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    Default Iis there an exploded view of the suits?

    AKA The suits don't make any damn lickin' sense.
    By exploded view I mean all the separate pieces, separate, in a reference image. I keep looking at them and thinking that they change not only over the course of the series but between frames. Sometimes they look like there's a midsection leotard, sometimes it looks like there's an upper and lower half, sometimes it looks like there's some kind of weird borat-nightmare-inducing swimsuit thing wrapping around and under. I can't make it out at all and my final theory is that the pieces are arranged by whatever looks hottest for the pinup girls.

    I used to think there was one in the manual, but I can't find it now, so I thought I'd ask. Has anyone ever figured this out or is this just one of those things we shouldn't be too anal about.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Posting referrence pics of might help. I can't see any difference, of course it depends on size and shape. And tits. Keke

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    I think Oku has some logic and has a clear idea of how the suits in the manga are made up. For me, it looks like this: boots; pants; mid-section; arms; gloves. (could be wrong, though)

    But in case of the pin-up girls, Oku just does whatever he thinks is hottest, definitely.

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    Oh yea, the eye-candies. They sure differ from the normal suits. But maybe Oku evolved with the suits like he did with drawing Kurono.

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    I figured there was the neck snooch thing, where the mid-part is pulled down from (as seen by Kishimoto early in the manga and anime), the trousers, gloves and boots.

    However, some pics show other things, like the gap in Kishimoto's chest area when Tetsu was ontop of her in the Gantz room in Mission 2 (manga only). There is also the Borat mankini-thing that turns up over the trousers, most often in colour posters (Katou clearly has one in the newest pin-up). Also the arms sometimes seem seperate to the rest of the suit also.

    In the manual it shows the suit in outline only (not coloured in black) in the anime section, but this cant be seen as canon.




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