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    The Gantz sphere malfunctioned, so he couldn't have the force field up. The one that keeps people from leaving until the mission is over, and keeps them from getting back in.

    I believe, like he does with the dead aliens, and any dead hunters, he zaps them away.

    And perhaps this is the first time he has been out.

    Do you think he lives there, without any stuff at all, just a naked guy hanging about all day? Unless he could teleports things over, or has a hidden room all day, and perhaps gets great internet connection while in the sphere. Summon out a copy of Kishimoto, Sei, Reika, or whoever, to play with between missions.

    Perhaps that explains why there were two Kishimotos. He sees how fine she is, tries to make a spare copy for himself, but something goes wrong... bah, whatever.

    "Damn it!" says the naked man, unable to fit in their clothing. "I keep sending the idiots out to die, one tall guy I think is my size, but then when I go to loot their clothing, it doesn't fit!"

    Or he'd probably keep Kishimoto's panties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikari View Post
    Ok, so lets go through what we know; the Kurono brought for Reika has a hgun which means we're dealing with the Italy hunt Kurono and not a previous incarnation.

    Unless as some people are thinking he is "damaged", though there is no proof for this as we only see him fully transfered on the last panel and there are few instances when a tranferred hunter will talk and move around during the transfer, he will know of and have the original's feelings of Tae.
    He's probably not going to be happy at first with what Reika has done (he loves Tae and seeing someone else with her, even if it is the original of himself is going to be upsetting plus he cant do much about it except "replace" the original Kurono, something that Reika wouldnt be happy with if she wanted him to herself anyway).

    Though the fans want and probably will see this Kurono get with Reika, he's not going to walk out of that Gantz room as her pet. There's going to be exposition with the Ball Guy, because it would be stupid for Kurono to not get any answers from the guy who has been sending him out on these hunts the past 27 volumes when he can finally converse with him.

    I see in the long run (much easier to make predictions there) of what Twilit Prince said back on roughly page 6 of this thread, of a Kurono leading the Gantz team (I believe the original one) and a second doing an expositional thread (Reika's Kurono, starting with answers from the Ball Guy). Katastrophe is supposed to hit in a few hours in the Gantz timeline so Original Kurono and the team will be called into that. I agree this Kurono will be KIA leaving Kato in charge again and Reika's Kurono meeting them up later on.

    Though its been pretty soon since Kurono was brought back. I see them getting different looks at some point or them being made obvious they are seperate in some way. Also, if Reika's Kurono is going to Germany, I guess it's from the Ball Guy leading that way as this Kurono hasnt met Kikuchi yet nor has he seen that Big German Gantz image.
    with current condtition, anything goes, hell even before gantz malfunction anything goes

    Quote Originally Posted by Thats the Theory Anyway View Post
    I guess even though she said a different name, since she was thinking of Kurono, he read the device in her head or something. Or just a bug since Kurono was the last name that came up.

    Gantz: "Whoops, I hit the wrong button. Lets see..."

    You know that naked bald Gantz guy probably made a copy of Reika, Sei, Kishimoto, and any other hot girls to take home with him.

    That'd be funny if after Kurono copy and Reika left, they showed him thinking, watching her ass as she walked out the door, and decided to reach over, and make an amnesic copy of her for himself.
    Gantz: "Cool! I didn't know we could do that."
    Reika: "I died... is this heaven?"
    Gantz: "It is for me baby."

    Gantz admits he can't hear anything while things are loading. So perhaps he is unaware of what is going on in the Gantz room when people first arrive. Thinking of a past discussion on why he doesn't help Kishimoto, etc.
    hmmm, doujin material ^_^

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyranoone View Post
    Ok.. So THis all makes sence now.. just read gantz 297 and I gotta Say again, It all makes sence now.. I made a little quick illustration to explain.. Besides that..

    Nishi KNows something, maybe gantz will pick someone else to take the ball. Since his time is up.

    check me out at to see the illustration.. guess can't set up for another 4 post
    nice dude

    Quote Originally Posted by flyingbike View Post
    Now that you mentioned it, when the Gantzer are ported out, the room was messy. people leave their clothes in there, and the cases where the suits are in are all over the floor. But when they come back, the cases are gone.

    I wonder if Gantz do anything to their clothes while they are in the mission, especially Reika's. I don't see any lockers anywhere in the apartment.
    are you saying gantz also doing side job as a maid? ^_^

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    For a second there, I thought Nuri infiltrated the Gantz room. I also like Reika's expression on page 13.

    But why was Kurono cloned? She clearly said Suzuki. It would funny if because of Reika's mixed thoughts, it revived the old man in a Kurono body.

    Vampires gave up pretty fast though. And whatever is gonna happen to the gantz balls in Germany?

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    maybe the second kurono is the evil kurono that will kick tae butts and f*ck reika

    in the end we will see kurono fighting against himself

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    I think it's inevitable that the 2 kuronos meet somehow.

    Since Gantz was able to see what Reika really wanted, it would be funny if he altered the new kurono's memory as well.

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    wow... just read it... blew my mind D:<

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    Maybe gantz is speaking 1337 style because the internet was his only conection to the outer world and the only way to him to learn writing?
    He can hardly move out of the room and buy some stuff in the supermarket.

    Anyways, the big question is: will gantz stept back into his ball, or is he finished too?

    Possibly, the 'finished' dudes stay on earth, whereas reika and nishi are beimed 'up' to a central gantz ball. Katastrophe comes, and i just hope gantz isn't going to end anytime soon.

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    How many points did Kurono get? 90?

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    REika started saying suzuki, but it's obvious she changed her midn and said kurono off panel... sheeesh, I ahte pointing out the obvious but that should stop the people asking "why gantz brought back suzuki instead of kurono?" and "did gants read reika's mind?"

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    ^ thanks. I didn't want to be the one to say it


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