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    Ryu's reaction was too be expected, after all Niko used to be one of Andre's arm charms when Andre first came back to Japan. But Ryunoske's suspicions were wrong, Niko sought out Andre's help when she found out Ryunosuke was using drugs. Niko never forgave Andre for what he did to her but he was the only one who might help her with Ryunosuke. When she first approached Andre there were the usual tense moments one gets when one meets an ex-lover. Andre even tried to grab her ass and run his large hand on her long legs just like he used to but Niko smacked him in the face, pushed him away and burst into tears. Niko sat down and" told Andre how Ryunosuke was missing work and displaying all the typical signs of drug use. Niko wasn't there for sex, she simply needed Andre's help. Andre thought about it carefully and knew he couldn't let Ryu slip away from him now.

    "Ryunosuke it's not what you think, Niko came to me. She told me everything. that's the only reason I took that fight. I thought if I took the fight the yakuza would let you go. That's what they told me. But that asshole screwed it up. I'm sorry bro but the yakuza played us both. We were setup just like we are now but we can get them back, all of them and we'll use these tools to do it.".

    Andre sits down next to Ryunosuke and pulls out the control unit. "This here is a control unit, it's our ticket to redemption, with it we will become invincibe." Andre pushes the button and disapears into the room's stale air. Andre then speaks into Ryunosuke's ear, 'Invincible bro, invincible!". Andre then pushes the button again and returns into sight. "You know I don't undrstand how all this technology crap works but I do know if you join me we can survive this. What do you say bro? I can't do it alone.".

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    Shin moved backwards from his position so he ended up lying along the floor and placed his hands behind his head, his eyes darting through the group of people assembled for a second night of soon-to-be chaos.

    His eyes brushed along Keiko and went along to Tomoe-san, Sean-kun, Big Daddy (Dino) and Big Guy (Dre) who was talking to another newb Gaijin, the Kid (Maikeru) had arrived by now too. Shin didnt care too much about the Yankii (Takezo) and he wondered if Tsundere (Naomi) was going to show, did the heavies that get Isigi get to her? Shin brushed off the assumption with the thought that she wouldnt be all hugs and smiles when she arrived anyway... Keiko seemed nicer by far.

    Then there were the other newbs, another red-haired woman, a guy who looked like a doctor and a guy who looked like a rapper or something. They kept themselves to themselves.

    Shin looked over to Keiko again as he laid on the floor and after glimpsing at the ball to try and will some activity out of it, looked and back and called out gently;

    "Hey, Keiko... how come you were brought here anyway? What's your story darl'?"

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    Leans back against the wall opposite Shin and slowly smokes the cigar, her eyes still watching the black ball expectant of whatever people are so excited for it to do.

    "Why was I brought here? I have no bloody clue hun...Not ten minutes ago I was dying my hair in the shower in my apartment, alone. I stepped out to grab a towel from my bedroom, and someone was in my room! I don't know what happened then, I think I snatched something to throw at him, and he pulled something, a gun or a knife or.....whatever....when I opened my eyes I was standing right there," She indicates the spot in the room she arrived in, "still dripping wet from the shower, and having no clue what the hell happened to me... I guess that's my story so far..."

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    One last combatant arrives via black ball into the room. She is Naomi.

    (Credits to Tsujide for the text below and also a link for the song)

    Up until now, the only sound these people have heard were the ones they've made. Their arguing, their sarcasm, their steps, and a gun shot. For 50 seconds the black ball would make the most uncomfortable sound a large black sphere could make at a situation like this. Those that have been in this apartment before know exactly what it means.

    ♫Atarashii asa ga kita, kibou no asa da, yorokobi ni mune wo hiroge aozora aoge!♪
    ♪radio no koe ni sukoyaka na mune wo, kono kaoru kaze ni hirakeyo, sore: ichi, ni, san!...♫

    The singing stop, but the song itself doesn't, a combination of green letters, numbers and symbols begin to appear on the black ball one line at a time:
    "Y0ur l!v3$ |-|4v3 3nd3d.
    |-|0w y0u u$3 y0ur n3w l!v3$ !$ 3n7!r3ly up 70 m3.
    7|-|47'$ 7|-|3 7|-|30ry, 4nyw4y$."

    ♫ then the song ends...

    (OOC: To be continue on later)
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    After getting overshock he had when Andre disappeared right before his eyes Ryunosuke began to digest what Andre said.

    F_ck, Niko knows! I doubted her but she was telling me the truth all along. She really doesn't want Andre any more. How could I've been so stupid? DAMN I swear I will never doubt Niko again! I return to you baby no mater what!

