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    Default Gantz RPG Mission 04 OOC

    Welcome to the continuation of the Gantz RPG which has been going on for a few years. We are currently looking for new players to expand our 'Gantz RPG universe'. For those who love the Gantz manga and RPGs, then this would probably be one way of experiencing the world of Gantz. This RPG is of course based Gantz theme which as seen in the manga... a parallel world that mirrors the manga (Sorry no bumping into Kurono or Nishi) which means players make their characters into the heroes (or villians) that they want them to be in the Gantz world.

    Expanding the universe
    In previous games played here on this forum, players were only allowed to build up their characters during missions set out by GMs but thats has all been changed with the introduction of off missions thread. Now player can expand their character's storyline through interactions with other players or by way of NPCs. Right now we have a whole host of NPCs ranging from villians to people unrelated to Gantz,interacting with players. As these NPCs will determine how Gantz RPG universe will form, it would be wise for player to becareful when interacting with them... the GM is always looking for your weak spots!

    The Game
    Originally based on Angryman's tabletop system (die rolling, stats, etc...) , we have implemented new rules to the game. The system is based on stats of players which are divided into 11 stats: Gantz suit, X-gun, Y-gun, X-rifle/shotgun, melee, unarmed combat, support, dual weld, strength, agility and endurance. For my system I've split them into two; skill sets (Gantz suit, X-gun, Y-gun, X-rifle/shotgun, melee, unarmed combat) and attributes (strength and endurance).

    7 skill sets: Gantz suit, X-gun, X-rifle, y-gun, melee weapons, unarmed combat, Support, dual weld
    3 attributes: Strength, Endurance, Agility

    All new players will be given basic stats, where-by initial attributes are given to player. The Gm will then add any modifications based on the players character sheets to the stats. To join, just fill up the application form below and post it in this thread. Try to be imaginative but don't go overboard when creating a character. Make the character as realistic as possible without giving him/her unrealistic abilities and such.

    Name: <last name>, ''<nickname>'', first name

    Age: -

    Sex: M/F

    Race: -

    Height: in feet

    Weight: in lbs

    Hair Color: -

    Eye Color: -

    Language(s): -

    Career: -

    Inventory: - Items you have upon entering the Room.

    Appearance: What does your character look like when he enters the room?

    Strength: -

    Weakness: -

    Personality: -


    Cause of Death: -
    Feel free to be as creative as possible with your character and their appearance(Which can be changed later if you wish.)
    For current players, please repost your character sheets along with your stats.
    For new players who have already submitted their character sheets in the mission 3 OOC, please submit them again, to confirm that you want to play the next mission.

    Once your character has been accepted, players will be expected to post atleast once a week. If a player doesn't control his/her character within a month, the character will then be relegated to NPC status. Once relegated, do not expect the GM to carry on for you... Do however expect your character to be killed of instead as the GM has too many other NPCs to worry about. When posting in a RPG thread please do not chat in the thread, there's a reason why this thread was created. If you do want to ask a question please put an OOC label and keep it short. Example: (OOC: My character is looking for an item, can you roll for my search?) As the game goes on Player will feel tempted to 'God-Mod'... please don't as the GM will penalize your character. Only GMs may god-mod.

    For players, do check back here once in a while for updates on rules and such.
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    Name: Wakahisa, "Dr. Akuma" Dr. Yoshi

    Age: 42

    Sex: M

    Race: Japanese

    Height: 6'5"

    Weight: 182lbs

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Brown

    Language(s): Japanese, Latin, Greek, English, and Hebrew.

    Career: Theologian, Psychologist, Was a Theology teacher before being admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

    Inventory: Scalpel

    Appearance: Clean. Looks like a doctor, White coat and all. Not that many might recognize him as Dr. Akuma since 10 years have passed and the infamous picture of him are the ones with long hair and a big beard.

    Strength: Very manipulative, can read body language well (feelings, lies, etc.), PhD in Psychology and Theology, some medical knowledge.

    Weakness: Well.. he's insane. Schizophrenic, compulsion to comparing things to religious events, compulsion to messing with people's heads, megalomaniac, paranoia delusional, sadistic at times as well as bipolar.

    Personality: A charming, caring, proper, well educated man. Can hide the insanity very well.

    Background: Got into psychology because it interested him. Afterward he gained an interest in Theology. He wrote a book that was published about The psychology behind the several religions and the psychology of the people who wrote them. He became a teacher shortly after the book was published. After awhile it became an obsession. He started focusing more on theories then friends and family. He started scaring people off with his psychoanalysis of them. Eventually he started alienating everyone around him then he just disappeared. When they searched his apartment they found writings on the walls and notes that were misinterpreted there was an arrest warrant out on him. A month later they found him just after he tortured and killed a student. They linked him to several other serial killings. The media called him Dr. Akuma. The court deemed him insane and sent him to an asylum.

