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    Koi had proved essential to helping Maikeru figure out the weapons and gadgets he brought along with him. By watching what he had done in the last ten minutes and overhearing what he was saying to his team, Maikeru was somewhat able to know what he had at his disposal.
    The X-rifle he was using right now was a sniper rifle. By judging Koi's shots, it had a pretty decent range up to 400 meters, maybe even further. The X-gun he had brought as a side arm worked in the same way, only at a closer distance. Both had X-ray sights and from the experience with Mr. Crazy, both had a delayed explosion.
    As for the suit, it protected him and made him faster and stronger, but had it's limits.
    Awesome. You got these things down, What about this.
    Maikeru studied the hand-held he had picked up. He started to mess around with the buttons and things on it, waiting for his group to move out.
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    They pitied her. Naomi could hear it in their voices, see it in their. They tried to comfort her, to make her feel better... but it disgusted her. It didn't feel like taking weight from her, but putting more on. She didn't take the hand Sean offered her. He didn't understand. He didn't want to. He just went the same path again, trying to assure her that it was possible to overcome it. But it wasn't. Not the cosy, easy way he thought of in his naivety. Her own way was the path of blood and gore. Her way was the one she was forced into. She would never be able to talk to any of these famous therapists. She wouldn't be able to ever talk to anybody else outside the room about it. Her own therapy, her way to a cure was to way forward: The way of death. She would kill the three of them. She would take revenge. And she would kill anybody else who proved to be as disgusting as they were. She was at the edge to madness. It seemed likely that she had already crossed this line. But there didn't seem to be any way out. And if there was, it surely had nothing to do with simply 'starting over'.
    They didn't want her to kill Andre, or anybody else. They would help him to survive. And Naomi couldn't see, why. He proved himself to be worthless. She would never risk her life for him. And though she would have wanted him to be dead, she wouldn't kill him without another reason. But if he made another mistake, a major mistake, she wouldn't retreat.
    And Koi seemed to be sorry for shooting her. But he didn't understand her either. None of them did.

    All of that went through her mind at the same instant. As well as the want of yelling at them, pushing them away, telling them to get the hell away from her, to leave her alone. But she couldn't say it. Everything she did was standing there, staring at a spot in front of her feet, trembling all over, tears building up in her eyes. No tears of anger, hatred or sorrow, but of everything. She wouldn't have been able to say, which feelings were inside her. It seemed to be a complete chaos.
    But then, Tomoe came closer, walked in front of her. She started talking, and it was as if the storm inside her became less powerful, less dangerous. It wasn't even the words she picked, but her voice and gestures, wiping the forming tears off. The first thing she really heard was the question, if she trusted her. She did. Naomi trusted her. And she would try to trust Sean. As well as Koi. But never Andre.
    At the end, Naomi nodded carefully and even tried to smile, but it ended up as a grimace.

    When Koi asked her to translate, she hesitated for a moment, but then silently asked him to repeat it and then she went in English, with a harsh tone:
    "If things get rough, try to act as decoy or bring people out of there. Everything from the room can be destroyed, so can probably the bike. If you see anything that looks like a bike-destroyer on collision course, get your ass off it and run. Avoid hits on the suit, as it has its limits. And try not to fuck up too much."
    She turned her face over to Koi, with a plain, emotionless expression on it.
    "Anything else?", she asked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minus192 View Post
    "If I offended you in any way then kill me. You need some kind of male punching bag and I volunteer;you hate men and I'm no exception. Go ahead, take your anger out on me".
    Dino chuckled slightly. "Not a good idea, kid" He turned his attention back to Tomoe

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidharthavicious View Post
    "Dino, you put a leadership position on a woman who has been too scared to even date. Koi is going into battle with no protection and has confidence like he's stronger than Goku on steriods. I keep thinking I'm going to survive like the heroine in a horror movie usually does. We're all psycho. I think going insane is how we cope with this.
    Personally, I don't think anyone sane would be useful anyway."
    He smiled. "Hm, you might be right, girlie." He took a look at what was trouble very obviously brewing. "I think we need to get moving. This is getting us nowhere fast. My offer still stands if you feel you're not up to leading this rowdy crowd.

