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    Default Chapter 290 Discussion & 291 prediction


    Thanks to heji Sama.

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    I was about to post it ,fast as always shani .... well looks like its Italy this time

    Gantz Fan

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    Man, lots of dialogue! Quite unusual for Gantz. Can't wait to read this chapter.

    Not only that, but Gantz gave no description for the aliens and one of my theories came true: we've been sent to help an already dead Gantz team. By the looks of things, we need to clean up for an Italian team.

    Also, is it just me, or is it daylight for this mission? Which would make sense, considering timezones. Gantz hasn't recruited any n00bs either...
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    roar thanks Shani for this LONG awaited chapter and shit is getting really interresting, I was really wonderin' what the mission would be like, we're gonna see some new stuff again

    Can't wait to read the translation at least :P

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    Ask and thou shalt receive:

    (creds to NJT)


    Kei: Damn it // We've still got to go again?! // Enough already!

    Middle: Our last mission... // *sigh*.... // Tae-chan....


    Top: People aren't given life, they just refill the earth's ammunition.


    290: Intelligence like that of a straw.


    Kei: What's going on?

    Katou: Oh, it's you Kei-chan?

    Kei: Why... / are the lights out? // It gives me the creeps

    Katou: They won't turn on. // There's me, // Reika...san // Suzuki-san // Kaze // Takeshi // Sakurai // Inaba // you, the two vampires / Nishi and the panda.

    Kei: Oh... Nishi.... // I heard about how all hell broke loose // on the TV.

    Nishi: Heh... Whatever...


    Katou: Nishi. // Is this our last mission?

    Nishi: Who knows....?

    Kei: They said you died on the TV.

    Nishi: Did I now?

    Kei: Even if you make it, there's no where you could go to is there? // You'll be wanted by the police after all.

    Nishi: Like I give a shit about the police. // The world's going to end anyway...

    Reika: Ah // Ah, sor- sorry. // Yeah...


    Inaba: Ah man... // We're done for... We're goners... // We're definitely going to die...

    Suzuki: You OK Inaba-kun?



    Inaba: I have a feeling!! // SHIT!! I'M DEAD FOR!! DAMN IT ALL!! // MY TIME'S ALMOST UP!!

    Suzuki: Inaba-kun, It's ok... / Just calm down.

    Sakurai: Yeah... He has a point... // I don't think I'll make it either...

    Inaba: Damn it... Damn it... / I think I'm going to hurl... / I feel sick...


    Inaba: There's no value to human life! // You've seen how it is!! / Everyone dieing like they're just tossed out garbage! // There is no god! Everyone thinks there's a god somewhere // BUT HE AIN'T!! / If he had any compassion for us would those people all die like that?! Would we have to go through this?!


    Inaba: I'd be more inclined to believe that the devil exists. / The disasters... // All the bad things piling up... / Ignoring everything the probability theories have to say and continuing to rise... // This planet will be nothing but a devil's play place.


    Kei: Who the hell cares // if devils exist or not. // The reason why we've lasted this long is the result of us using our heads and skills and trying to survive. // Us humans!! // Us humans are able to take a stand!!

    Katou: It'd be stupid for us to give in to our insecurities and stop trying. // So let's use what we know and work together and never give up to the bitter end... We're all we have...

    Inaba: Yo- you guys are too much... / Able to say that at time like this... in the hell hole we're in...


    A new *zap* mor *zap*


    Katou?: What the...

    Sakurai?: What's happening?

    ?: Damn!


    Katou: Guess that's all of us...

    Inaba: I'm going to throw up / Ughhhhh / I feel sick....

    Suzuki: What's going on? // Is this really the end?

    Sakurai: Tonkotsu...

    Kei: Phewwww

    Reika: Haa // Haa

    Katou: The transfer has started!!


    Sakurai: Haa haa

    Katou: Phewww // Phewww

    Reika: Haa // Haaa

    Kei: Let's go!! / Haa haa

    Suzuki: Eh?

    Inaba: Barff

    Kei: Let's all make it back alive!! // Let's come back together!!


    Top: The place they were sent off to, was a far off country already in the middle of a battle.

    Bottom: A fierce mission compiled with gantz members from all over the world. Next issue Feb 5th

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    Thanks for posting the trans, after doing some research (on the "Il Capriccio" restaurant and the ‘Nostoi capolavori ritrovati’ sign) looks like they are in Rom near the Pantheon ,and since it is actually daylight wonder if the other Teams were fighting all night while the gantz centrale keeps sending teams from around the glove...most exciting chapter in quite a long time.

    Gantz Fan

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    njt and I did a few tweaks on that original translation (man, you're a fast poster!), so please go to the below link for the revision (only a few punctuation/grammar/spelling tweaks):

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    ^Thanks. =)

    @tekko: Rome, eh? Sounds like a good bet. And about the teams, that's a pretty real and scary possibility... 'Cause if that's true, just how ridiculously difficult will this mission be? There's a chance that all the other teams sucked, but that doesn't seem too likely... Multiple 100-pointers? God-forbid, multiple Nuri's?

    EDIT: Just checked the timezones. Tokyo is 8 hours ahead of Rome. So if Gantz started the transfer for the Tokyo Team at midnight, then it's still 4:00 PM in Rome. So yeah, if the mission started for the Rome team sometime at night, the Gantz teams have been at it for a night and nearly a whole day...
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    first and last post , perhaps there are no aliens in this mission , or if not , aliens are the gantzters , that s a possibility .

    Perhaps Gantzters from the whole team will have to get rid of other teams of gantzters or , a bit more devilish , gantzters will be asked to to destroy all the members of their team

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    ^ We'll have to see about that

    Sounds like an interesting chapter, cant wait to read it online here. A new mission in Rome, multiple teams from around the world and Inaba losing it!

    This arc is sounding immense


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