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    Post 279 - questions, and a Vote

    Fu(K YA, - Great chapter

    I like to think the first words out of his mouth are something along the lines of "Its time to fucking slaughter some vamps on the off hours and then kill some alien fu(ks to get his triple digit on". So he can get his harem and B.F.G. on.

    But unfortunately not going to happen he's only going to remember to the point were he choose freedom/lobotomy F.Y.I. the moment he was faxed to the outside world with no brain implant, no mem of Gantz, relationships and experience gained during his Gantz existents. Also the most important; it was the last time his "kurono.img" file was updated.

    But this is great he's lost a good chunk of mem. Most of the people in that room risked there own life to save him and watched him die. The Icing on the cake; everyone got this Messiah complex of the guy and he doesn't have a clue or any answers and you got to wonder which chick he's going to pursue or revive.

    But I got a question or two maybe you guys/girl can answer!

    1. Isn't that Host Vamp kurono's older brother and didn't he help kill him and warn him?

    2. What happened to that no tits girl he was dating?

    3. Who do you think he's going to shack up with of the 4 girls he got a thing for? I know most of you think that little chick will be it and be the "correct/right thing to do choice; but don't forget he's a vain Big tit lovin perv so he could just go for the idol modal chick thats wet for him and wouldn't require him using up his points and he can always use that "we could die at any moment lets fuck" line like he did on that sports chick.
    So what do you think he will DO? Place your VOTE

    Let me know what your thinking,

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    The Vamp who sliced through the 100 pt. Alien Killed Kurono's little brother.
    Tae, the flat chested chick, is still alive.
    I believe Kato, will use his points to revive "Kei-Chan" expecting Kurono to come back, when in fact Kishimoto comes back instead. Ironic, i'd say so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anarex View Post
    Let me know what your thinking

    You fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by morten View Post

    You fail.
    This entire thread is made up of extreme failure.
    Get with it, OP. All of these questions have been answered rather dramatically through the latter fourth of the series.

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    1. Isn't that Host Vamp kurono's older brother and didn't he help kill him and warn him? should read the manga again.




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