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Thread: Its a shame...

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    Default Its a shame...

    It really is, that all the current popular Manga has seemed to take a turn. The fun in speculating has been taken out from week to week because the events unfolding are just, way out of the box.
    Don't you just feel silly even trying to guess what's going to happen next?

    Still, Phase three is here, and its shaping up to be interesting. Oku really needs to start trying to linking the pieces of his story together. Personally I think its time for some collaborations, or for a new rising star in the Mangaka scene.

    Thoughts opinions on the subject?

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    coherent story-lines are certainly going out of style haha~ I understand you have to show us what a smart plot you have but come on!

    Predicting what comes next is a great feeling to be sure, as long as its fairly uncommon. When its super rare I struggle to want to give the futile time.
    Aristocrazy's single contribution, The Old Man X Kaze prediction, is dead in the water.


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    I can't even imagine, what's going to happen next... . Those battleships etc. look like they belong to gantz technology, so what was the point of the ''aliens'' and the missions in the first place, when they just destroy everything. What role does Sebastien play? The random references about god are weird. The last mission was so fuking weird. The man from inside the ball is walking around -> weird...

    Oku looks like he didn't make up his mind, yet. He is trying different ways, but it looks like he can't decide in which direction the manga should go. And I have my doubts in him ever since the Nuri mission, especially since he likes to miss out and/or forgets about details. The Nuri mission...he made Nuri so powerful, that he had to come up with some bullshit way to kill him off. I hope he proves me wrong and comes up with explanations, that aren'T out of the blue and can be taken serious.

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    It sucks, Gantz was all about the speculating, now that's gone it's just random awesomeness.

    Still pretty cool tho ldo.

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    I do believe that Oku had the whole story concept in his mind

    though seing all that mecha, idk where he's goin to take this story ^^

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    I believe he messed up the length of Phase Two as planned because he over-ran the Nuri mission. If some of those chapters went into the Statue mission (meaning less time-cuts for it) he might have been able to better pace the phase's build up to whatever Final Battle he plans for this Phase. The Sebastian revelation with the old-man seemed like some tacked on ending that could have been much better if more chapters were given to it.

    I also think us having no warning the Statue hunt was the finishing mission didnt prepare us properly for what this phase is going to show us.

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    it gets to the point where the story is just stretching and it's going to get so thin it's going to snap and no one will have a clue what is going on. but i'll still love it




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