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    Gantz is a Laplace Demon

    Laplace Demon is a thought experiment that states: if a being could know the position of any and every given particle at any and every point of time, that being could effectively be omniscient.

    Gantz' behavior certainly suggests that he knows a lot more about characters and happenstance than one would expect. He must certainly know the exact point when someone dies when he takes them to the room. One could say that Gantz has certain properties that allow him to effectively calculate future possibilities.

    Due to uncertainty principles and quantum mechanics, it is impossible to calculate the exact future. But if Gantz has the ability to know everything as it is happening, he can make the best educated guesses based on that data. So he is constantly doing so as future transitions to present.

    Evidence: Nuri's dialogue with Kato. Nuri liked to speak in metaphors. If you noticed during his battle with Oka, he was making remarks like a student observing a martial arts opponent. My guess is that Nuri wasn't referencing the actual Judeo-Christian God so much as he was an entity with similar characteristics to God. A being who is all knowing of the present and is thus in the greatest position to manipulate fate. Someone who knows all of the rules of the physical universe and thus can manipulate it effortlessly.

    The Man in the Ball

    The man in the Gantz ball is a type of idiot savant. In real world cases, people with autism and Aspergers have displayed phenomenal cognitive abilities. For example, being able to calculate entire equations using just ones fingers. It seems that these abilities come at the expense of being able to perceive and interact with the world like most normal people.

    Suppose the man in the Gantz ball is this taken to an extreme. He has been artificially turned into a type of vegetable, requiring life support, but now has the mental capacity to effectively calculate and understand all data given to him via Gantz technology. Thus he ultimately makes the judgment calls and predictions.

    Why use a human computer instead of an artificial intelligence? Because the operator of the sphere still has the mental facilities for personality and observation, he can still make human calls and flexibility. Alternatively, if Gantz is some sort of reality show or the likes of Cube, a rational A.I. would not be the best choice over a magnificent bastard.

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    ^ lol at last sentence


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