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    Default Gantz RPG anyone?

    How would you guys like to play a Gantz RPG? I'm hoping to make this thread into a succesful one where we can play a simulated Gantz experience. Here are the basic rules.

    1 person is Gantz for 1 fight only, when the fight is over the Gantz picks a new Gantz from dead players or non players.
    8 People who post after the new Gantz become Gantzers
    The next 8 people after the Gantzers are Aliens.
    You have 2 days to post and defeat the aliens or the aliens defeat you!!!
    When you survive the Gantz fight you are guarenteed to be in the next one.
    In the event of no one being the aliens Gantz will play as the aliens.

    Basic Rules & Layout.

    At the beginning of the fight Humans and Aliens are placed on either end of a 500 meter field.
    Humans and Aliens who go out of the field instantly die.
    When a fight is over Aliens can choose to stop fighting, humans cannot.
    Humans receive points for killing Aliens, the points for each alien is determined by Gantz.
    Both Aliens and humans can knockout weapons out of the enemies hands, this is considered an action.
    Both Aliens and Humans can weild weapons.
    You are only allowed one action per turn.
    You are allowed one movement per turn.
    You can talk anytime you want.

    Attacking and moving.

    In order to attack, your weapon must be within range. The weapons range is given in it's description.
    Anything within 50 meters is considered close range and all weapons can hit at this time.
    Close range weapons can only hit within 50 meters.
    By charging your weapon you must wait one turn for it charge, this counts as an action
    Guns with lock on features cannot raise their attack and lock on at the same time.
    When you attack you do not do damage right away, instead Gantz will roll a die twice, once for humans and once for the target. If you get higher than your target you hit, if not you miss.
    If near the boundries and you have no weapon in your hand, you can throw an enemy out of bounds. The no weapon rule does not apply to Aliens unless they are carrying a Gantz Weapon.
    By charging and locking on you can hit and do instant damage.

    Humans can only move 50 meters in one turn, without a suit it's 25 meters.
    Aliens can move 100 meters in one turn.
    Going out of bounds results in instant death.

    Human Stats.

    At the beginning of the fight you are allowed to pick a suit, one weapon, and an extra item.
    In order to win the fight you must kill all Aliens.
    You lose when the time runs out or when you go out of boundries.
    If you don't want to play anymore simply commit suicide.
    You commit suicide by shooting yourself, going out of boundries, or declaring after a fight that you don't want to play.

    Equipment stats.

    X-Gun. ATK= 25 Charge 1= 50 Charge 1= Lock On Charge 2= Death Range= 50 meters

    X-Rifle. ATK= 20 Charge 1= 45 Charge 1 Lock On. Charge 2= Death Range= 100 meters

    Y-Gun. Charge 1= Lock On. (When an enemy is shot with the Y-Gun the alien cannot dodge the next attack. Whenever you or another person shoots the Y-Gun at a trapped enemy they are instantly sent up. But only for half points.)
    Charge 2= Fire net and send alien up at the same time.

    Katana (Close Range). ATK= 25 Charge 1= Range extends to 50 meters for a turn.

    Close Quaters Combat (Close Range) ATK= 25

    Knockout (Close Range.) ATK=0 You can use this attack to knock away an enemy's weapon. It can only be thrown within a 50 foot range.

    Suit= 100 HP. (When this runs out you can still take 1 more hit. Damage does not carry over.)

    Extra Items. (You can only carry one of these.)

    Stealth. Only 3 people can have this. They work only one time. Enemies cannot hit you for 3 turns.

    Gantz Bike. Only 3 people can have this. You can travel 100 meters in one turn.


    When you get 100 points you can choose 3 options.
    -Free yourself. (You cannot play again until 1 fight later.)
    -Power weapon. (Gantz will give a weapon, suit, or item that is new. It cannot be an uber weapon that is unfair.)
    -Bring a person back. (Bring a person back who is dead. They will be guarenteed to be in the next fight.)

    I'll make sure to post the aliens rules later, until then ask me any questions you want.


    Aliens must always have more HP than 100.
    Aliens must have at least one boss and 7 regular aliens.
    Aliens stats and attack ranges are decided by Gantz.
    Alien points are decided by Gantz.
    Aliens can have more than one type of attack.
    Aliens can pickup a Gantz weapon so long as the owner is dead or it's been knocked out of their hand. If an Alien picks it up they cannot use any other of their attacks.
    The Boss alien must have more HP and stats than regular aliens.
    No creating uber Aliens.
    Aliens can have one special ability.

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    Lansing, Michigan


    I'm in.

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    Giant_Killer_Buddhas is offline Junior Member Newbie
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    half the fun of a gantz game is hot chics, I guess there won't be any in this...lacking something better to do, why not I'm in

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    mmm... i'll give it a try, so that makes 4 players already.

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    sounds fun. count me in

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    In my house.


    yer sounds in

    heh according to my sig im kaze......nice!

    yer so explain the other rules plz

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    Rules have been updated, I'll post more later today.

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    can i play??

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    betatester is offline Senior Member Respected Member
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    so.... u 'ill be gantz huh ? can we choose our weapons now ?

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    j00 h4\/3 2 d3f347 m3

    name : overchill
    characterictic : lazy
    likes : computers, manga scans, girls, soccer
    dislikes : interaction
    quote : n/a

    i'm alien right
    pardon my english


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