    Then Ryunosuke thinks about the last night before he came to the room. The only thing that kept echoing in his mind was what his attackers said. Ryunosuke started to put the pieces of the puzzle together. As crazy as it sounded, it all made since to him know. The yakuza must of carried out a double hit. It was the yakuza's way of condemning Ryunosuke to a life of servitude. With Andre outta the way I'd have no where to go. I'm the reason Andre's here. I'm the reason we're both here. Everyone was right. WE ARE DEAD!!!

    Then Ryunosuke thinks about what Andre said about redemption. If all this is true he could get back at the yakuza and those assh0les at work. They're all in bed together. That's had me work on the special account. They knew just what they were doing. They set the whole thing up, all of it, and my dumbass fell for it. Sh!t, sh!t, sh!t!!! Then Ryunosuke thinks that it doesn't matter how or why, Andre's right if I learn to use these weapons we will be invincible!

    When the ball starts play the weird song Ryunosuke's heart started pounding in his chest. then he says "Quickly brother show me what I need to know.".

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    A few seconds later the words displayed on the screen, which may seem like a hidden code to some and a bad hacker joke to others, begin to fade away as new words appear in their place along with a picture this time:

    "Y0u b4$74rd$ w!ll |\|0w 90 0u7 4|\|d d3f347 7|-|!$ p3r$0|\|.

    'Pretty OL Alien'

    |-|4$ $0f7 w|-|!73 $k!|\|
    Dr0p d34d 90r930u$

    F4$|-|!0|\|4bl3 w0m3n$ clothes
    Pr377y 9!rl$

    "|\/|mmm... w|-|47 b34u7!ful $k!n y0u |-|4v3."

    Not a minute after these words are displayed, the ball opens outwards at the sides and back displaying bulky black rifles and handguns on each side. Those forced to use the guns in previous missions would recognize 6 X-Guns on the left rack and 6 Y-Guns on the right one as well as 6 X-Rifles split between both sides.

    Anyone coming close enough to the black ball would notice the metal suitcases, each with a name belonging to every individual guest in the apartment. Lying inside is rubber suit fitted tightly to whose ever name is on the case. To the observant ear, an audible clicking sound can be heard coming from a door in the hallway. (Anyone curious enough to venture this way would find 6 Black Katana handles lying around and large, strange motorcycles that look like a large wheel with a seat inside and a very large engine on the front.)
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    Tomoe takes a deep breath and enters the newly unlocked room where she picks up a second sword.

    She approaches the opened ball and retrieves one Y-gun and holsters it. She'd never gotten one to work since her first night when she sent off one of her shoes. Having yet anothe weapon made her feel safer, though.

    Tomoe slips out of her overcoat with the glock still in the pocket and lets it fall casually to the floor and picks up the x-rifle Yamamoto had given her.
    She feels she should give some last minute advice or say something inspiring, but nothing comes to mind.

    "Try not to die."

    OOC: Inventory is now a Gantz suit, 1 x-gun, 1 y-gun, 2 swords, 1 x-rifle.

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    Takezo disengages his frequency change and emerges in front of the ball. "Finally about time." mentions Takezo. The fools around him were starting to get on his nerve. He stood in front the ball trying hard to read the 'leet speak' text (it's obvious he isn't computer literate).

    "Heh... Pretty OL Alien."

    Once he got every bit of information from the ball he moved into grab an X-gun from within the ball. He noticed that the bald naked guy was still sitting in there. "He's still there... Who the fuck is he? Is he even alive or brain dead? Would he hear me If i spoke to him?" thought the young man. A thought crossed his mind; "If he can hear me would he help me? Perhaps get me away from these freaks?" The points were his first priority after all not making friends.

    He walked towards the back of the black ball, put his hand in and grabbed the bald man's shoulder. He then shook him hard. "Hey you, can you f_cking hear me? Beam me over now!" Takezo then shook the man again repeating his question, "Can you hear me? Beam me!"

    Equipment: 2 X-guns, 1 Y-gun.

    Dino & Maikeru
    Dino walks over to the ball and grabs an X-rifle while Maikeru who follows from behind picks up an X-rifle, X-gun (as well as sword from the other room). Maikeru looks at Dino who seems satisfied with just the X-rifle in his hand. "Is that all you're going to take with you? Wouldn't you feel better with more weapons to fall back to?" Maikeru says to Dino.

