As I'm going to be away for a week for Easter, I thought I'd leave with a little fanfic, concerning the Vampire character I've been working on for Nu_Delic's RPG.

Kohoki's chest exploded and the alien fell to the floor. He want even cold as one by one the hunters were transported out of the area.
None of them noticed not to far from the action sat a young man on a kerb's edge, watching the scene from behind a pair of black sunglasses. The man wore a black suit and a long shiny black leather coat with a fur-trimmed hood. The man raised a roll-up to his mouth and took a final puff on it between his thumb and pointer finger before tossing the still-lit stub across the road and licking his top lip.
"Hmm..." the man thought as mulled over the taste of the chocolate-flavoured rolling paper.
The man blew the smoke through pouted lips knowingly and reaching into his right trouser pocket pulled out his iPhone 3G, holding its top between his thumb and index finger before dialling a number with the pinky of his left hand.

"This is Nia. The hunters were just here..."