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    Default Gantz RPG mission 3: Part 1

    As the Gantzers arrive, they observe their surroundings: a quiet residential area in the Tokyo suburbs, with a large canal running through it. Once Dino is fully transferred into the room, he views the map on his controller:

    For now, all is calm and eerily quiet. But in the distance, a faint sound that sounds like hysterical laughter echoes through the lonely streets.

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    Maikeru flexed his now unwounded shoulder.
    I don't know how, but I'll take it.
    Holstering his sword and X-gun, he readys the X-rifle and looks around the place. For an alien hunt, things seemed too quiet. Not like this was an everyday thing, but he assumed things would be more intense.
    He had to admit, he was scared shit-less. Every slight movement startled him, he expected something to jump out of every shadow, not to mention he was shaking ever so slightly.
    "So..." Maikeru started in a quiet voice, almost a whisper, "What now leaders?"

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    Jack was astonished to land on the streets of tokyo, the others were slowly coming in around him. Before the 'leaders' had a chance to speak Jack offered to the others.

    Hey If Anyone of You guys wants a ride on the back of this thing hop on now, dont worry, I think I know what i'm doing. Jack yells out in English to the crowd of confused people. He put his Y Gun in the holster on his leg and put the sword down on a small compartment in the bike and revved the engine.

    OOC: Remember that Jack is speaking in English, so if your going to respond to him then make sure your character understands at least some English.

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    Tomoe grasped her rifle with both hands and went through her weapon inventory mentally. One of each of the pistols, one rifle, two swords. During her last mission she had been relieved of her weapons for a short time and intended to never relive that terrifying experience ever again.

    She noticed the seven new people grouped together and took a deep breath before speaking.
    "Please split into two groups. Four people and three people. If you still think this is a bad dream or don't feel like taking orders feel free to go on home. You won't be missed."

    Tomoe noticed Maikeru flexing and rotating his healed shoulder looking how she felt. Afraid.
    "If I told you that I'm terrified, would that help? Scared to death. Thing is...all life-changing experiences are like that. Later on no matter what happens you can look back at this night and think to yourself 'Hey, at least things aren't as bad as then'."
    She wondered if anyone else would come away from their first night thinking the same thing she did. That murder and danger made everyday life that much more enjoyable.

    Tomoe purposely decided to leave out the part about her 15 point penalty. Those that pitied her would hold back so she could make the killing blow and those that disliked her might steal her kill out of spite.

    She stared at the red dots on her radar and waited for the rest of the team to materialize.

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    Sean was simply amazed; he was beginning to understand how he got to the room. Ok, this is it, I got to survive. I can do it. Sean was also amazed that he got his nose back. He could tell that he was in some random Tokyo suburb. He readies his X-rifle, turns around and says "So whats the plan?"

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    Dino took a deep of the crisp, fresh air. He looked down and noticed Tomoe looking like a mini-Rambo. He grinned and flexed his muscles. He had decided not to take any weapons so he could work out all of his backed up stress and emotions by beating the shit out of anything that dared to look at him wrong.
    He remembered the current chaotic situation and searched around for Koi to determine what the hell was going on.

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    When Koi transferred, the only thing going through his mind was how annoyingly long it took for him to actually be transferred.
    Bet I was the last person that thigns a dick when it wants to be.
    When the transfer finished, Koi gave himself the look over. Not hard considering he was only wearing boxers. A fact that he hoped was only being shared with his fellow shit out of luck comrades.
    Getting up as naturally as he could he looked around to see exacly what was going on.

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    Shin transferred as he chuckled to himself mentally with the seriousness that the one guy said about "hunting aliens". It almost made him feel better over the fact that all the other people around him in the bike room seemed to ignore him. A sly grin stretched over his face as he thought about the sheer craziness of his situation. As his eyes started to layer outside and his arms appeared he began to rub his eyes.
    "...Whats going on? So is this how we got to the room?" Shin chuckled audibly as he began to place the puzzle pieces together.

    "Well, whatever, its my life Im fighting for, so if I get one alien, Im not going to feel bad." Shin thought.

    Readying his X-shotgun he heard Tomoe's speech and saw the other two guys from the back room on the steamboy bikes.
    Putting his hand up to Tomoe again, as no-one else seemed to be stating any ideas, even her immediately, he decided he would.
    "So Tomoe-san, seeing as we're in two teams and there are two bikes, shouldnt each team get a bike each to be fair?"

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    Brandon noticed that the he was already transferred like the others to this Tokyo street. After transferring, he ran straight to the nearest corner and took his the rest of the clothes of his away. Naked, he stared at the black suit of his in his right arm.

    "(This suit... This definetly is the best option in this whole mission)"

    He then starts to wear the black suit.

    Few minutes later Brandon has already weared the suit, that actually fit him quite well. He looked to be a little bit thin, but there were some muscles pumping out. But somehow Brandon felt empty... He stared at the white dress shirt, boxers and the white jeans of his. So he took the shirt and the dress, weared them over the suit, so that he would look different from others. He let the dress remain open, so that there would be something cool about his look or something.

    "(Heh, I remember something interesting like this...)", he smiled.

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    Andre ,still smoldering after Naomi's failed attach, wasn't quite sure what flipped her out. "That bitch is crazy" he thought to himself. No matter, he was finally out of that damn room. But what now.

    Andre surveys the surrounding area:

    There's Dino. "That bastard. Does he even know who he's fuckin' with?" I outta shoot his ass with this y-gun right now."

    And there's psycho bitch (Naomi). "I definitely can't thrust her at all.Probably got uber pms".

    There's Hot leader too. she's lookin' all serious n shit.

    WTF the dude who knew me (Sean) is healed! And so is the gut shot kid.

    There's Jacko. He yells over to Jack and gives him a thumbs up. He didn't get a chance to thank him for his warning. Andre thinks it would not of happened if he wasn't familiarizing himself with all these new toys. Jack might be an ally I can trust. Andre cruses over next to Jack so they can speak.

    "Make it look like we are comparing notes on the bikes...(Andre whispers to Jack) Thanks for lookin' out. Guess they want us to split up so you keep your head up and eyes open. I don't trust them and neither should you.". Andre raises his fist so they can knock fist...

    "So who's team am I on anyway?"
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