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    Quote Originally Posted by Cali View Post
    ^ I'm not really sure about that. Who would revive him?
    Those Osakan girls doesn't seem too much of fighters, they're most likely in to go free.
    One of them could bring back Knob, since he was her boyfriend.
    And Kuwabara... why would he use 100 points to bring back someone who seemingly didn't give a damn to him? The Osakan folks, aside from Anzu, aren't your "Hey, me wants to be your friend, I'll shed tears over you if you die and want to bring you back" folks. Kuwabara has cleared 3 times, he's now the strongest they have on their team and when the team was alive, he was the third in rank (first being Oka with his 7 wins and second Nobuo with 4). Just a few more and he can get his own super-suit, maybe... if he lives (he's the coolest Osakan anyway ^^).
    And Nerdo, he'd go free, same as Anzu, I supose.

    Maybe the old couple will come back with and the old man with his x-gun will kill Nuri. That'd be the most surprising turn off ever so far.
    I think that Katou's going to ask Gantz about the dead people from another city and revive Oka, who with his badass attitude will say something like "why you waste your points in me instead of a 00ber weapon?".

    Then maybe Tokyo Team will realize about the presence of Gantz in the whole world and maybe something more about the history will be revealed .

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    The most interesting part about this chapter was for me the conversation with the nuri that seems to suggest that the game takes place in a religious background, this would fit quite well with all the religious hints we had already like:

    -the psalm at the cover of the gantz tankos
    -Nishi's talk about the end of the world
    -Akira being an angel (getting angel wings)
    -Gantz being workshipped like a deity in some countries.
    -The cover of 267 talking about god sending the nuri

    can't wait to read the full chapter.

    by the way wonder what face did Oka make as he saw the nuri coming after him, I'm sure he shitted his suit, time for a new sig cali :

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    Gantz Fan

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    Izumi would prolly be much powerful than Oka if he stayed longer in Gantz and wouldn't have been killed later. He would have made it easily to 700 points too, no doubts. I wonder if Oka ever had problems with vampires? Meh, it's too late and he won't be revived after all... chances are slim and none.

    Lol, Anzu and Katou: The coming Gantz warriors parents couple..!

    Katou/Anzu: "We have to go out, killing some aliens! Behave yourself while we're not around."
    Amuyu/ Kid: "Okay, have a nice fight. Don''t get killed!"

    Is Anzu older than Katou, since he still goes to school? Did she mentioned her age?

    Damn, now Kishimoto really won't come back... no more fan-service...

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    ^^ What's this about Akira and angel rings? If memory serves, those bat wings were eczema that all vampires get if they don't feed, as told us at the seminar.

    As for the rest of it, yup, it adds up pretty well... I'm just sad cause I liked the idea of technology just slightly better than the idea of religion.

    And I'll have a nice new sig as soon as I finish my gag Gantz chapters, which I intend to do after I edit a certain Brazilian comic for my first attempt at editing, which's been delayed for a while now ^^

    @ Morten: Anzu mentioned she was 23. As for the proud happy couple, now now, things might not go on as nice and pretty as all that:

    Ayumu: Oniichan, who's that old lady? I don't like her! She seem sluttish and that kid of hers looks like a little bump!
    Anzu: It's either your brother or me.
    Katou: Kei-chan...

    Stay tuned for Gantz turning into domestic drama
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    When i first read "the four of us" line i was wtf is she talking about the i realized.

    That would be interesting to see but i have a feeling it wont happen.

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    "Anzu: Then promise me! That if we return, the four of us will live together!"

    why do I feel like she's gonna die?....

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    Why do you want to know? Wutz wit U? Joo wanna R0X0RZ MY B0X0RZ?


    ^Why don't I care whether she dies or not? I should, but I don't, for some reason of the other... eh, how many months ago did the osaka arc begin again? Anyone been keeping track? One and half years, going to two, or two going on two and a half?
    Quote Originally Posted by Popothepenguin View Post
    its kinda pathetic how much time people (including me) on this thread spend thinking about every little thing that goes on in Gantz
    Quote Originally Posted by Shin_Igami View Post
    I suppose it comes from not having any new Gantz to talk about... I feel like a Junkie... o.O

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    ^I think it'll be 2 years if it hasn't ended by november

    Well well, when you think next chapter wiil be more of "nuri is shot, regenerates, kills someone", it goes "nuri kills someone off-screen, discusses philosophy with Katou, is shot" xD

    I didn't expect Oka to get pwned like that, though O.o. As I suppose pretty much no one did. Anyways, 1000 armed buddha also died after mentioning some philosophical "why do you want to kill us?" thing, so maybe, just maybe, this really is nuri's ending

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    Nuri is owning

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    Quote Originally Posted by morten View Post
    Damn, now Kishimoto really won't come back... no more fan-service...
    Actually, I see the mention of living together as a sign that Katou will get the points and accidentally brings back Kishimoto. Seriously, Kishimoto has nowhere to go, especially not now that Kei's dead. I can see it now, Kishimoto asking Katou to come live with him as they leave the Gantz appartment.

    That'll lead to serious awkwardness with Anzu.


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