I'd actually understand if you didnt implement the handicap rule based on some of the hunts in the manga... the Chibi hunt springs to mind.

I just looked over the beta hunt and Gwee started with 1500 V, making that a 50 pointer in my book... truly a big boss alien.
Thats going to make Gwee Gwee just weaker than either Inu-Gami or Tengu, and stronger than anything faced in Phase 1 with exceptions of possibly the Buddha Statue boss or the Oni boss (as we dont know how many points they were worth but both were very powerful).
I can see the Gantzers really had a handful with this hunt!

I dont know how much V the puppies had so I cant guage Manga-equivalent points for them.

I'd say any Seijin with less than 30 V is a 0 pointer (like the Tanaka chicks) though. (Of course no-one would play a Seijin of that level unless they were "flunkies" to the main "parent" Seijin that a player controls).