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    God Inaba is so lame. I take back anything i said about wanting him to develop into a good character, i want him to just die >_>
    Quote _
    And never thinked before he is a rich designer with a big car... And he wanna only f*ck up reika... So so... Irritant!

    Nice to see Kishimoto and for the three men who will live togheter (i mean the child, the man and the old one XD).

    I don't like the cherry story line, so boring...

    Quote Originally Posted by Our Majesty Hadou
    All I have to say is that when this series get sand ninjas is when I stop reading.

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    Will Oku really give a revelation on the connection between the gantz ball and the factory owner (from the footnote)? Arrgh, damn, more questions every chapter.

    And to think that I was cheering for Anzu X Kato...

    p/s; uh, hi~, have been a "read only" member for a while, great forum btw,

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    Nice chapter, seeing how all the Tokyo Gantzers are doing and stuff, seems like the calm before the storm. That Inaba, I thought by reading the translations posted that he would come off as a little more likable, but he was just creepy as hell with that attempt for Reika's affection. If anything, he may have motivated Reika to step out of character and make a stronger play for Kurono, as I think the end of the chapter indicates.

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    I thought Inaba was going to rape Reika in the car after reading the translated version of the mail message. "I'm a designer." LOLOL
    etufo: HS is most likely going to die sooner or later. Who will kill the cool character killer?

    Popo: well, obviously going by that logic, HS will have to kill himself...

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    Katou and Kishimoto! Nice! Finally el Katou will get some.
    I wonder how Anzu's kid is faring...

    Suzuki's intervention was real nice too.
    And Tonkotsu is hot.

    and now, for predictions:
    1. Reika dies or get seriously injured trying to save Kurono from something after the start of the catastrophe.
    2. Reika convinces Kurono to sleep with her. ( yeah, Shin, now I sort of agree with you on Reika's growing significance and etc)
    3. Reika dies, Kurono gets a 100 points, people expect him to revive Reika who died for him and he gets a h-gun.
    4. Reika goes back to Inaba. (man, that would suck)
    5. Inaba can't restrain himself anymore and rapes Reika (that'd be a more interesting development, and could input rage on Reika's character - and possible death to Inaba)

    Also, back when the Osaka team first appeared, some of us thought we were in for an integration of a Japan team, but seeing as there are quite a big deal of new balls, I think Gantz might intend to perhaps recruit every human that'll die during the catastrophe, and in doing so, also "enslave" them.

    @ Bobo (answering the post on the previous chapter thread): Yup, I think either Gantz is responsible for the catastrophe itself, or it intends for it to happen and in no way wishes to prevent it.
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    Deathbringerpt is offline Senior Member Always Around
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    Hah, what the hell Katou, you should bring back the Gantz version of Tits, not try to pick up the normal version, what has she done for you lately?

    Aside from looking HOT AS FUCK.


    Forget what i said, go for it man!

    Nice chapter, going on the different daily situations of the Gantzers, i especially liked how Kaze is now all socially awkward now that he wants to really take care of Takeshi.

    5. Inaba can't restrain himself anymore and rapes Reika (that'd be a more interesting development, and could input rage on Reika's character - and possible death to Inaba)
    My first thought at this possibility was that Inaba doesnt have the balls to do it but he did look pretty desperate in that car, the "Im so desperate that im not accepting a no" not the "Im so desperate that i barely have any kind of initiative".

    I can see Reika herself doing a desperate move to Kurono, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etufo View Post
    I thought Inaba was going to rape Reika in the car .....
    That's exactly what I thought. Inaba is freakin' tool. I hate him more than Nishi. Katou ain't much better. The guys been fighting demonic aliens yet he can't face a pair of tits with any confidence. Geezee fella, grow a pair why don't you?

    Do you think Gantz will open the arsenal or just have the same lame crap?

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    Its kind of nice that he hasn't forgotten that part of the plot play. I don't know if things are going to end well with Reika but at least the plot line hasn't been forgotten. I'm fine if he stays with Tae if that who he loves, but i'm hopeing for Reika. I just like her more. But my favorite is still Sei. BRING BACK SEI. Say it with me now.
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    Just adding some random talk here, but it seems to be sure that Baldy will die next...

    Like 100%...
    Meh, I liked him...

    And fuck Inaba...

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    Nice to see that almost everyone hates Inaba as much as I do. He's a dickhead who made his own little homo gang and tried to kill Tae, got fucked and owned by the Oni aliens and is now trying to date Reika because he thinks being a designer is hot shit. I hope he gets raped by some homo aliens before he dies.


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