View Poll Results: Who will die next? (Who should die next?)

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  • Panda

    3 7.14%
  • Masaru Kato

    2 4.76%
  • Kei Kurono

    2 4.76%
  • Joichiro Nishi

    4 9.52%
  • Yoshikazu Suzuki

    8 19.05%
  • Hiroto Sakurai

    4 9.52%
  • Reika

    22 52.38%
  • Daizemon Kaze

    4 9.52%
  • Kouki Inaba

    19 45.24%
  • Takeshi

    9 21.43%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Cali is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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    I think we're in either for the Old Man or Reika's demise.
    Somehow I have the feeling Inaba's gonna stay alive for a while.

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    Nu_Delic is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Sep 2005


    I voted for Reika though she could go Izumi on us too. A women scorned is very unpredictable.

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    calypso is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Feb 2007
    Inside memory...card


    Inaba should really die ASAP. I don't see any point on keeping that loser alive, come on, he's totally pathetic. The only thing he wants is reika's ass. Now we know that he got rejected, and the only thing I see is his demise, after maybe a few helpful thing he does in the next mission. I don't believe if he can ever be as useful as the other as it won't be an interesting development for this kind of character.....
    I'm sure Reika will survive, about 90%. As for the old man, I think he will definitely survive somehow, just my guess......

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    masaru-san is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Feb 2008


    If anyone dies I'm voting for Reika;
    Inaba'll probably stay alive long enough to convince her that she should've hooked up with him.

    This could happen by either Inaba becoming a man and defending a mortally wounded Reika succesfully
    Inaba trying to defend wounded Reika while Kuruno ignores their situation and, though he fails, he wins her heart for trying.

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    IAmSorry is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    Jan 2009


    [QUOTE=IAmSorry;681665]Who will die next or who should die next?

    1. Panda

    Panda will just probably disapear like the dog, though might be interesting if it collected 100 points and selected more powerful weapon or revived someone. In the end Panda will be replaced with another funny animal ... maybe monkey?

    2. Masaru Kato

    He has been already revived once, the changes of him dieing again are slim ...

    3. Kei Kurono

    Same as the previous one.

    4. Joichiro Nishi

    Same as the previous one. Everyone will probably frown upon him, because he was revived by Kaze(?) and because of that now several school students are dead.

    5. Yoshikazu Suzuki

    Old man is now living with the Kiddo and Karateka and before he can die, I think there will be some interaction between them. So he will not die ...

    6. Hiroto Sakurai

    He is the only remaining psychic that should prevent him from dieing. Interesting characters and also he has to pay his crimes as he has told himself.

    7. Reika

    Reika is crazy and she will surely die soon, but before that he might be able to clone Kei for himself and after that everyone is shocked and hates the bitch.

    8. Daizemon Kaze

    I don`t want him to die, but I suspect either the kiddo or he will die. Just that the kiddo can either live with the old man or Kaze can collect 100 points to reviev the kiddo.

    9. Kouki Inaba

    He seems to be pretty useless, but he has been noticing that himself lately also. So I think he will in some point kick some serious ass as he wants to be more brave.

    10. Takeshi

    He is a kid and does not count much to the team.

    11. Hikawa and Kill Bill


    I voted for Kouki because he is useless. Reika would be another choice, but I believe he will clone kei before that.

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    Feanor is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Oct 2005


    I just hope Oku thinks the same about Inaba as I do. That he's beyond change. This useless character has been around for so long that you have to fear what Oku has in store for him.
    I can live with it if he won't die in the next mission but what I don't want to see is him changing and earning Reika's love by defending or dying for her (this is Gantz which means he could score a resurrection with it).
    He sided with Izumi in the Tae hunt against the Team and Kurono. He is a weak coward. He was down with raping and only the fact that it's illegal stoped him from doing it. In his last appearance with Reika he thought it'd make a difference that he's a designer and Kurono is just a student. That shows me that he has not changed.
    And to me he is beyond change much like Nishi is. The difference to Nishi is that he is a cool character to some degree and not as pathetic as Inaba.
    "For Feanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind, in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and subtlety alike, of all the Children of Illuvatar, and a bright flame was in him"

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    ikari is offline Senior Member Long Time Member
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    Feb 2008


    Im gonna have to say my list of those I believe will be going are Nishi, based on the last chapter.

    Suzuki as it seems him mentioning his wife and letting Kaze and Takeshi stay round his means he's ready to go join his wife (and be happy).

    Inaba (protecting Reika as she takes a risk for 100 points) then Reika after Inaba (as she realises what she means to Inaba she dies realising how wrong her feelings for Kurono have gotten. She'll have 99 points or something at that point, dying near Inaba having a little monologue to point out she nearly made 100).

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    teioh is offline Senior Member Frequent Poster
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    Reika + Inaba

    Die together trying to kill kurono or something else.

    Quote Originally Posted by Our Majesty Hadou
    All I have to say is that when this series get sand ninjas is when I stop reading.

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    Whatapyro is offline Senior Member Regular
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    Suzuki: Hes escaped almost certain death too many times for Oku to miraculously save him again. In the dino mission he got sliced by the vamps, arms/legs blown off in tae mission (iirc), and whatever exactly happened when "fighting" nuri. The way I see it, either he gets away completely unharmed or he gets killed. The former seems highly unlikely if the last mission was any indicator of how difficult this next one will be.

    Inaba: I just hope to god he dies off already. Hes a shallow douche who needs to be put in his fucking place and hes had way too many opportunities to prove himself useful.

    Reika: Kurono chose Tae. Game, set, match. Shes no longer useful. Im so sick of useless female gantzers, bring back sei and hopefully chigusa can become effective! Besides, shes fucking nuts and shes likely going to go on a suicide mission trying to get 100 points in one go.

    Takeshi: Because what the fuck else is kaze going to do with 100 pts? And hes pretty much guaranteed to hit 100 if he doesnt get killed

    Edit: ^ Kill kurono? In what fucking universe would reika want to kill kurono? At least not during this mission, she might consider it after she finds out she cant clone him (assuming she cant), but Im really skeptical that shell survive and even more skeptical that shell decide to kill him.

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    morten is offline Senior Member Community Builder
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