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    Quote Originally Posted by Hadou View Post
    As much conjecture this thread has, I think a better phrasing would have been is it possible Kurouno was in gantz before gantz started. Hell personally if I were to follow the original posters line of thought and think Kurouno was in Gantz before I would put that particular event placed sometime when he was a kid based solely on the fact on how Katou explaint the batshit insane things he did when Kei was younger(and add the fact we eveng et to see some said events drawn out however brif they may be).
    But I would highly doubt it, but it would make for a neat plot device if it was true.
    You may have something there. He could of been in Gantz when he was a kid.

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    It isn't impossible that Kurono was in Gantz once before, but it's highly doubtful.
    Unlike Izumi he never experienced memories of his first time in Gantz. And there have never been other hints.

    In this case, as dubol says it's just done to illustrate how much Kurono changed in all this time.
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    I think the thread maker took my Kurono = Oka joke a little too seriously. People have been over-thinking Gantz lately, or maybe they're dying for the latest chapters.

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    To my defense, I haven't seen your joke before I came up with this idea. This is the kind of things that happened, when you missed Gantz too much (after stopping at phase 1), and going back and re-reading all 270sth chapters in 1 day. It was fun and pretty worthwhile to do really.

    But yeah, like you guys all jumped at (and how I try my best to shy away from, hehe), this could very much be character development. But it doesn't leave off the possibly? I would say. This could be like crazy revelation veiled under character development (yeah, i'm still going strong).

    At the same time, whether Izumi lost his memory from getting out is still at question, isn't it? He seems to know what exactly he's talking about. Whatsup with Gantz-brainwashing with Izumi?

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    Izumi did lose his memory, how he started to remember who knows maybe he had Nishi website on his favorites. But I guess the best way to regain memories lost by Gantz is go though a near death situation, it worked for Kurono and it might done the same with Izumi when the chibi alien attacked the school. In the end he only remembered some parts of his past.
    Also Izumi is not brainwashed by Gantz. I think Izumi does not care really much for Gantz or its goals. He just want keep hunting aliens for the thrill.

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    i can't b the only one who didn't read teh title too carefully and thought the original poster meant intercourse? :/

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    I think it was kurono's first time whe he was in gantz, since he was clearly thinking that he was a virgin when kishimoto spent her first night in his house.

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    deep inside kurono bastard was no more after all the trauma he went

    if he were just exactly as before he would have said fuk off old man.

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    well what if kurono play gantz when he was a little boy, so that's why he kick ass that time. But somehow got a helper and manage to get out (like takeshi and kaze maybe) theory anyway

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    Well i would say thats an interesting theory but the the references that you gave to support the theory seemed a little too weak. If you had added more evidence like how Nishi was staring at how Kurono when he (chapter 2 i believe) appeared in the gantz. And also how Nishi was trying to get Kurono to kill the the Onion boss alien, almost like hinting how Nishi knew him from before. Maybe they were best buddies during their tour in gantz which could explain why Kurono was such an ass in the beginning of the story. The flashbacks of his childhood, showed that Kurono wasn't like that.

    And if Koruno was in gantz before, was he in there before, during or after Izumi was in gantz? Bwahaha,... more insane theories for you to think about!


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