    Cause of Death: 10 Years later. A curious guard made the mistake of being curious about Dr. Akuma. Tricked and manipulated the guard found himself dead in the bed and the good doctor escaped. Elsewhere a nurse is cleaning up in the medical room. She drops the box of gloves. When she comes back up from picking up the box she's grabbed by the neck and given an injection that would put her partially asleep and numb. She wakes up and sees a clean shaven Dr. Yoshi dressed up in one of the doctor's outfit. He tortured and killed her ritualistically. Shortly after they had noticed his escape. He makes his way to another room and manages to slip passed some people that didn't recognize him now that he's cut his hair and shaved. A detective that was on the case recognized him in the security tapes and the doctor ended up barricading himself in a room full of highly flammable tanks. A sniper shot at him but the bullet went through his heart and into one of the tanks which caused an inferno that took his life.

    Can't wait to play this guy but I'm starting to feel like he's going to die very soon into the mission
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    Argh, damnit! Now I remember what I wanted to tell you, dharma...

    "Hallo, ich erwarte Ihren Anruf, Junji ..."
    "Natürlich weiß ich, was in Japan. Es ist meine Aufgabe, nach allen."
    "Ich gehe davon aus, die Sie anrufen, weil mir, was dort geschieht, nicht wahr?"
    "Oh, by the way, ich bin mein Honorar Steigerung um ein Viertel von einer Million. Nach dem Zwischenfall in der Fabrik, ... Sie wissen, dass es sich lohnt, jeden Dollar."
    "Ich habe bereits ein Team schon. Ich bin gerade erst auf einem Flugzeug jetzt. Sie haben eine führende Rolle für uns? A Name? Nun .... E-Mail mir die Details."
    "Ich werde Sie bald ..."*

    A little corrected (cause the online translators suck big time, and most of the times I, as a German, had to take wild guesses how to say it so that it had any meaning at all...):

    "Hallo, Junji. Ich habe ihren Anruf bereits erwartet
    Natürlich weiß ich, was ich Japan passiert. Es ist schließlich meine Aufgabe, dies zu wissen
    Ich gehe davon aus, dass sie deswegen anrufen, richtig?
    Oh, übrigens, mein Preis hat sich um eine Viertelmillionen erhöht, nach dem Zwischenfall in der Fabrik
    Aber sie wissen, dass ich jeden Dollar wert bin
    Ich habe bereits ein Team zusammengestellt und bin soeben in Frankfurt gelandet. Haben sie eine Ziel für uns? Einen Namen? Nun, schicken sie mir eine E-Mail mit den Details
    Ich werde sie bald..."

    (Frankfurt is, by far, biggest airport in Germany.)

    You'll get my char sometime soon.

    Oh, and there might be some stuff for me and Sid to write in the off-mission thread before the beginning of the next mission. But I will have to wait until Sid answers my pm.
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    Name: Carpenter, Keiko

    Age: 17.

    Sex: Female

    Race: Half Japanese, Half English.

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 119 pounds.

    Bust: 34C.

    Hair Color: Black. Dyed around the tips in red.

    Eye Color: Brown.

    Languages: Japanese, partial English.

    Career: Student.

    Inventory: Nothing. (Will appear naked)

    Appearance: Keiko is a pale girl, half Caucasian, of average build. Her hair is long, cut evenly about her shoulders, with fiery red tips. She wears black lipstick and nail polish. Her usual clothing style is an extrovert Gothic Lolita style, with long ruffled skirts, high boots, and gloves.

    Strength: She's fairly tall for a girl her age due to her Caucasian blood, and regularly runs/swims for exercise. Has experience in gymnastics, and some basic high school martial arts.

    Weakness: Suffers from anxiety attacks under pressure.

    Personality: Although very dark and maudlin in appearance, is actually fairly friendly and positive. A big Movie and Music fan.

    Background: Lived in an idyllic Kyushu town for her younger years, moved into the city when she was a teenager to attend high school. Quickly fell in with the Gothic music scene due to her style flair and love of music worldwide. Her parents were always a very well off family, her father a British politician. She was spoiled a little as a child, and as such can be bossy. Got her own apartment shortly after moving to Tokyo, where she intends to start a fashion line.

    Cause of Death: Shot in her own apartment during an attempted burglary. Late a night, a local youth broke into her apartment, having heard music from what he assumed would be an expensive stereo system. He was an inexperienced, nervous criminal, but had acquired a small pistol he barely knew how to use. Keiko was showering, and upon exiting her bathroom, screamed in surprise at the intruder, who shot and killed her in his own shock.
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    oh snap, #4\/3 fv|\| |>v|>35

    edit: actually are aliens allowed in this one? I have a unique racial personality that I will be putting in book soon that might be worth having a fool around with first. It's unrealistic for a human to actually possess this kind of mindset
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    @ palpatine: Ah thanks for the re-write, i knew those google translation couldn't be trusted. Haha...

    @ aristocrazy: I have no idea what you just said. Are asking that you want to play an alien? Well, right now we aren't RPing any aliens but i hope that we will in the near future. Right now we don't have enough players (and GMs) to warrant Rping with aliens...