    "It doesn't matter how many weapons you carry, kid. You only need one thing to kill and that's you brains. You've been lucky so far, don't push it. Use your head first before you engage an enemy." This was Dino training talking again. Dino had spent his entire life honing his trade which made his instincts for combat and survival skills the top of his game. No matter how drunk he was his skills and training would take over his body as if it was on cruise control. Now all he had to do was to pass on his knowledge to the new people... that's if he could pull himself out from his depression.

    Dino Equipment: X-rifle
    Maikeru Equipment: X-rifle, X-gun & 1 swords.
    Last edited by dharmabums; 08-06-2009 at 05:49 AM. Reason: Added Dino & Maikeru's update
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    As the song played in the main room, Sean could feel his heart begin to race as he knew what it meant. "I could only think what alien it is this time". Sean walks in as the ball opens up revealing the weapons. Sean walks up and takes one X-rifle and one X-gun.

    Sean slumps down in the nearest corner staring at the picture on the ball. He could think Damn I wonder what she can do....

    Equipment: 1 X-rifle, 1 X-gun, 1 sword

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    (OOC: Oh well, I guess this is a screw-logic-and-given-facts kind of situation, then. Can't do a thing about a post getting deleted at the worst possible time.)

    She had changed her mind half the way home. Standing amidst the crowd on the busy streets, invisible, she realized that there was evidence left. Her clothes were bloodstained. If there was any kind of trace left on the roof that would lead to her, anybody who might have seen her, this could be a dead giveaway.

    I need to get rid of them.

    But Naomi couldn't think of anything practicable. Throwing them into a river or dumpster or burying them was too risky, as they could still be found. Anything but burning them was stupid. Still, burning clothes in the middle of the day, finding a place where she would not be seen, was hard, maybe impossible. So she needed to hide it, far away from her own apartment.

    She started walking.

    Some time later, she was still looking for an appropriate stash at the very center of the city. She ended up walking in circles, having a feeling that the right place was close, just out of reach.

    While she did, her thoughts wandered back to the roof. How qualmlessly she had ripped the three of them apart. How easily she could have crushed Makoto right there and then, too. The feeling of power that had rushed through her, the knowledge that she was doing the right thing, that they had deserved it. And that Makoto would be her key to the rest of them, her foot in the door to the revenge she needed.

    And then, she thought of the woman. Tomoe, who had helped her. Tomoe, who had saved her. Would she approve what she had done? Would she be angry or disgusted? Didn't she promise to help her?

    Yeah... Didn't she? Did she?

    Naomi halted to think hard, realizing that her memories were a blur. Nothing was left of the last mission but shadows of emotion; fear, sorrow, relief... but most of all: Anger. It was the anger that kept her on her feet, the anger that made her feel strong, the anger that took control and blinded her for everything that might hurt her. And it was there still. She felt it now. Her heart was full of it, ready to burst and release it anytime, whenever she needed it.

    Have I always felt like this?

    She came to her senses when her feet had led her into a back alley. Noticably, it was the one she knew. The one she had died in. Not as dark as it had been that night. She saw where the small puddle of blood she had lain in had dried. Her hand absentmindedly wandered to the control device and deactivated her invisibility, when she was sure to be alone. And immediately, a distinct ringing started in her head.

    What, now? Again?

    Her body went stiff, she was unable to move. And then, the softest tingling at her hair-ends told her that she was being transfered. Few moments later, her eyes were on the other side to reveal a room full of people she didn't know, with a couple of faces she recognized and... an already open black ball, a picture and text gleaming on its front.

    She was too surprised to move, even when the transfer was done.

    Why again? And... why am I late? Was it because I was invisible? Or because of all the people around me?

    Naomi abandoned the thought. It didn't matter, not really. She was in the room now. Until it was over, nothing else mattered but the mission.

    Looking around, she ignored everybody, even those she knew, until she had found who she was looking for, sitting a little remotedly, and the serious, cold and clinical expression was suddenly replaced by an almost cheerful smile.


    Before anybody around them or even the shy woman herself had really understood what had happened, Naomi was already down on her knees, next to her, and hugged her.

    It seemed childish, even to Naomi. It was like an overreaction, as she had only seen Tomoe a couple of hours ago, as they had only been here less than a day ago. However, when there was no garantue that you'd survive, even if she slowly got used to abandoning hope, she held onto what was dear to her. And who else was left, who else understood her but the person she was putting into such an awkward situation right then?

    (OOC: Just to make sure (and remind myself, too): Naomi will later grab another sword and a x-gun.)


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