    OOC: Spartan, I think you might have meant 'meters' instead of kilometers. I actually believe 400 meters to be more than the width of the city itself.
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    Sean could tell that his words didn't reach her. Wow, I guess there is some people you can't reach. Well I'll just leave her alone for right now; I try to get her name after the mission, if i survive. Sean couldn't believe that the boy was trusting his life to him. " Ummm don't worry I got your back; to tell you the truth I'm a little nervous but you can count on me". Sean noticed Tomoe but to his surprise he didn't blush as hard as he use to. He also didn't do his usual hard stare; he stared and blushed but not as hard. " Hey Tomoe umm quick question: is there any special trick for making the suit work?? I mean does it need a password or does it work off of something else??". Sean could still feel his words stammer slightly but he is starting to think more clearly when Tomoe is around. I'm starting to be more comfortable around her. Sean still can feel his mind slip into random thoughts about Tomoe. I wonder if she would be interested in a guy like me. Sean thens turns to the young girl;" its your choice but after all this if you want to talk I'm here for you and I mean it, no bullshit or tricks". While waiting for answers Sean begins to examine the suit he is wearing and thinks about the hunt to come. His mind every once in a while still thinks about Tomoe.
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    Koi honestly didn't know how much she compressed, or elaborated on his little explination, but he turned to her and said, "Yeah that you*points to her* will be leading the ground troops, and if shit happens make sure you*still pointing* live....I'm afraid of Tomoe more than I am you...that last bit was ment for you." Then getting close so only she can hear he whispers "For the record I don't trust that half naked bastard either, and I won't be just covering you's part of the reason why I want chiv with me...If he tries anything I'll be making sure he dies, and that you have my word, however little you may put into it, and one last thing. I may not fully understand you, or your situation, but I do know, that the sooner you shed you're frailties the sooner you can do something about your insensitive as it may sound, no one truely understands what you've gone through, none of us can truely imagine it, but at the least I'm not holding it against you, partly because it's insignificant at this point in time, but partly because I know that once you shed the pity me mentality, you can blossom into the beast that Tomoe turned into. You are strong, I know so, after all you didn't kill yourself afting going through that last time, and I'm sure you can find those bastards who did what they did to you, hell if you want I'll help even if it's as simply as stalking their asses, but if you die, before this ends you cant get your revenge if you so seek it, so think of bastards like that as pawns if you want, if it can make you get through this without killing an unlikely piece that may or may not become vital to this little team we have going..... However after this is over I don't care if you rip his skin off and pour salt on the wound just do it after all this is all I ask."
    Koi hoped he in some way got her to think smartly about this, or even maybe try a mentality to act with people she disliked for at least the duration of this mission. The face she made giving his need to say what he said. I just hope she doesnt shoot me in the back while I walk away.
    Walking to Chiv(Sean) Koi says "get ready were going to move out, if you have a cell get one of our teammates numbers, looks like those two princesses are going to take forever to get back....make sure you have your radar, you're going to need it."
    Turning back to Naomi, he says lastly, "You guys can go with Tomoes group for a bit and split up when you feel it's right.... I'll be watching."
    "Hurry up Chiv, I'm leaving now, to find a good vantage point, make sure you catch up."
    With that Koi walkstowards what he remember to be the center of this little stage.

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    OOC: Hm, looks like you beat me to the punch Hadou.

    Dino looked after Koi as he walked away. 'The kid has guts, if nothing else' he thought. He looked over to the mute man. "Hey buddy, go with him so you'll learn a few things, will you?" He sat up and stood, suddenly feeling the need to move about. He looked towards Tomoe. "Hey, I'm going to go look ahead. I'll be ba-" he stopped, realizing that he was about to say the same thing as the idiot on the bike, which annoyed him. "...I'll be right back, anyways." He gathered all of the strength he could into his legs and jumped towards the canal.

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    In the distance Andre and Takezo can be seen returning back to the group with several two-way radios.In addition to the radios Andre picked up some candy and a pair of riding shades which he wore around his neck. As they approached the group Andre said to Takezo "See just like i told you, fucking set up!".

    When they reach the group Takezo gets off the bike.

    (in Japanese & a smile) "So did you mis me?"
    He then hands the radios (4) to hot-leader (Tomoe).

    "They are already set to channel 1 for everyone." Just push to talk".

    Then he says out loud "Don't anyone say anything about the shades, they are for riding." rides over and hands a pair to Jack.
    Andre can see on both Jack and Sean's face something was up. "So where's he going to?"
    (refering to Koi). No matter, here's a radio for you. Tune to channel 9 to get me.

    He then falls back into formation awaiting instructions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nu Delic
    "So did you mis me?"
    Tomoe rolled her eyes as she took the walkie-talkies. With most of her time spent avoiding people she didn't know how to respond to flirting men. Not that it mattered with the hunt looming over her head.
    "You remembered batteries, right?"

    "Oi!" She threw one of the walkie-talkies at Koi then distributed the rest to Andre and Takezo who would be the furthest away due to their speed.
    "I hate giving orders so I'll keep it simple. Stay beside eachother and don't run ahead. Keep shooting. Don't die. Well...let's go kill something."

    She clipped her radio to one of the holsters on her suit and rested her rifle on her shoulder. Tomoe longed for Dino's return and the battle to start so she could stop thinking about other people for a while.

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    Taking the Walkie Talkie as it hit the ground Koi turns to Chiv's direction. "C'mon chiv hurry it up, forget it if you didn't get an answer, I doubt it will be hard, and take this since you speak english." With his x-gun under one of his armpits Koi hands out the walkie talkie while continuing to walk towards a high vantage point in the center of town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nu_Delic View Post
    As they approached the group Andre said to Takezo "See just like i told you, fucking set up!".
    Takezo handed out the walkie talkies to the rest of the group and went back to Andre. He had been thinking about what he had been saying. Takezo started talking softly to Andre so that no one else could hear their conversation.

    "You're not the only one who doesn't trust them, then again i don't trust you too but that doesn't mean we can't help each other out."

    He paused and looked around and went back to talking to Andre when he was certain that no one else was listening to their conversation.

    "I'll tell you what i know... it seems to that these veterans need us more than they'd cared to admit. They're using their experiences and their knowledge about whats going on to pull their weight around us, i don't like it. They know more than what they've been telling us."

    "Be careful of the Li'l sis (Naomi), she seems to be the link between them all but she emotionally unstable. i wouldn't be wise to challenge he directly, not with tall her allies around her. Also keep an eye out on the drunkard (Dino), he seems to be the powerful one. Right now you don't have many people on your side, so i suggest that take on the group leaders first. Big Sis (Tomoe) would be an easier target, since the the other girl ain't around. She doesn't seem to be a confident leader which of course an opportunity for you to take over... that's if you want. If you could wrest leadership from them, the newer guys might swing to your side."

    "Well talk more about this later when we ride out, if you want that is but lets keep this between both of us." Takezo then sat back behind the bike again. He turned his head around and said to Andre, "By the way, my friends called me Take (as in the wine sake but with a 't')."


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