal humans, but now normal humans are not invisible. Anyway, gantzers have their invisible device and a smart one, expecting to be attacked, can keep it turned one in every moment. I also think that "aliens" had a life in Earth, disguised in some way. Proofs: mailbox of onion alien ; reference to a strange customer, in a shop, with a robot suit buying a lot of chocolate in chap 034 before Tanaka alien mission ; reference to Reika from oni aliens. Aliens were hidden in our society.

    For the actual situation... isn't Kurono targeted by a blondie alien? Why he can't be a Gantzer of his world? He and his two mates (killed by gantz leader with G-suit) wears a different suit and appears to be really strong, and they are appeared while japanese Gantzer were attacking normal civilian in their city.

    This is just one my personal idea, probably is wrong. But seems that nobody noticed these clues and tryed to linked them. It would be interesting discussing with other readers.

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    The aliens created the game, the Gantz spheres, setup the rules, and made various alien species they found amusing.

    If they wanted to just exterminate the aliens, they'd give the strongest weapons and gear to the hunters at the start.

    They tested out humans, having an alien ask why they were attacking them, just to prove that humans were as violent a species as they were perhaps.

    They knew the human hunters, one alien flying around with a picture of Kurono as his target, they going after the highest scorers or the most interesting players.

    Perhaps some aliens were trying to live peacefully on Earth, and assuming all sorts of forms, and they decided to make them part of the game, getting humans to hunt and be hunted by them. Even created the vampires to hopefully have something interesting to fight, or just more intelligent and able to hunt the hunters. They could've driven this other group of aliens from elsewhere, or brought them over to plant around even.

    Once they got to Earth, they'd take on all the best human fighters.

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    @Thats the Theory Anyway:
    It could be right, I think.

    When Kaze, Izumi and the others were participating the first time on a Gantz-Mission, the Ball said that "everyone has been week so lately". I think at this Point Gantz was trying to get the best of the best. Maybe Gantz wanted that they hunt stronger Enemies and maybe proof that the Gantzers are strong. But then is the Question: Why at this time?
    The Osaka Team has cleared the game fucking often. With the Enemies the Tokyo Team had to deal with, it would take many years to achieve that. So I think, that the Tokyo Team was never as strong as the Osaka Team and the whole String-Pullers knew that.

    But there is one thing that doesn't fit in the theories: Why did Gantz want Kurono dead, if he doesn't get enough points to satisfy him? I know, that Gantz seems to be a sick bastard, but I don't think that the Gantzers are supposed to save the world.

    And what the heck is with Sebastian?

    Well, I don't really know. It could be anything.

    And Sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker. I'm German.
    We're not supposed to speak the english language well.

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    Don't sweat it. A lot of us native English speakers don't even speak it that well either.




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