Not sure how you guys handle advertising, but since I haven't seen anything in the rules about it, I'm assuming it's okay. I just wanted to let Gantz fans and Gantz role-players know that they're not alone, because there's a Role-playing Site out there that shares their interests.

  • Original hunts and aliens. Storylines stick to their respective projects.
  • Currently two active projects, with the possibilty of more opening up soon.
  • Players can create a GANTZer and join the active projects before missions start, or after a mission is finished.
  • Project hunts are updated at least once a week, possibly even two or three times.
  • Each project has a Life Outside of Gantz (LOG for short), where players will be able to role-play what is going on with their character when they aren't hunting.
  • Currently a small community of dedicated GANTZers, looking to invite new people into their world.
  • Not incredibly time consuming, as you'd only really need to post once a week if you wished.

If you're looking for something new, exciting, challenging and fun.. Why not check GantzRPG: Second Chances out?

We'll be waiting for you.