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    Quote Originally Posted by Cali View Post
    ^I think you're exaggerating.
    Just because there'll be a story of Nishi and Izumi, that's far from filling up the plot holes.
    At best, he'll give the fans a treat, at worse he'll create more plot holes...
    Yeah... I know what you mean. I hope this novel explains Izumi's relationship with the Vampires and why he originally left the hunts.

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    Ch 303 spoiler images, courtesy of Dofla from Ritual

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    While Kurono is chaging his clothes to wear the Gantz suit beneath his normal clothes and keeping his "H Gun" in a sport bag while watching the news report about the Red sky.

    Then a worried Kurono takes the train to school along Tae.

    Tae: What's in that bag?

    Kurono: i asked a friend to lend me the complete collection of Dragon Ball.

    Kurono: No matter what happens, i will only protect Tae Chan.

    They both arrive at the school.

    Teacher: You already saw the sky, it's no big deal, just focus on today's lesson.

    Teacher: You both, go to the teachers room!

    Students around Kurono's chair start to annoy him.

    Students: Daytime lantern...Bread / Ok i am...

    Kurono: Fuck Off!

    We can see Kurono is wearing the suit.

    teacher: You ! come to the teacher's room!

    The scene changes to Kato's classroom. The students are watching the sky through the window, Kato alone is watching it from his desk.

    Students: Wow the sky is red / Red / yeah / i'm getting nervous / me too.

    Kato: Catastrophe...

    Again, the scene changes, this time is Sakurai sitting on one of his school's chairs.

    Sakurai: I want be with you(Tonkotsu) soon...soon...soon.

    The scene changes to Reika's appartment, both Kurono2 and Reika are watching the sky.

    Kurono2: I...will not give up.

    Reika: i' with you Kurono.

    Now with Nishi, who is inside some park holding the H Gun with both hands and watching the sky

    Nishi: Damn, everybody is going to die.

    He seems to be saying things like "Just come already" "Come on now".

    Then an aircraft appears.

    A Huge Gantz battleship emerges from a cloud.

    The planes are destroyed along the statue of liberty.

    The scene changes again, we see people watching the news.

    People: Eh? America? / America has been destroyed?"

    Kurono is now on the teacher's room and watches the news from the TV on that room and watches how a huge mushroom cloud emerges on the middel on the City of New York and in the middle of the page :The end of the world"
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    I feel incredibly sad. I don't see how Oku could possibly end this series well, but I hope I'm proven wrong.
    etufo: HS is most likely going to die sooner or later. Who will kill the cool character killer?

    Popo: well, obviously going by that logic, HS will have to kill himself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shani Andras View Post
    The novel plot is:

    the story of young souls apprehend by Gantz Berofe Kato and Kurono meet again at the train station accident. Between the young people who passed through the challenge of the violent missions, there are 2 people called Izumi and Nishi...their unknown stories will reappear by the hands of an energetic writer and a popular artist.

    Original story / Oku Hiroya
    Novel / Kusakabe Masatoshi
    Illustrarions / Yuusuke Kozaki
    When do we get this, and wtf?

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    I don't understand, who said gantz is going to end soon, where is that information from?

    I don't want it to end right now, it's just getting so cool 0.o

    And if there's an ending with destruction of the world so on......pls don't let the last sentence be:

    I am feeling sick

    Because then i was really angry...

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    Well, the spoilers say the last arc is going to begin on YJ #44, but we don't know how long it will last; I hope Phase 2 reaches 20 volumes just like Phase 1.

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    soooo, fillers till 10/1? ....damn!

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    ... It looks like the American team was not the best one...

    (Sorry, I couldn't resist...)

    BTW, I don't know if the spoiler is fake or not, but I don't like it.

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    The spoiler is 100% confirmed.

    And, we don't know the situations of the New York Team.

    But that battleship does seems to belong to the local team. I don't think the Catastrophe is going to be a fight between the hunters and Gantz Machines...

    Maybe the nuclear attack was desperate move of the army to stop it or maybe the Battleship destroyed the city.

    Anyway...advanced hunters may give a damn about human lives.


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