Shin smiled that for once people were listening and everyone acknowledged his idea was a good one. Shin called out and put his hand up again;

"Hey, everyone, if you didnt get it before, I'm Shinnosuke, but you guys can call me Shin or Ikari, well, I dont mind if you call me "Otaku", but the name's Shin. Oh, and I'd rather "Otaku Seinen" than the ball's name "Otaku Shonen"."

It was mildly embarrasing for Shin to say all that, but about 2 minutes ago he was crying, curled up in a ball, so he had no right to feel he had such an ego infront of the others.

"Oh, hey, Big Daddy(Dino), when you mean 12pm, thats 1200 hours, not midnight, yeah?"

Shin looked at the Controller again and noted, from the menu he was last on that when he moved the little thumb stick that he couldnt select "Timer" or "Map", possibly because they were hunt only things. He pressed the second button and the words "Stealth Mode - Off" filled the screen. Pressing the first button again brought him back to the menu. Shin hmmed as he began to learn more of the Controller. He probably had to click down on the stick to turn Stealth on.

"Well, I think I know all I need to know, and it seems that we can still use our gear outside from what the other Big Guy did just now. Lets go, yeah?"