    @ Tsujide: ok, i'll include you in the next mission so post your character soon.
    Computer says no... *COUGH*

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    Name: Tomoe Shimada

    Age: 28

    Sex: Female

    Race: Japanese

    Height: 5 foot 3

    Weight: 119

    Hair Color: Black

    Eye Color: Brown

    Language(s): Japanese, a few English movie lines and swears.

    Career: Currently unemployed

    Inventory: - Suit, sword, overcoat, blue prayer beads wrapped around her left wrist.

    Appearance: Pale from spending most of her time indoors. Chin-length, straight black hair. No jewelry other than a pair of silver loop earrings. Scar on her left wrist. During missions she is bare-footed from testing out her weapons on her shoes before her first mission.

    Strength: 3 missions of experience, no moral issues with killing

    Weakness: Timid around other people, physically not strong, not a tactical thinker, doesn't work well with teams.

    Personality: Extremely shy and distant at first Tomoe has opened up considerably since her first mission. She is still wary of people she doesn't know, but is still willing to talk to them. She has recently developed feelings of attachment to her fellow gantzers at the cost of caring less about people outside of the room. She is close to Naomi in particular who she feels protective of. She has since stopped being disturbed by civillian deaths and even murdered the teenager responsible for her death.
    She sometimes worries about her new ruthless attitude.

    While normally quiet Tomoe will become extremely talkative when the subject of movies comes up. Because of her inexperience with social settings she has habits of odd humor and inappropriate swearing. A big influence on her life is her older brother Monzaemon who is a hikkomori and hasn't left his parents' house for over six years.

    Background: A loner and something of an otaku, she doesn't have many friends and prefers it that way. She had some emotional problems in her teens and cut open her wrist in a suicide attempt. The scar still remains which she keeps covered with her prayer beads. Despite what one would assume she is not a devout Buddhist but an agnostic. She plays with her beads as a nervous habit. She has no real romantic experience due to her shyness so she is intimidated or unaware when men are flirting with her.
    She has come to see her life and death struggles during her missions as something that makes her normal life seem better. She enjoys the excitement and danger of missions which helps her appreciate her off-mission time. As such, she has no desire to go back to her pre-gantz life.

    Cause of Death: Trampled to death by her panicked neighbors during a bomb scare that turned out to be a practical joke.

    level [08] [+1] Gantz Suit
    level [03] [+0] Hand-to-Hand
    level [07] [+1] Melee Weapons
    level [05] [+0] Endurance
    level [03] [+1] Strength
    level [07] [+1] X-gun
    level [03] [-1] X-rifle
    level [01] [-1] Y-gun.
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    Name: Saito, ''Ryu'', Ryunosuke

    Age: - 20

    Sex: M

    Race: - Black/Japanese

    Height: 5'-10"

    Weight: 160lbs

    Hair Color: - Black

    Eye Color: - Black

    Language(s): - Japanese/English

    Career: - Accountant

    Inventory: - Hospital gown

    Appearance: Wearing a hospital gown, in the fetal position. Slim but muscular frame.

    Strength: - Very smart, athletic but hides it.

    Weakness: - Addicted to drugs, thinks he knows everything.

    Personality: - Smart ass, arrogant, very fashion concious. Ryunosuke can be very brash and hates being forced to do anything like Andre.

    Background: Andre Saito's little brother. Hates the fact that he's half black and tries to be as Japanese as possible as a result. Was eaised in Japan and rejected his American roots. Studied karate when was young but didn't want to be like Andre so he excelled at the violin an math instead. Got hooked on drugs when working as an accountant for Bank Of Japan by some of the corrupt upper management. Now he is being forced to do accounting for the yakusa. He was then instructed to influence Andre's last fight but when Andre foiled the plain the yakuza tried to take revenge.

    Cause of Death: - Ryunosuke was severaly beaten but was sparred to continue in his role as a yakusa accountant. Ryunosuke died alone in the hospital waiting for Andre who never bothered to show up.

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    Name: Saito, ''Dre'', Andre

    Age: - 27

    Sex: M

    Race: - African American/Japanese

    Height: 6'-1”

    Weight: 194

    Hair Color: - Black (but wears it bald)

    Eye Color: - Black

    Language(s): - Englih/Japanese

    Career: - MMA Fighter

    Inventory: - Nothing

    Appearance: Naked

    Strength: - Smart, Fast, Strong . Well experienced in hand to hand combat.

    Weakness: - Blonds, and Brunettes (Women basically). Can let the wrong head make the decisions. Hates being ordered around.

    Personality: - Sarcastic twisted since of humor.

    Background: Illegitimate son of an American pro football player and a Japanese booth babe who met at a Japanese new car expo. Was initially raised in Japan where he was introduced to isshinryu karate but was later sent to America to live with his grandparents when his constant fighting became too much trouble for his mother (at the age of 14). After an outstanding career in college football he tried to find success in the NFL. But , after several on and off the field incidents, received a life long ban from the NFL. Now he is pursuing a career as a MMA fighter.

    Cause of Death: - Shot , caught in bed with a married women. Was able to escape but died from the wound.

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    yes dharma, that was the just of it~ oh well, peace
    Aristocrazy's single contribution, The Old Man X Kaze prediction, is dead in the water.



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