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    Why do you want to know? Wutz wit U? Joo wanna R0X0RZ MY B0X0RZ?


    ^One can only hope he doesn't do an Izumi on us and die protecting a girl he's never cared shit for about...
    Assuming, of course, we're looking at real spoilers. Any chance of it being fake, shani?
    Lots of people wishing for catastrophe to start with the new year, but doesn't mean it will...
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    its kinda pathetic how much time people (including me) on this thread spend thinking about every little thing that goes on in Gantz
    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    I suppose it comes from not having any new Gantz to talk about... I feel like a Junkie... o.O

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    just watched the day earth stood still yesterday, and the whole ball thingy with naked man and alien tech remind me so much of gantz.

    the movie itself not that good, btw, perhaps more violence and blood could help? ^_^

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    lol Nishi... at least now he has an excuse to kill them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by conker View Post
    I don't think that Nishi is going to leave piggy alive, she would testify against him and Nishi is calculator enough to know it (besides, he's not like a very good guy)
    Well, as I've stated over and over, lots of times, imo, Nishi IS enough of a good guy, in his own way. He gives people lousy advice but advice nevertheless. He gives people points. He saves Katou - could've killed him alongside Nuri. He called Cherry to help Izumi. There'd be no point in killing a girl that actually favors him out of nowhere, unless he deemed her unworthy, which doesn't seem to be the case.

    I have the impression that nishi was bored and that was why he left his classmates throw him out of the window, i don't remember any reaction or any gesture of disgust from Nishi, so he was just there... waiting for a reason to kill them
    Nishi isn't stupid, and he did seem annoyed. So personally, I don't think so.

    btw: if Nishi is to be caught by the cops, who called them? and why isn't he running or attackin? he is about to take on about 30 guys with his bare hands!! can't he take on a couple of police officers?! or just run away like Kurono did in his solo mission??
    Because attacking the police would draw unnecessary attention, just like slaughtering his colleagues, but worse. And presumably running away is a bit difficult, otherwise surely he would do so.

    @ Shin: I'm annoyed enough there's a girl for Nishi in a very Kuronoesque way. Oku can't let him end like Izumi. He should know better...
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