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    I can finally enjoy this manga once again.

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    meh i'm late to the party.

    few points: gantz memory is the last time you were transferred. (thats the logic for tae being transferred) gantz may be a dick but he knows how to motivate. that explains kurono.

    theres a hundred pt cap per mission.

    inaba is an interesting character cuz he's a total moron but "trying" to be part of the gantz team.

    option 1 seems like less and less of an option...

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    Why do you want to know? Wutz wit U? Joo wanna R0X0RZ MY B0X0RZ?


    Izumi, who has been chasing a giant monkey on a certain planet in the afterlife, looks down to earth to Kurono being revived.
    Izumi: How can this be? I am man who got 200 hundred pointz! I AM SUPPOSED TO BE T3H L337 H4XXORZ. How could he have been revived before me? I won't forgive you! Kakarot!
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    its kinda pathetic how much time people (including me) on this thread spend thinking about every little thing that goes on in Gantz
    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    I suppose it comes from not having any new Gantz to talk about... I feel like a Junkie... o.O

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    No longer a Cherry

    0 points

    Friggin chicken

    Reika: No longer a Cherry...what is that suposed to mean?

    Sakurai: it's nothing.


    0 points

    Too soft. Too weak

    Suzuki: Ah...i can't believe this.

    ???: You are the first person to clear this fast aren't you?

    Kato Cha (laughs)

    100 points

    Sakurai: would you revive...


    イナバ 0点
    Inaba 0 point
    レイカ 0点
    Reika 0 point
    もうチェリーではない 0点
    Cherry no longer a virgin 0 point
    ハゲ 0点
    The old man 0point
    ホイホイ 40点
    Hoi Hoi 40 points <------------------ (what the fuck?)
    こども 26点
    The kid 26 points
    きんにくらいだー(仮) 35点
    Muscle rider 35 points
    ホストさむらい 42点
    Host Samurai 42 points
    きるびる 0点
    Kill Bill 0 point
    西くん 75点
    Nishi kun 75 points
    かとうちゃ(笑) 100点 → 玄野復活
    Kato (laughs) > using them for the resurrection










    [0279] Valuable Choice

    In the streets of Osaka, Kato lies in the floor. In Tokio Ayumu is still waiting for his brother.

    Some people are already in the room. Finally Hikawa and the vampire girl arrives to the room, but Kato isn't transfered yet.

    Ayumu prays for his brother. And asks god to someohow bring his brother back.

    Kato wakes up and says his brother name...finally he is transfered back to the room.

    The scores begin.

    Kato watch his score and think if he should choose the 1 option while thinking in Ayumus face. The Old man also recomends Kato to choose the 1 option very gently. Reika and Sakurai doesn't say a word about it...

    But finally, Kato revives Kurono.

    Next Chapter, Kurono has been revived. There is joy but also a new development will come!: 11 September (YJ# 41)

    PS. looks like Nishi indeed did some stealth action and blew up tengu's head, sneaky lil ninja bastard

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    Dayummm Cherry got busayyyy while out of the room. Good going, kid!


    God, Oku better put a damn good spin on Kurono coming back, to make up for the rampant disappointment of the last arc.

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    i hope thats kyou and not kurono... since they looked a bit alike...

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    I usually only read posts because I feel weird replying, but...

    I don't understand all the hate for Katou in the Gantz fandom I feel like he's the only character who isnít a total retard. He's the moral center of the whole series, to be honest. He thinks of others in situations where others would think of only themselves. He is a good guy. I am amazed that he can stay sane in Gantz with his kindness towards well, everything. Katou has has to be the most interesting character out of all of the ones introduced so far besides Izumi and a few others. Actually, it would be terrible to compare the two. They're polar opposites. Izumi was a total bastard, and kind of uh, crazy, but he still kicked ass. It would have been interesting to see Izumi still alive with Katou now revived. Basically, I just hope that Katou gets a chance to grow more as a character even with Kurono now revived and not shoved aside. And really, as much as I don't like those lovin'*~ scenes, I would have much rather seen Cherry gettin' busy than Kurono and Tae DD:
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    if gantz knows cherry is no longer a cherry anymore, that means he is watching each and every gantzer at all times, when they hit it, when they take a crap, etc. man that sucks, i dont know how he manages that, but we do know if any gantzer mentions gantz' existence he actives the bomb inside there head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fancyultrafresh View Post
    I don't understand all the hate for Katou in the Gantz fandom
    I dont understand either, I think it prolly has to do with Hadou's sig..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MGB View Post
    Really, I think what you and the other Katou fanboys are asking for...

    At some point it was me who compared him to the usual shonen character. And I realy dislike him for a fact, still I prefer him over Kurono, for now.
    That should actually imply, that I can't stand Katous character and why I suggested more focus on minor characters, although that wont happen.

    I wont complain about Kurono being back allready. His death just seems to be pointless in the first place. The only message I get is, that he would have probably died in the Osaka arc, dooming his team, with his ''berserk tactics''.


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