Sadly I think my personality fits with the kurono that the manga shows before he meets Tae, selfish, only thinking about himself, a kind of a coward who knows he was stronger in the past, obsession with big boobs (well that ain't sad you know ^^).
I must change ( I need to find my Tae LoL), but I guess it's all part of this age.
The ideal thing will be to be like he's after he meets Tae, but life has many roads.
I also liked Nishi at the beginning, I thought he'll last longer than the others, and then fate turned against him,
Kaze is cool too, he looks like a badass but is a good guy on the inside.
Izumi, for me is just an irrational machine, a personnal slave of Gantz that we'll do anything to keep fighting, who can't enjoy his life even it's almost perfect and needs to feel the adrenaline rushing to know he's alive (I can respect that last part i guess)